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Apr 23 2018

ESPN’s Howard Bryant: It Is Racist That Baseball GMs Need to Understand Analytics

ESPN is not about sports. It is about hardcore moonbattery given a sports-flavored sugar coating to get you to swallow it. That’s why Howard Bryant is employed as a senior editor at ESPN the Magazine.

Watch an NBA or NFL game and you will notice that an overwhelming majority of the players are black, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population. But that isn’t good enough for black supremacists like Bryant, who want baseball too — and not just the playing field, but the front office as well. If general managers are not black, then it must be racism. Barks Bryant:

“I believe in baseball that analytics are the equivalent of racism because baseball has created a new barrier to entry. Now you have to have an Ivy League degree to get a GM job in baseball. Only two GMs in baseball right now are ex-players. … If you’re an African-American, being an ex-player is not gonna help you anymore because now you gotta be an Ivy leaguer.”

That is, if being a general manager requires understanding numbers and stuff, then the numbers and stuff are racist. Having black skin ought to be enough to get you the job, despite the increasing emphasis on analytics in baseball. After all, it can get you a job as a senior editor at ESPN.

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