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Nov 07 2011

Evil Savages

Just when you think Occupy Wall Street protesters could not possibly get any more vile, they up the ante — this time by defecating in famous St Paul’s Cathedral. From Occupy London:

Staff at St Paul’s have been forced to clear up human waste inside the cathedral, it emerged today.

They have made several trips with mops to remove the mess found on a carpet inside the church near the West Steps – just yards from the anti-capitalist protest camp.

One cleric furious at the use of the building ‘as a latrine’ said: ‘ This is desecration of a very holy place. it hurts me and it hurts the staff.’

The intention is to hurt God.

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander of the Labour Party (Britain’s answer to Democrats) is aggressively siding with the communist agitators against the historic church.

He claimed the job of the church was not just to ‘comfort the afflicted, but afflict the comfortable.’

The “comfortable” are the decent, law-abiding people who produce wealth, whom Occucommies and liberal politicians on both sides of the Atlantic would like to see looted out of existence. By echoing their Marxist rhetoric, Alexander and his party are in effect sharing in Occucommies’ blasphemous vandalism.

Here’s what the 99 Percenters spray-painted near the entrance to the Cathedral:


666. Three digits sum up the movement and the ideology driving it.

Earlier the Occucommies managed to shut down the Cathedral for the first time since Hitler’s Blitz. Veterans of WWII were prevented from parading in honor of Remembrance Sunday because Occupy London hippies refused to move their filthy tents.

Cathedrals aren’t the only places progressives see fit to use as toilets. They also don’t like banks — consequently, from Occupy Eureka:

At about 8:09 am (Friday), Officers responded to the 5th Street branch of US Bank for a biohazard report. A US Bank representative reported that she came to work to find an unknown subject(s) had urinated and defecated in the entry way to the bank. This is the second occurrence of this type at US Bank this week.

While taking the biohazard report, the officer was also advised that a complaint had been made to US Bank by a customer concerning being surrounded and harassed by subjects from the “Occupy” group, when they attempted to use the US Bank ATM.

As the OWS movement repeatedly reminds us, liberalism has rotted Western Civilization to the point that we are not far removed from savagery — or from perdition.

On tips from AC, Smorfia48, and GoY.

23 Responses to “Evil Savages”

  1. beforethestorm says:

    These people are classless, clueless new barbarians.

  2. Jay B. says:

    Take it easy, the more the MSM defends this, the better. Remember that Obama officially endorsed these protests, so everything that happens is also his.

  3. lao's flat rotting colon says:

    Are there pictures proving OWS pooped in the church? I call no evidence. Also, Tea Partiers pooped at their protests. Everybody poops, morons! (Which is coincidentally the title of the last book I read. Well, tried to read. {Don’t spoil the ending for me!})

  4. Cameraman says:

    You know these people are “Shit for Brains” they are losing their Minds on ever door step” Stupid Vile Asshats!

  5. Fiberal says:

    This is what liberals do. To everything. And to each other.

    What is very troubling is the total unwillingness of city officials to go in and stop it, Daley-Chicago fashion.

    Liberal democrats are at the heart of breeding & nurturing these entitled imbeciles out in the streets.

    Bill Clinton facilitated 9-11 and the housing crisis.
    Jimmy Carter brought us the advent of islamic jihad and the Community Reinvestment Act.
    Lyndon Johnson brought us the War on Poverty.

    All of these democratic moves have had devastating effects and are still with us.

    The difference between the previous democrat president years and the BO years, is the difference between twisting the law and a total disregard for the law.

    Four more years of BO is four more years of untrained and untrainable liberalism out in what’s left of the streets.

  6. lao's flat rotting colon says:

    Meanwhile, at Occupy Portland, We find an idiot.

  7. Henry says:

    “The power structure had better pay attention.”

    Hope he had a hand-drawn sign with smiley faces on it…

  8. Wilberforce says:

    As another poster notes; the Left’s never-ending fascination with all things fecal.

    It really is a pattern at this point.

  9. J says:

    The left’s undying love affair with all things fecal follows them where ever they go.

  10. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    At some point they will be made to eat that shit. I hope they choke on it.

  11. SR says:

    Pushing old women down stairs and crapping in churchs.
    Filthy progs.

  12. kiplingsburdens says:

    I wonder why they don’t relieve themselves in a Mosque?

  13. KHarn says:

    “lao’s flat rotting colon says:November 7, 2011 at 10:30 am
    “Everybody poops, morons!”

    I quite agree, LFRC. SOMEBODY’S been “pooping out morons” for the past few decades; how else do we explane stuff like this?

  14. AC says:

    I see that Gunther and Eric have been eating a fiber rich diet.

  15. Lammergeyer says:

    As well as this outrage, they have been keeping true to form. Outside St Pauls Cathederal, ex servicemen were trying to sell commemorative poppies to raise funds for the Royal British Legion. The image of St Paul’s Cathederal surviving the blitz during WW2, while all of the surrounding area was in flames, is an iconic image for us Brits.
    Thanks to these protestors, a charity with the noble aim of helping those who have served their country in the military, will lose about £100,000 that they can ill afford, from the revenue they would have got from the sales outside this church. Speaking for myself, I would have sent the protesters an invoice for the full amount.
    The layabouts wanted them for free, as their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. When they were told politely that this was not possible and kind of defeated the object of the exercise, hurled abuse at them and called them, ‘baby killers’ etc.
    We wear those poppies for the period around Armistice day. (What you’d call Veterans Day.) Those of us who remember the debt of gratitude we owe these people,can if they are able, stop for 2 minutes silence at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month, to remember their sacrifice. Also on the following Sunday, when the national service of Remembrance and ceremony at the Cenotaph.
    Earlier this year, one of the privelaged student protesters on a different protest, was photographed swinging from one of the flags on the Cenotaph. He was also caught throwing a bin at a car containing Prince Charles and Camilla. Thankfully he is now in jail, but apparently thinks of himself as hard done by.

  16. Joe says:

    They’re not crapping in the church.
    They’re leaving little statues of their brown (really!) god, obummer.

  17. lao's automated rant generator says:

    Thank GOD it wasn’t MicWHALE Moore taking a dump!

  18. ED357 says:


    Do some research……it’ll open your mind to some theories about the origin of “666” in the Bible.

    Reality hit me like a ton of bricks a few years back when England had all those bombings by the muslim doctors near London.

    I saw a documentary that showed a muslim cleric fondling and talking about his koran…..and noticed that the “666” symbols adorned his koran……and it fits that Jewish scholars would have written the koran for muhammed and left some clues.

    Afterall…..muhammed was an illiterate.

  19. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    I’m really having a hard time with this whole thing of crapping everywhere, but a church?

    These are sick, demented diseased bags of human sewage, evil-loving bastards to do this. Sick, sick, SICK!

  20. Noelegy says:

    Try that in front of a mosque, then I’ll be impressed with your “bravery.”

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