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Dec 28 2012

Facebook Censors Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is a demigod among moonbats. After all, he is the guy who struck a nonviolent deathblow to the declining British Empire, and who snarkily sneered,

“What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.”

However, he also said this:

“Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act which deprived a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

This was a quotation too far for the moonbats running Facebook, causing them to suspend the account of Natural News:

They suspended our account and gave us a “final warning” that one more violation of their so-called “community guidelines” would result in our account being permanently deactivated.

They then demanded we send them a color copy of a “government issued identification” in order to reactivate our account. Our account was removed from suspension just minutes before InfoWars posted its article on this Facebook censorship, and the Facebook page is now functioning at:

Natural News describes the Facebook claim that the Gandhi quote violated their community guidelines as “absolutely bewildering.” Hardly. Let me explain:

Facebook is part of the liberal establishment. That establishment has an agenda that it has been promoting for generations, and that is now on the verge of fruition. The objective is politically correct authoritarian oligarchical collectivism. To achieve it, the population must be rendered defenseless.

This is why every news story involving a firearm is twisted to make the inanimate gun the villain, even when it is used to save an innocent man’s life, as in the case of George Zimmerman. This is why murdered children were shamelessly exploited so that establishment apparatchiks could hijack a story about mental illness, social decay, and pure satanic evil and turn it into an attack on the Second Amendment after Newtown.

Quoting Gandhi to support our constitutional liberties is particularly outrageous to liberals, because they have claimed him for their own pantheon. After the records have been purified, future generations will have no idea that he ever wrote the politically incorrect words.


On a tip from Wiggins.

22 Responses to “Facebook Censors Gandhi”

  1. A. Levy says:

    Simply because he was a man of peace didn’t mean he was stupid. He knew that a disarmed population would be nothing more than slaves. And, he was right.

  2. justme says:

    If Slavery is so bad, why are Liberals so intent on re-instituting it?

    One would think the benefactors of the Historically Oppressed wouldn’t be so eager to bring back the good ole days for their wards.

  3. justme says:

    Can you imagine the Censorship Samuel Adams or Patrick Henry would face? It won’t be long until their words and names are “removed” from the official record. With the likes of Google exercising a stranglehold over information and their steering and removal of offensive sites from searches, it won’t be long. Today’s passage of a law in China forcing internet users to register is a harbinger of things to come here.

    Until the blood flows, the death of America will go unnoticed.

  4. Henry says:

    Delete your Facebook account. It’s a waste of time.

  5. KHarn says:

    I wonder how things would have turned out if Ghandi had had his way with “passive resistance” to the Japanese invasion durring WW2?

  6. Joe says:

    If libs had even a couople of living brain cells, they would look at a quote like that and think “hmmm, if Ghandi thought an armed populace was important, there might be something to it”. No not knee-jerk libs. Or should I say jerk-off libs.

  7. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Propaganda is the liberal’s main cudgel. But it only works with the complacency and indolence of the American Slothperson.

    So just for the record, here’s another story that would not be posted on Facebook or anywhere else in BO’s MSM:

    New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

    Somewhere, there may be a story in that study.

    Now with BO firmly&fraudulently in the WH, with the U.S. continuing to experiment with insolvency and the attack on guns going full bore, it can be noted —-(just not on Facebook or anywhere else in BO’s MSM)— what conservatives already knew, what the American Slothperson doesn’t care about, and what Romney couldn’t bring himself to properly articulate.

  8. Highway Hospital Student says:

    BTW an Indian associate of mine tells me that Gandhi would have slapped the sh*t out of Nancy Pelosi.

  9. Justin says:

    Are you even sure that HE ACTUALLY said that or did you fabricate that quote? I can’t even begin to remotely imagine Gandhi saying ANYTHING like that, a man of non-violence, at least protecting the nation is one thing, but I think that the quote is not a real one. What source did you come up with it?

  10. IslandLifer says:

    Justin if you enjoyed that one just look up the one about using the atom bomb against the British. You might just pee yourself.

  11. James McEnanly says:

    Harry Turtledove wrote a short story about what would have happened if Gandhi had attempted to use Satyagraha against the Nazis. If he had, no one would have ever heard of him, except as possibly one of the many destroyed by the Reich. It only works if the leaders you are using it against have an active conscience.

  12. Bo-Jangles says:

    Gandhi’s methods worked because the people wanted them to work. If the American people had that much strength, will, and love of country, we could do the same here, and perhaps save our country. Of course, we would have to shoot the voters first.

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Are you even sure that HE ACTUALLY said that or did you fabricate that quote?
    I don’t know
    Maybe we should check with Facebook on that
    Oh wait…….

  14. Mr Evilwrench says:

    It’s a well known quote among those of us that aren’t willfully ignorant, and it is in no way inconsistent with Gandhi’s philosophy. I think you mistake being peaceful with laying yourself at the feet of a thug or oppressor. I’m a peaceful person, but I have an M4 sitting here next to me, and if you come busting in to my house you get shot in the face.

  15. Henry says:

    Ghandi isn’t the only one:

    “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”
    -Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama, (Seattle Times, May 15, 2001)

    And, just for Justin:


  16. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    A lot of history has been airbrushed

  17. KHarn says:

    “James McEnanly says:December 28, 2012 at 12:26 pm”

    I liked his “Guns Of The South”.

  18. Jester says:

    Justin says:

    Are you even sure that HE ACTUALLY

    WHAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Ironically, since Leftists incessantly preach about their monopoly on the Truth, the Truth about their gods always hurts them the worst.

    Dear, dear Justin, allow me to educate you further — this time about Gandhi’s behavior and views towards young girls and especially BLACKS.

    Please tell me you knew this already.

  19. Jester says:

    Yet MORE unbelievably politically-incorrect Gandhi quotes are here for all to enjoy. 🙂

  20. […] Facebook Censors Gandhi ( Rate this:Share this: Pin ItDiggShare on TumblrEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  21. Jodie says:

    Good job Jester!

    The reason that the libs love Ghandi so much is that he was a false prophet. They enjoy throwing his quotes in our faces – it makes them feel self righteous – but they leave out all the negative stuff he said.

    He certainly wasn’t a prophet God, our creator.

  22. Jester says:

    Thank you Jodie — I’m here to serve, as always 🙂

    I wonder what happened to our friend Justin?

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