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Jan 30 2013

Facing Jail Time for Rescuing Deer

In an ideal liberal society, everything is either mandatory or forbidden. It isn’t mandatory to care for a wounded fawn. Therefore:

An Indiana couple who spent two years nursing an injured fawn back to health now face jail time for the act of human kindness.

State officials charged Jeff and Jennifer Counceller with unlawful possession of a deer — a misdemeanor crime that carries up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine, according to The Indianapolis Star.

The fawn had a maggot-infested wound and could barely stand when it was discovered by Jeff Counceller, a Connersville police officer. The state Department of Natural Resources told them to leave it out in the wilderness to die. Instead they took personal initiative, and accordingly face punishment.

Dani the unlawfully possessed deer.

On tips from Mickey Shea and Sean C.

25 Responses to “Facing Jail Time for Rescuing Deer”

  1. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Obamacare: Leave it outside to die (or in the soiled linen closet).

  2. Ummah Gummah says:


    My Cousin Vinnie..


  3. Ummah Gummah says:


    In NYC they could face charges over “unlawful possession of a beer”. Happened to me long ago. I got cited on a Saturday night on Ave. A for “unlawful possession of beer”.

    That was when Koch was still mayor.


  4. Karin says:

    I’d do the same thing, and I’d go to jail for it, too. Save on groceries. Plaster it all over the media.

    I hear that there is a public backlash over this.

  5. Bo-Jangles says:

    This is a great article for those mindless nitwits who think they still live in a free country.

  6. rex freeway says:

    Indiana has an almost Nazi like grip on wildlife within it’s borders. Ohio is even worse

  7. Wilberforce says:

    Just heard the Iowa DNR’s harvest numbers for the 2011 deer season: 113,000 deer in total. I can’t imagine this lunacy happening here.

    By the way, a good buddy and co-worker of mine is an avid deer hunter with both rifle (and muzzle-loader) and bow hunting. It’s a great idea to make good friends with guys like this, your local PD and sheriffs, etc. You know,…just in case things turn south 😉

  8. Heltau says:

    Where the HELL is peta??????

  9. KHarn says:

    Before alowing them to start their jobs, policemen and prosecuters should be given a simple (Maybe 12 questions) written test. The questions would be like a true or false test but would ask “SPIRIT of the law, or LETTER of the law?”. Missing more than five questions would disqualify him/her from duty.

  10. Jim says:

    Liberalism is a disease, and based on the deer’s preferred treatment, all liberals must be left outdoors to die, preferably in sight of the Arctic Ocean, in December, naked.

  11. Spider says:

    Interesting idea KHarn. I’m betting most urban law enforcement officers today would choose “Letter”, since they don’t have much choice if they want to keep their jobs. Besides, most large, urban agencies, (LAPD, NYPD, etc.) now pick their new members based on diversity and affirmative action above all else.

  12. Bill T says:

    It’s to bad there aren’t a few more organisations like this around the country. Their spring crop of rescued fawns is usually fairly large.

  13. Skyfall says:

    Ummah has it right: progressivism is all about death, in every way possible. In this case, it’s a deer, but seeing how humans are a “cancer on the planet”, they are obviously the preferred choice.

    Hope everyone is nice and comfy with government intruding on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE FOR THE REST OF FOREVER (or until He comes again).

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    Buricrats are one of the worlds stupidist lifeforms right next to Liberals and Deamacrats

  15. Clingtomyguns says:

    I wonder if these Indiana State KGB officials would incarcerate such dangerous outlaws as the couple in Born Free for raising Elsa the orphaned lion, what about Dennis Weaver for harboring Gentle Ben? While they feign concern for animals, these are likely the kind that have no issue on aborting a human baby or firing on US citizens in the upcoming civil war.

  16. Flu-Bird says:

    And what about FREE WILLEY,RING OF BRIGHT WATER,RASCAL,THE YERLING,MY SIDE OF THE MOUTIAN? were they also breaking the law for taking care of wild critters?

  17. Katya Kakhov says:

    Pooftery abounds !

    Here on the Ranchito Kakhov , you don’t call the fuzz and ask permission. You put one in his brain ,gut, skin, cut the maggoty part off and then put the rest of the meat in the freezer . The german shepherds get what’s left .

    Chewing on some mighty fine jerked venison as I type .

  18. snuss says:

    There is one problem with saving this fawn. It is no longer fearful of humans, and if it was released into the wild, it would walk up to people, including hunters. It is destined for life on a deer farm, unless this guy has a large yard, with a very high fence.

  19. Eric says:

    The law is right in this case. Wild animals should be left alone in the wild to live and die as nature allows. All attempt at domesticating any wild animal is a dangerous and ignorant practice that should be disuaded in any way possible. If hit by a car, putt it down, but if sick or injured by nature is just poor judgement to attempt to interfere. I’m from IN, and have hunted there. In fact, it is illegal to allow deer to eat from feed provided for cattle, you must run them off even in times of natural shortage. The White Tail population is a tenuous balance to maintain. What if everybody kept a deer? Bambi mentality “humanism” should be avoided when concerning nature.

  20. chester arthur says:

    Compassion doesn’t require a license.Anybody should be able to care for an injured animal if they are willing to help it,and actually do help it.Wild animals are assisted in every part of the country when the need arises,and the petty bureaucrats and morons who think you’re doing something wrong are among the clueless,and should be ignored.Think of all the children who have raised abandoned baby birds,squirrels,and other animals without anybody being the worse for wear.It teaches a valuable lesson about the fragility of life and it’s value.That is what’s frequently lacking in the kind of loons who care only about themselves and end up harming other people without any reason.I’m not saying hunters or sportsmen are wrong for following their sport or even cruel,but someone helping an injure fawn isn’t exactly the greatest threat to the public peace.The control freak loons who find that wrong are the true evil here.

  21. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Katya Kakhov says at January 30, 2013 at 3:10 pm:

    Deer are a menace around here. Last one I bagged was a very large doe, taken at zero yards with a 25,000,000 grain metal-jacketed Chevrolet Blazer…..

    …..and as the sun rose, one of my brothers and I were guttin’ it and hangin’ it. We DID call the Game Warden – he was fine with it as long as we let him know. Had to give up the hide, though.

  22. Henry says:

    The King doesn’t like the subjects poaching his deer…

  23. mike says:

    well, i am from chicago, so i have never met a cop who wasnt a moonbat or much, much worse. Dont think that this guy wouldnt go full moonbat on you if given a chance. further, he should go to jail for breaking the law, the same as he would do to you for smiling on a cloudy day, and then loose his job, and then his house (missed 2 mortgage payments) but of coarse he will not, because he is in a union and a cop. anyone else would have their entire life flushed down the toilet. And how the hell do you get caught? screw that guy, i hope he looses everything. I wonder if he has children? how can he be trusted with children when he shows such obvious disregaurd for the law? AND HE IS A COP FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!! he should loose his job, his home, and his family. that is what he deserves.

  24. czuch says:

    Henry beat me to it.
    Ye shall not molest the King’s deer.
    Compassion being what it is, I’d be for puttin one innit at the side-o-the road.
    Nature sucks.

  25. building 5 says:

    to hell with ’em, I’d done the same thing.

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