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Nov 01 2017

Family of 10 Set Upon by Feral Teens in Baltimore

There is some safety in numbers, but more in avoiding cities known for excessive diversity:

It’s the heart of Baltimore’s tourism industry, but the Inner Harbor turned into a nightmare for a visiting family of 10 earlier this month.

Out of nowhere, they were swarmed and beaten by a large number of teenagers.

In news reports, “teenagers” is usually a euphemism for violent hooligans of politically preferred pigmentation.

The family wanted their last name kept out of it, presumably out of fear that social justice warriors would find a way to punish them for objecting.

“They swarmed us,” said Stacey. “They hit my husband in the head. They knocked him out… and then it was just complete bedlam.”

That’s why products of the Welfare State call their pastime the Knockout Game.

It happened on the day of the Baltimore Marathon, Oct. 21. The event brought a big crowd to the harbor that night. The 10 family members, from grandparents to grandchildren, were walking by the H&M store when they were overwhelmed.

“And they punched my nephew in the face and knocked him to the floor,” Stacey said. “My sister went to protect her son, and they were kicking her. I was knelling with my husband screaming ‘Somebody help us, why is nobody helping us?’”

Help you? You’re in Baltimore! Baltimore has already been lost.

Two members of the family suffered concussions.

Welcome to the New America social engineers have been using welfare and immigration policy to construct, where maybe you will be safe for a little while if you stay in your house with the door locked.

On a tip from Sean C.

19 Responses to “Family of 10 Set Upon by Feral Teens in Baltimore”

  1. MAS says:

    They’ve also called it Polar Bear Hunting. To that I say bring it, this bear gots teeth and claws. Plus I’m just barely bright enough to avoid Democrat cities…

  2. ICEvictim says:

    in a way it’s too bad conservatives, and particularly veterans, are loath to bring personal justice to these places. I’d love to see a clean sweep and “pacification” of every Dhimmeroid welfare plantation in the country.

    There’s way too many good and honest black folks held hostage by welfare and gangs, powerless to act without grave personal danger from both the gangs and the government.

  3. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:



    I know the area very well, spent many a times on a largish boat there.. once we caught some “teens” stealing stuff when we got back from a couple of bars. Needless to say they didn’t leave the same way they entered.. they jumped overboard and we tossed them their wallets we’d forced them to give us into the waters next to them.



  6. physicsnut says:

    // pat condell – EUROPE IS KILLING ITSELF

  7. swimologist says:

    Reverse the races and this would be on national media 24/7. The world would stop.
    Why don’t the cops set up a sting with small group of well-dressed undercover cops
    posing as tourists with a unmarked van full of backup? Because dat would be rayciss.

  8. OldSailor says:

    That kind of an effort has to come from those who live there, outsiders wouldn’t be as effective nor as welcome.

    I wonder if the City would be willing to do more to protect visitors to their fine city (ugh!) if the Navy threatened to repossess the Constellation, the submarine and all the other former Navy and Coast Guard vessels that are major attractions there in the Inner Harbor. I believe there are clauses in the “Donation Agreements” that allow it for various reasons.

    I think we could find places here in Hampton Roads where they would be just as appreciated. Constellation was BUILT here at what is now the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. She’d look fine moored at a pier next to the Battleship Wisconsin.

  9. tfhr says:

    I live just down the road from “Charm City”, the cynically sarcastic nickname for the third world city of Baltimore, MD. I’m less than 10 miles from the beltway that goes around Baltimore and yet I cross into that area less than once or twice a year and now that I’m pretty much done with the VA, I’m sure I can cut back on that small number of visits.

    If it was realistically possible to get a concealed carry permit in this state, I might consider some daylight visits but now that the Inner Harbor is just more like the rest of the rat nest than not, I won’t go without crew served weapons and at least one other vehicle for extra security or an extraction. (Can you imagine a vehicle breakdown in the middle of the night – coming home from a concert?) We used to go to shows at the Hippodrome, Rams Head Live, or the Meyerhoff, but those days are over. We go into DC long before we risk Baltimore. We’ll see Brian Setzer at the Warner Theater in DC two days after Thanksgiving. We go to concerts in Northern VA or Annapolis all the time – two this month – and just saw Edwin McCain last Sunday at the Rams Head in Annapolis. NOTHING for Baltimore this year or next.

    The US State Department should issue travel warnings – Baltimore is an open sewer – Haitians are embarrassed for us.

    It’s time for Snake Pliskin.

  10. ICEvictim says:

    It would be a treat to have a couple generations of battle wagons on on the same location!

  11. Eddie_Valiant says:

    What more reason is there to have a Federal reciprocity law allowing all citizens to conceal carry from state to state.

    The bill has stalled somewhat because Democrat AGs have protested it’s passage. Democrats trying to stop the bill – call me shocked.

    Visit the KOLO-TV8’s web page for more details:
    The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which already has more than 200 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives, “remains the NRA’s top legislative priority,” said Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the NRA’s lobbying arm. The measure, if approved by Congress, would allow people with concealed-carry gun permits in one state to bring their guns into any other, regardless of whether that state has tougher requirements for obtaining permits.

  12. Chuck Aston says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people are escaping from the People’s Gun Free Democrat Republic of Maryland to neighboring West Virginia and Pennsylvania to escape criminals and leftist politicians. (I can’t define a difference.) WV is a “Constitutional Carry State” that requires no concealed carry permit at all to carry. PA is a “Shall Issue” state, which means you’ll automatically get a CCP if you apply and have a clean criminal record.

  13. Andrew Pearce says:

    Exactly what I was going to comment. Let’s get back to “standard” magazines too, and drop this “high capacity” nonsense.

  14. Comrade Obama says:

    Just carry and be sure to donate some lead to these underpriviledged yuths.

  15. Comrade Obama says:

    I like it too much!

  16. Don Dymski says:

    alot of these pussies have small ding-a-lings i’m sure. like to see these fags try that with a gathering of grizzly bears.

  17. 127guy says:

    They’re “victims,” friends. Dreamers and aspiring rappers. Joyfully expressing themselves… Are you inerant or sometin?

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