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Jul 25 2013

Father of 22 Kids by 14 Women to Get Reality Show

American culture didn’t sink to these depths from the heights of greatness on its own. It was pulled down by the moonbats who control the government and media. Even in the Age of Hope & Change they are pulling us down further still, toward the absolute bottom:

A man who fathered 22 kids by 14 different women – earning himself the title ‘America’s biggest deadbeat dad’ – is to get his own reality TV show.

It comes after unemployed Orlando Shaw, 33, was filmed boasting outside a Nashville courthouse following a child support hearing, ‘the ladies don’t like me, they love me.’

Taxpayers are likely to have a less favorable opinion.

It has been estimated that the state of Tennessee pays around $7,000 each month to help support Shaw’s children.

How can you blame him? He doesn’t have the money to take responsibility for his actions.

Magistrate Scott Rosenberg said that the 33-year-old dad would have to work three of four full-time jobs to come up with the unpaid child support he owes.

However, Shaw said that his criminal record makes it difficult for him to land a stable, well-paying job.

But where there is Change, there is Hope:

‘I play the hell out of the Tennessee lottery,’ he boasted. ‘I don’t block my blessings.’

Speaking of blessings,

It has also been revealed that the 33-year-old is soon to become a grandfather, after his 16-year-old daughter announced she is pregnant.

Previous generations had Ward Cleaver’s family; ours has Orlando Shaw’s. The welfare state and the collapse of moral values have combined to fundamentally transform America.

Shaw: All smiles.

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21 Responses to “Father of 22 Kids by 14 Women to Get Reality Show”

  1. marcus t. cicero says:

    I’m ashamed of being a citizen of Tennessee.
    We deserve to be made fun of our stupidity!!!
    Nashville is now a cesspool….

  2. ThisObamaNation says:

    These women are not victims, they are volunteers.

    The ones that suffer the most are the fatherless children.

  3. Idiocracy coming to life before our eyes.

  4. Bo Jangles says:

    Someday, we as a society will mature enough to have a serious conversation about mandatory sterilization for career parasites.

  5. “Someday, we as a society will mature enough to have a serious conversation about mandatory sterilization for career parasites. –Bo Jangles”

    As if we haven’t already had that conversation and rejected it because the Nazis did it first.

    Just because your side didn’t win the conversation doesn’t mean we haven’t been having it. Just like when the gun control fanatics say after every school shooting, “it is finally time we had a conversation about serious gun control.” We had that conversation too, they just don’t like how it turned out.

  6. Dr. 9 says:

    ThisObamaNation says:
    “These women are not victims, they are volunteers…”

    Not just volunteers, but business partners. A recent poll showed that (73%) of black children are born out of wedlock. Why?

    Welfare benefits are increased with the addition of each new child. It’s been common practice in black communities for males to go around impregnating females they’re not married to. When the checks come in, the male makes the rounds of all his females to get his piece of the action. This has been going on for a long, long time.

    Are they simply taking advantage of (deliberately) weak welfare regulations? Well, yes, but they’re mostly taking advantage of dumb White tax payers.

  7. Cameraman says:

    That Boy needs to have His “Johnson” Trimmed!

  8. dan says:

    Tennessee…the Volunteer State

    with Wilt the Stilt Chamberlan as an example

  9. Fiberal says:

    Okay now multiply Orlando Shaw by about 40 million (what’s $7,000/month times 40,000,000?) and that’s the monthly tab the American taxpayer (read: cringing, abjectly cowardly white males) will pay, as soon as the Amnesty Bill passes the house.

    Coming to your neighborhood, soon.

  10. ED357 says:

    These woman embrace the illegitimate children as a money making occupation……

    For each child the mother gets a specific amount of money added to her ebt, welfare, and monthly housing allowances……

    and the kicker is that each little “prog” is worth about $2500 to the child’s babysitters (usually the grandparents) if they babysit the child while the mother is in school, rehab, or working for a job……

    You might think that the Dept of Human Services would go after the deadbeat dads……


    Nice little scam…..this is where your tax money is going.

  11. Gangbusters says:

    This guy should have his crank chopped off.

  12. Logic_Mine says:

    OF COURSE he gets his own show! Look who’s giving it to him!…HOLLYWOOD.

    Anything that tears down traditional American values….(especially Conservative values) is put to the screen for all to see and of course it will be wrapped in tones of being ACCEPTABLE.

  13. Bunker, Archie says:

    Is it the return of all my babies daddies? They should have an episode where all the kids have to view a line up of vibrancies off the street and guess which one is daddy.

  14. SNuss says:

    If Obama had a son……….

  15. Vic Kelley says:

    Yo! The jock be an economic stimulus program. Gnomesane? Evvy keeid I puts on the dole is like a $400 a monf benefit. Gnomesane? Mo money mo money mo money.

  16. Conan says:

    Wow, and I thought Muslims bred like rats and roaches. Ghetto rats are running a close second.

  17. grayjohn says:

    Shoe size = I.Q. on this pig SOB.

  18. ToreyDawn says:

    I get it! Networks think, “‘Teen Mom’, ‘My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I’, and ‘Pregnant & Dating’ are all successful! And so is ’19 Kids and Counting’ … Why not ‘My Teen Is Pregnant and I’m Still Dating and Have 22 of My Own Kids and Counting’!? I smell a hit!”

  19. starkness says:

    I thought the moron in Knoxville had him beat. I might be wrong. But at least the jerk in Knoxville had a little job and was giving his brood mares child support on the order of $1.49 a month (that was the lowest figure quoted in the article I read).

  20. Flu-Bird says:

    From which distant planet did this freako come from anyway?

  21. […] me for jumping to conclusions, but it appears likely that like 22-time parent Orlando Shaw, he was leaving it up to the taxpayer to finance raising […]

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