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Oct 22 2017

Federal Spending Currently Second Only to Obama’s “Stimulus” Porkfest

It doesn’t do much good to vote out Democrats if Republicans are nearly as bad:

Real federal spending in fiscal 2017, which ended on Sept. 30, was higher than in any year in the history of the United States other than fiscal 2009, which was the year that President Barack Obama’s $840 billion stimulus law was enacted.

To offset all this spending, the federal government confiscates massive quantities of the wealth we generate.

Fiscal 2017 also saw the second highest real federal individual income tax totals of any year in U.S. history, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released [Friday].

But given the total absence of both fiscal responsibility and respect for the concept of limited government, the federal leviathan will never be able to take in enough.

While it was collecting the third highest total tax revenues in U.S. history, the federal government ran a deficit $665,712,000,000 because of its high total spending.

Can someone remind me again why I bother voting?

In fiscal years 2016 and 2017, a Congress in which the Republican Party controls both houses was responsible for enacting all federal spending legislation.

The national debt has already skyrocketed past $20 trillion, not counting unfunded liabilities. If something can’t go on forever, it won’t.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

7 Responses to “Federal Spending Currently Second Only to Obama’s “Stimulus” Porkfest”

  1. BUBBA says:

    The GOP has a deagth wish. They may lose in 2018 because republicans amay stop voting for demodRATs in elephant clothing.

  2. George Lortz says:

    Take what little you get back from the IRS and buy ammo. We’re gonna need all we can get.


    Part of that “spending” is due to UNFIRED Obama Holdover Janet Yellen continually raising interest rates at the Fed.

  4. Chi Huavara says:

    This is why we need a popular movement to primary every RINO out of power at every level throughout the nation.

  5. Joseph Nelson says:

    This is why we need a popular movement to primary every RINO out of power at every level throughout the nation.

  6. Jo Jo Cintia says:

    With $ 20 Trillion they will admit and hundreds more off budget in Enron Accounting Tricks like the so-called Social Security Trust Fund full of NOTHING BUT LIABILITIES, El Trumpo is now talking tax cuts. Gee thats bad. Yeah I’m sure the Rich will hire plenty more cheap labor goofs to put Americans out of work and bankrupt us more.
    More Banker Wars, More Invaders, and Less Taxes for the Rich. 100 Million Americans are out of work , but Rich people and their serfs from abroad STILL DO NOT CARE. Bush League Reaganomics.

  7. Olivia says:

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