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Apr 27 2013

Feds Spend Your Money on Voice Therapy for Transgender Freakazoids

Yet another to file under Your Tax Dollar at Work:

The federal government is spending $152,000 to study “voice therapy” for transgenders, saying it is incumbent to being “accepted as one’s preferred gender.”

“This study will illuminate the capabilities of the human larynx and inform the relationship between voice production and perception,” states a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant, awarded to George Washington University. “The long term goal of this research is to inform and provide new directions for Transgender (TG) voice care, thereby improving the lives of TG people who feel their voice is a great obstacle to living as their preferred gender.”

That is, the money is being spent to help the mentally ill pretend they are members of the opposite sex.

Our money must be spent on this because otherwise, according to the public health relevance statement, cross-dressing weirdos will “face discrimination when their voice does not match their preferred gender presentation.”

This is the inevitable result of letting the liberal ideologues who run the government seize control of financing medical research.

Meanwhile, this same government tells us that there isn’t enough money to pay air traffic controllers because of a slight temporary reduction in the explosive rate of growth of federal spending.

On a tip from Muddypaw.

Voice therapy can come in handy for starring in musicals.

29 Responses to “Feds Spend Your Money on Voice Therapy for Transgender Freakazoids”

  1. WingMann says:

    This sort of squanderance of taxpayers money is less about attempting to help the freakazoids, and more about raising the middle finger to the rest of us. The good news is that we only have to tolerate it until we choose not to.

  2. modd kenwood says:

    oh no! not the D word! discrimination must be eradicated from the face of the earth to where the word is struck from the dictionary!

  3. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    First, it was “voice therapy” to change a baratone Tallula Bankhead into soprano Tweety Bird.

    Next, it will be “speech therapy” to change a lisping Sylvester the Cat into Winston Churchill.

    Am I too dated for you’all? 👿

  4. Sam Adams says:

    And this is why we are spending so much time and efforts on anti-bullying campaign. How mean to tell freaks that they are actually freaks.

  5. Vic Kelley says:

    Well we could write, fax, and call George Washington University and try to shame them out of accepting that money. I would say we could do the same to our elected representatives but I don’t want you guys to laugh at me.

  6. Rowdy Yates says:

    Sharia rule won’t be kind to peter puffers and freakazoids.

  7. SandyS says:

    Choices have consequences. DEAL WITH IT!

  8. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Oh come on now. Maybe they can finally get Janet Napalitano to sound female. They did a horrible job on that dude.

  9. Freakazoid says:

    Wow, voice lessons on the bigots dime AND I get to piss you off too. Is it my birthday? Be sure to pay your taxes on time…I want my voice to be aces so I can trick you into bed and turn you gay. I’m the girl whose ass you couldn’t stop staring at yesterday, so it’ll be a piece of cake. My hope is by next year you transphobic assholes will be forced to pay for my surgery too. Life is good.

  10. eye keel you says:

    Not me shitstain troll. I detect she male piles of rat shit like you a mile away. It’s the cheekbone cum drunk faggot.

  11. Freakazoid says:

    Turns out the most transphobic, macho-acting people are over compensating for bring secretly gay. Turns out they want trans girls because they can get a dick up their ass every night while pretending they’re straight to their friends.

    Sweety, you wouldn’t know unless I told you and if I did, I’m 100% positive you’d be masturbating to the thought if me nightly, because you are over-compensation personified. I’ll see you at the gay bar later tonight. Kisses.

  12. silent blade says:

    You’ll be at the Blue Oyster Bar? I’ll be waiting outside to roll you and take your dope and resale it.

  13. Gunny Sarge says:

    What’s your major malfunction? Did the best part of you run down mama’s leg and leave a stain on the matress? Daddy didn’t hug you enough. Talkin’ loud at your keyboard eh AIDS infested rat. You ain’t shit but a wannabe bitch.

  14. Ed Gein's Car says:

    AIDS infested shit communist twinkle toed cocksucker wannabe cunt keyboard commando talkin’ shit in a safe place says what?

  15. Freakazoid says:

    Wow. You guys are so horny. Eyekeel can’t stop thinking about his cum filling my mouth and my shit – stained cookware pull it out of his ass.

    I’ll bet you want to roll me Mr Blade. Roll me over in your bed, so you can ream my ass.

    you guys are such total flamers.

  16. Freakazoid says:

    Here’s Ed dreaming about me sucking his cook and thinking about my can’t. he’s obviously thinking of my asshole since I don’t have a cunt yet. keep it up boys. you’re getting me so hot.

  17. Freakazoid says:

    Gunny, don’t be angry at me being at my keyboard. you know I’ll be at your house’s back door later, like we planned. planned. then I’ll take care of your other backdoor, just like you like. rough and wild.

  18. Doug says:


  19. Kommando Sandoval says:

    Still prattlin’ shitstain? Come on by mutant shitstain be the last mistake you ever make.

  20. Clyde says:

    Yawn. Snore. ZZZ. Wake me when the hermaphrodite gerbil jockey fucks off.

  21. Freakazoid says:

    Fine. I’ll let you guys pretend your straight again, while in another tab you’ll be looking at she male porn. so far pathetic. you can’t handle a real trans woman. We both know you’ll be dreaming about me though. That’s good, ’cause it’s the only place you’ll ever have me.

    okay, reason fake straight bullshit now you flamers.

  22. i can smell your cunt from here says:

    Hell yea! A trollfight! You go girls and wish-you-were-a-girl.

  23. Sammy says:

    Is Tim Curry still around?

  24. Bo-Jangles says:

    Put them all in the circus where they belong.

  25. Doug says:

    All fags, especially our new troll, have become teious and so predictable. You think you are so shocking? I have one answer for you…YAWN.

    Now, go to Iran and try that, and suddenly, I’ll be REALLY interested!

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  27. chris says:

    if everone else was perfect like all of you,just think we wouldnt have to read uninformed crap like this

  28. Sky says:

    I am a transwoman who lives her live in stealth to the public world. I am lucky enough to have taught myself how to speak properly and to find someone who loves me for who I really am. I do not fly the rainbow banner, however I still stand up for what is wrong. And to treat people as a lower class because they are different is wrong, plain and simple. There are many trans woman who just wish to live their lives in peace, who sadly have not transitioned as well as I have. But just because you can spot who they are does not give you the right to treat them like “freaks”, “abominations”, or “guys in dresses”. Real transfolk are not trying to be in the spotlight we just want to live our lives peacefully.

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