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Apr 04 2013

Feminism Hits a Homerun

When Pete Kozma of the St. Louis Cardinals hit a homerun against the Diamondbacks Tuesday night, the entire feminist movement scored:

American manhood has been fundamentally transformed.

Here’s the instant replay, via Deadspin:


Imagine if instead of being up in the stands valiantly protecting his woman metrosexual-style, this guy was down on the field. Then again, there’s no need to imagine.

On a tip from Artfldgr.

28 Responses to “Feminism Hits a Homerun”

  1. spare ribs says:

    Those are some awesome seats. Comrade dear leader the light worker should have been there to keep his subjects safe. Sorry if off topics but I wonder if these lame rule changes in the No Fun League have anything to do dear leader?

  2. Flu-Bird says:


  3. CGW409 says:

    If just dating his ass is getting dumped as soon as she’s out of the car at home.
    If married he’d better get real used to sleeping on the couch for the next few months or so.

  4. Sarge's Mean Face says:

    She’ll be alright it just grazes the shoulder and neck area and bounces off the leg. Broken bats are the worst that can happen at a baseball stadium. With seats like that a baseball glove would be handy item. No comment on the limp wristed nancy on the right.

  5. Xavier says:

    Mr. President we look to you for legislation and regulation that would protect the public from this type of tragedy.

  6. Xavier says:

    And by tragedy I mean the reverse gear sissy dance.

  7. Huh says:

    If she was wearing her burka, she would have had more padding

  8. Henry says:

    We know who wears the strap-on in that relationship…

  9. Bubba says:

    That Sally wears a bike helmet. Guaranteed.

  10. GoinSane says:

    Nancy-Boy there reminds me of politicians cowering in fear at the thought of a gun and then passing gun unconstitutional gun legislation so the women in their lives will be proud of them. I wish they had audio – I can just imagine the scream he let out.

    PS. if she just leaned the other way it would have been a clean miss. Why were either one of them even there?

  11. dapenguin says:

    I am betting he voted for obama in 2012

  12. Xavier says:

    Henry says:
    April 4, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    We know who wears the strap-on in that relationship.

    Both of them?

  13. big-pete says:

    Float like a butterfly, piss my pants like a school girl. Doesn’t quite work, does it?

  14. Reggie Love says says:

    Oooh girl, he should have cupped that ball in his hands. Then again, that ho shoulda known that he just had his weekly mani/pedi. Bitches be trippin.

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    Hey did you know there realy isa TOLEDO MUDHEANS minor league baseball team and they get more fans then the CLEAVLAND INDIANS

  16. Tchhht!!! says:

    Oh, oh, liberals will be calling for a ban on baseball.

  17. TED says:

    THIS is the end of guns in America, not uninformed politicians, sheep media or liberal butt-kissing celebrities. I’m sure if you brought a gun into the room where this guy is he would have the SAME reaction completely leaving the room.

  18. Profiler says:

    LOL SMFH Ha… I hope HE didn’t break a nail… Way to look out for your woman, Brah…

  19. dan says:

    ….if she’d had her seat-belt and helmet on….

  20. oldguy says:

    He has that gay pattern baldness. Did you really think he had your back young lady?

  21. Milos says:

    Made me laugh!
    Looks like one of those dweebs that got picked last on the school playground. In the old days, I mean. Now they probably pick kids by alphabetical order so as not to offend any feelings.

  22. Duke says:

    The time has come to outlaw bats. If it hadn’t been for the bat that innocent woman wouldn’t have a knob on her noggin’ and that wimp wouldn’t look like a certain President in his mom jeans.

  23. GoinSane says:

    He’s too busy doing his Gangnam Style dance to worry about his friend who is a girl.

  24. Michael T says:

    What a pussy. He could have caught the homerun ball, and saved the girl. Nice back peddle, Shirley.

  25. James Whale says:

    Didn’t a guy at a Diamondbacks game catch a ball one handed while carrying a tray of beer?

    Some people put their hands to good use others

    (a) not so much
    (b) use one to vote for Obama

  26. Eric says:

    Now we know why Bobby Brown takes his women to baseball games.

  27. Veritas says:

    Now the dhimmies will propose a background check for all people trying to get into a baseball game.

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