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Nov 26 2016

Fidel Castro Finally Dead: Stand By for Deluge of Tears From Colin Kaepernick & Co.

Sorry, the champagne graphic is an insensitive way to mark the passing of former communist dictator Fidel Castro, a brutal tyrant much beloved on the left for decades. For example, grossly overpaid NFL mediocrity Colin Kaepernick must be weeping bitter tears to be dealt this blow immediately on the heels of sportswriter and Cuban escapee Armando Salguero publicly spanking him for praising the fiend:

The August evening the nation first noticed Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem at an NFL game, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback held a postgame news conference, as is typical league policy. At that news conference Kaepernick wore a T-shirt emblazoned with photos from a 1960 meeting between Malcolm X and Fidel Castro.

So after his first notable protest against what last week he called the “systematic oppression” of minorities in the United States, and saying he wants “freedom for all people,” Colin Kaepernick put on a T-shirt that featured a supportive image of one of the 20th century’s most enduring oppressors.

Given that members of his family were not allowed to escape Castro’s regime, you can’t blame Salguero for fuming.

Cuba for more than five decades under the Castros has stifled practically any and all dissent. According to Human Rights Watch, “Cuban citizens have been systematically deprived of their fundamental rights to free expression, privacy, association, assembly, movement, and due process of law. Tactics for enforcing political conformity have included police warnings, surveillance, short-term detentions, house arrests, travel restrictions, criminal prosecutions, and politically motivated dismissals from employment.”

Now go to Google images of the Ladies In White protesting on Cuba’s streets. Kaepernick, the poster child for protest among NFL players, should do this. He would see images of women — white, black, mothers, daughters, sisters — systematically violated in one form or another by Castro’s thugs.

They are harassed, spat upon, pushed and even bloodied simply because they are fighting to do in Cuba what Kaepernick does on an NFL sideline without fear or physical repercussion — just before he wears that Castro shirt to his postgame presser.

So I ask Kaepernick how he can protest oppression then ignorantly don a T-shirt featuring an oppressor?

Kaepernick responded with a slop bucket of what we are constantly fed by Castro’s fellow travelers in the media.

Kaepernick, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, explains to me, the guy born in Havana, how great Castro really is.

“One thing Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” Kaepernick said.

Salguero responds:

First, Cuba does not have the highest literacy rate. Second, don’t be surprised if the same people who report Cuba’s admittedly high literacy rate are related to those who report its election results — the ones in which the Castros get 100 percent of the votes.

Third, could it be Cuba doesn’t have to invest a lot in its prison system because, you know, dungeons and firing squads (El Paredon) are not too expensive to maintain?

Finally, it’s bizarre that Kaepernick is extolling the education system of a country where people believe launching out into shark-infested seas to flee is a better idea than staying there.

Kaepernick let Salguero have it with the leftist fool’s weapon of choice, moral equivalence. Cuba’s communist regime throws people into dungeons for political reasons; America incarcerates criminals. Both potentially break up families, so they are equivalent.

Salguero was forced to conclude that Kaepernick is a “fraud” and an “unrepentant hypocrite.”

The same goes for all of Castro’s American admirers. May they choke on their tears.

On tips from Torcer, Thoughtcriminal2084, Steve T, Rob E, Byron, and JusttheTipHQ.

31 Responses to “Fidel Castro Finally Dead: Stand By for Deluge of Tears From Colin Kaepernick & Co.”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Pope Commie, the LA Times, BBC are all admittedly in mourning – as if we needed further proof of their allegiances – No word form 0, though this is likely his expression:

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    “Tactics for enforcing political conformity have included police warnings, surveillance, short-term detentions, house arrests, travel restrictions, criminal prosecutions, and politically motivated dismissals from employment.” Are we sure this is not a description of the transformed United States?

  3. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  4. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    is Obama going to the funeral???

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  6. 762x51 says:

    1 down, 1 to go . . . in Cuba. Lots more left around the world.

    Good riddance Fidel!

  7. Torcer says:

    Warning: Extremely graphic – but that’s the brutal reality of the 500 years of the #FAILED ideology of #Socialism:

    Mass-Murderer/Mass-Torturer/War-Monger/Terror-Sponsor Fidel Castro Dies–Media Continues Spreading Romantic Fairy Tale About HIM!

  8. Torcer says:

    Well that didn’t mention IRS audits, but aside from that..

  9. NotKennedy says:

    Haha, now that’s just funny!

  10. Jester says:

    The BBC is certainly in mourning. I can’t wait for Jimmy Carter & Obama’s eulogies (retch).

  11. Saxon Warrior says:

    Probably, but not unless he can take selfies while he is there and show the same respect as he did Mandela.

  12. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    This is what the communist head of the journalism department that I graduated from writes for the dying rag now occupied by marxists, black radicals and unrepentant Sanhedrinists:

    Fidel Castro was an unwavering champion of racial equality




    Updated: Saturday, November 26, 2016, 4:59 PM

    Okay, the media failed supremely in not realizing Americans could elect an empty-headed, knee-jerk liar as President. But, still, I say the greatest media shortcoming of the past half century was not recognizing that Fidel Castro was the most dedicated and powerful proponent of racial justice the world has ever known.

    Castro’s commitment to black Americans was shown early on, notably in 1960, when he came to New York City fresh from his leftist revolution in Cuba, and sat with Malcolm X in Harlem, cameras clicking for all the world to see.

    Five years later Malcolm X was assassinated, and many are still convinced the U.S. government was involved.

    Not Released (NR) NYC PAPERS OUT; NO SALES TO DAILY MAIL; Social media use restricted to low res file. Max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi;

    Fidel Castro is greeted in New York by baseball legend Jackie Robinson. (FRANK HURLEY/NY DAILY NEWS/NY DAILY NEWS)

    Meanwhile Castro continued his commitment to racial fairness, a commitment that seemed evident in his face as he sat in fraternal delight that day in Harlem.

    Former Cuban President Fidel Castro dead at 90

    In Cuba, before the Castro revolution, the city of Santa Clara was known for its entrenched racial segregation that was much like that of the American South. Residents of Santa Clara were known for their leisurely strolls around Vidal Park. But as they walked they did so in separate lines, “negros” on one and “blancos” on the other. Such traditions ended after Castro came to power.

    Fidel Castro in 2014.

    27 PHOTOS


    Remembering the life and career of the Cuban communist

    The most telling manifestation of Castro’s determination to stand against racism came in the 1980s. That was when Cuba sent 25,000 troops to fight in Angola alongside factions opposing the old apartheid government of South Africa. Keep in mind that the United States had been phony on the topic of racial justice. It took militant protests by American college students to get the United States to finally declare, through the 1986 Anti-Apartheid Act, that it was wrong to operate a country along racial lines, as South Africa was doing.

    The South African racial justice hero Nelson Mandela, who was released from prison and went on to become the country’s first black leader, traveled to Cuba in 1991 to personally thank Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for their support in fighting apartheid and colonialism. Through the turning of the last century, Cuba remained a significant presence in Africa, providing medical assistance and trying to strengthen diplomatic bonds.

    Castro’s high-profile Harlem meeting with Malcolm X in 1960 was shocking to many Americans.

    Castro’s high-profile Harlem meeting with Malcolm X in 1960 was shocking to many Americans. (UNIVERSAL HISTORY ARCHIVE/UIG VIA GETTY IMAGES)

    No wonder all this never received coverage in the U.S. media. It would have made the United States look weak in its assertions that it treated all fairly.

    LUPICA: Fidel Castro, a Communist who lived and ruled like a king

    Now here’s the part about Castro and black people that sends some Americans into fits of rage. Many law enforcement types see Castro only as the dictator who gave asylum to Assata Shakur. Shakur, born Joanne Chesimard, escaped from a U.S. prison in 1979, after a previous conviction for involvement in the killing a New Jersey State trooper. (Note: I traveled for a week with Shakur in Cuba in 1987, and she denied involvement in the 1973 killing of that trooper, Werner Foerster.)

    People parade through the streets following the passing of oppressive Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Little Havana, Miami, Florida.

    15 PHOTOS


    Fidel Castro’s death prompts celebration in the streets

    Yes, it’s true. Fidel Castro stood shoulder to shoulder, metaphorically, with the Black Panthers and other black radicals who became frustrated in the 1960s and disavowed the Rev. Martin Luther King’s embrace of non-violence. And it’s true also that Assata Shakur has become a legend in the history of black radicalism. She was a member of the Black Liberation Army. She was arrested, convicted and then escaped from prison and found her freedom in Cuba. She’s like an old Western cowboy hero to countless black Americans, many of whom may not be willing to say that in public, though I know it’s so.

    Shakur is still living, as far as we know (though very guarded of her associations in these changing times). And until Friday, so was Fidel Castro, the man who was a reviled enemy of the American government, who was targeted by U.S. would-be assassins, who lived just 90 miles from the United States, but who stayed in power for two generations, remained a devotee of racial equity and finally died a natural death on Friday.


    Former South African President Nelson Mandela (l.) hugs Castro during the Cuban president’s 2001 visit to Mandela’s Johannesburg home. (CHRIS KOTZE/REUTERS)

    Howell teaches English and journalism at Brooklyn College.

  13. StephaneDumas says:

    Coming soon in the next issue: Robert Mugabe trying to farm.

  14. MikeSanDiego says:

    Cuba Libre: Rum, coke and lime.

  15. Jack Bauer says:

    So….. Shall we form a pool to bet on how long it will be before we spot our first goof-ball, know-nothing, high school students, sporting “Fidel” t-shirts to wear on the days when their “Che” shirt is being laundered?

  16. 762x51 says:

    Neither can happen soon enough to suit me. I hope they both croak at the same time so we can put them in the same box, why waste anymore time on them than we already have?

  17. ramrodd says:

    HE IS A MUSLIM……..

    Colin Kaepernick Converted To Islam Before His Anti-American Stance. Coincidence?

    In July 2016, Kaepernick converted to Islam during the off season AND he is engaged to Nessa Diab, a Black Lives Matter activist who promotes what she calls “authentic Islam.” The Kaepernick’s will also have a traditional Muslim wedding. It will be enlightening to see what Ms. Diab does when Colin starts to treat her as a third class citizen because Islam encourages and demands men treat their women that way.

    BLM and Islam have taken a stronghold in this country thanks to people like Obama and Hillary that praise Islam. Remember Hillary said in 2015 this quote:

  18. Janinetconiglio says:

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  19. zarmina says:

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  20. Stosh says:

    Local Cuban restaurant in my neighborhood was serving free rum & cokes the night it Castro went from hell on earth to hell.

  21. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Several news reports showed US Cubans displaying and opening a bottle of champagne with the label “To Be Opened When Castro Dies” so the bottle GIF is appropriate.

    And, in case there’s any doubt, check out what’s happening in Little Havana:

  22. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Let Howell try and spew that garbage in Little Havana.

  23. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    He doesn’t have to, he is spewing it as a tenured college professor. There was rosy cheeked pleasant outright Communists teaching in that school then, but they were not in your face with their Marx and were reasonably fair. I cannot imagine the same holding true now.

  24. Hey, Colon – as long as you’re down there….

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