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Mar 06 2018

Fiesta del Bloodthirsty Communist Maniac

Even as he rots in hell for his countless crimes, a brutal communist tyrant’s chief executioner has managed to inspire the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, which announces the Fiesta del Amigo: A Celebration of Che:

In South America “che” is a colloquial term that means friend. Celebrate friendship and gather your mates for Fiesta Del Amigo!

Indulge in a five course culinary adventure through Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

Che Guevara was from Argentina and is said to have visited the other countries listed. Why not include Cuba? That’s where the liberal icon did most of his murdering.

Looks like the MFWF toned down its Che worship due to public exposure. See The Daily Telegraph for excepts presumably taken from the original.

Next maybe the MFWF will offer a culinary adventure celebrating the local cuisine where Heinrich Himmler set up concentration camps.

On a tip from Andrew in Australia.

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