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Jan 01 2018

Five Myths About Inequality Debunked

Democrat demagogues incessantly rail against inequality. They count on us believing in the myths that economics professor Antony Davies of Duquesne University debunks in the video below:

To sum up:

Myth: Profit is plunder.
Reality: Profit is good; plunder is bad.

Myth: One can be for equality.
Reality: You cannot be for both equality of opportunity and equality of outcome, because they contradict each other.

Myth: We understand what inequality means.
Reality:The concept diverts our attention from the real problem, poverty. People can be both unequal and equal. The concept of inequality ignores half the economy. Equality is not necessarily good.

Myth: The middle class is disappearing.
Reality: It is joining the upper class.

Myth: People are becoming worse off.
Reality: Quite the contrary.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

4 Responses to “Five Myths About Inequality Debunked”

  1. ramrodd says:

    please show in percentage how many so called middle class moved to the upper class…..then take a look at, over the years, took a step closer to being poor??

    this country is 20 trillion in debt that can NEVER be repaid, US jobs have been shipped thru the decades via UNconstitutional/Premature Trade Deals as the borders have been allowed to be left completely open allowing 50 million invaders into the USA

  2. Dan T says:

    I agree with previous post. I don’t believe that the middle class is moving to the upper class. I believe a large percentage of them have moved to the lower class. I experienced this myself after losing a good paying job.

  3. ramrodd says:

    for years sites have been posting how the US has been destroyed and for this to be posted make all the years articles on the destruction of the USA lies…

    this country has been willfully decimated…………….
    and btw…..this is the only post you have made under this moniker!!

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Myth: The middle class is disappearing.
    Reality: There is no middle class. This is class warfare propaganda that doesn’t have any role in modern America which does not have a class system. This is an argument about communism and socialism form Europe a hundred years ago. The middle class is by definition those who exist between serfs and aristocrats. We have neither of those in this country.

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