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Feb 28 2013

Food Stamp Shopping at AutoZone

Your ride will be fly with a new set of chrome-plated spinner hubcaps, and best of all they’re free — just whip out your EBT:


Urban entrepreneurs may want to pick up some leopard skin seat covers while they’re shopping.

Compliments of Katya Kakhov.

30 Responses to “Food Stamp Shopping at AutoZone”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This is why I order parts online and pick up oil in bulk from a jobber.
    It beats shuffling through those roach clip air fresheners, and headlight darkening kits ??????

  2. Comrade J says:

    Well with some of the welfare parasites having over $7k on their “food stamps” cards and with Bambi creating “food stamps” for pets thieving program, is this new development really surprising?

    Let’s not forget “Obama phones” paid with taxpayer dollars.

  3. JustTheFacts says:

    Good for AutoZone. After the GOP blocks Obama’s proposals to stop the sequester… there goes public transit for the poor. Have to get to work somehow (you know, if you can’t afford a couple of Cadillacs?).

    But… Spinners? Leopard skin seat covers? Really? when people call ‘conservatives’ knee-jerk racists… you ever stop and wonder why?

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Go fuck off on another site if you don’t like it shit for brains. As for stores like Auto Zone who stoop to this level of greed…boycott. Why do I even bother working anymore and paying taxes? Oh ya, it’s because I have something called pride and sleep good at night knowing I’m not stealing from my neighbor.

  5. Henry says:

    More government waste on the dregs of human(?) society.

    What’s with the sub-par level trolls lately?

  6. Clingtomyguns says:

    A little off topic, although this is not turning out to be a good day for the Regime, given the Woodward expose, and now the unearthing that Holder has a prolific a fetish for personal jet setting on the taxpayer’s nickel as his boss, while hypocritically screaching that we will be less secure if the sequester goes through. What a joke if not for the fact these people are in power:

    “Two high-tech luxury jets that the FBI convinced Congress were needed for the fight against global terrorism have instead been used to ferry around Attorney General Eric Holder and his predecessors, as well as FBI Director Robert Mueller, according to a government report released Thursday.

    Those officials — which included Holder and Mueller, as well as former Attorneys General Michael Mukasey and Alberto Gonzales — racked up nearly 700 “nonmission” trips between 2007 and 2011, at a cost of $11.4 million, according to the Government Accountability Office.

    “I’m really interested in how the Attorney General can claim that federal law enforcement agents will be cut, knowing that over the last five years the Department has allowed for millions of dollars to be spent on personal travel. It’s ludicrous,” Grassley said.

    Read more:

    Well, but BOOOOOSH did it too!

  7. Comrade J says:

    Flew off the handle at the mention of leopard skin huh… lol.

    It’s ok dear libtard don’t cry. You go lick your master Bambi’s boots. Maybe he’ll send us a sternly worded “you’ll regret it memo”


  8. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Yeah, I don’t think they do spinners much anymore. Probably can’t get those for your 24’s anyway. But, you know, target your market demo and all.

  9. JustTheFacts says:

    No really. If public transit is cut along with all sorts of other things – and I am not talking jsut about teh sequester here, the GOP apparently wants to cut everything entirely if they were allowed to govern – how do you expect people to get to work? Need to fix your car. Can’t pay a mechanic, gotta do it yourself.

    And seriously… how exactly is the part where this is worth exposing your raw racism over? As if broke-ass white people aren’t on food stamps in every state in the union? There are whole southern states on welfare. WV, AL, and MS are all literally entire welfare states. But they sure do vote against their own interests year after year.

    Just sayin’. As always. Not that any of you will get it.

  10. M.Wilson says:

    You do realize that the sequester cuts are less than $100 billion, and because the Sequester was crafted by Democrats they are almost entirely directed at the military right? Don’t worry, your precious toy trains won’t be touched.

    If we simply spent the same amount we did in 2004, when both wars in the Middle East were in full “Shock and Awe” mode, we would have a surplus. Why? Government revenue has risen dramatically throughout the Bush tax cuts, in fact it has risen faster than GDP.

    Where did the money go? Look at the top of the page. Welfare spending accounts for every single penny of tax revenue and then some. Guess what’s not being cut.

  11. pink Floyd says:

    Just 1 more reason out of many to tell Auto Zone to go fuck themselves.

    @JustTheFacts, methinks that is a bit of a misnomer….
    I really wish I had the time to address ALL of the STUPID that you managed to squeeze into two small paragraphs, but real life calls.

  12. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You forgot “puppies will starve”

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    – how do you expect people to get to work? Need to fix your car. Can’t pay a mechanic, gotta do it yourself.
    The solution is simple
    Front door limo, and diaper changing services
    (Never mind the cost, just think of the votes this would buy)

  14. Mr Evilwrench says:

    What the hell is wrong with being a racist? The liar in chief is, the attorney general, all these welfare pimping leftards and affirmative actioners. I’m takin my piece of it, too. (Your race card has been declined due to an overdraft)

  15. JustTheFacts says:

    Ah ha. Well, at least we know where you stand (the 1800s).

    Do any of you actually wonder why you keep losing elections? Do any of you see it ever changing as long as people like you are actually allowed to vote?

    Just sayin’.

  16. M.Wilson says:

    And so the troll avoids arguing the actual facts, because in typical Leftist fashion it has named itself for the opposite of what it stands for.

    v Pravde net izvestiy, v Izvestiyakh net pravdy

    Unfortunately, once people discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury the majority will always vote for the candidate who promises the most money. The resulting loose fiscal policy eventually leads to collapse, collapse to anarchy, anarchy to dictatorship. The only hope is to wake the people up and stop the gravy train before it goes over the cliff.

    Or stand prepared to rebuild from the resulting wreckage, though that is a rather unpleasant alternative.

  17. Mr Evilwrench says:

    This guy’s precious. I wonder what his mom spends on hot pockets every month. Son, that would change only if more of us were voting, or rather we had candidates we didn’t have to hold our noses to vote for. But you have Ms Obamaphone and lots like her voting for your guys, so you got that going for ya. You should be so proud.

  18. Paul Hooson says:

    SNAP rules actually forbid sale of any item other than food. They might have a few candy bars for sale. SNAP does allow a few cash cards, but those are very rare. I owned a grocery store up until a few months ago, and I needed to have an extensive food inventory to qualify for EBT.

  19. gemalo says:

    If this garbage isn’t enough to make you boycott Autozone, maybe take a look at this:,-(wtkr,-hampton-roads,-va-113012).aspx

  20. Alborn says:

    I supervised a food stamp unit back in the 80s and it was so abused that I finally changed professions. I hated the government so much for the fraud they encouraged with the policies they were instituting. It has only gotten worse over time. Any wonder that we say no more taxes.

  21. Vic Kelley says:

    Auto Zone will now, by law, have to expand their product line. Must have a cooler along one wall with grape drank. Also must sell good n plentys, now n laters, and fried chicken flavored sunflower seeds.

  22. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Do any of you see it ever changing as long as people like you are actually allowed to vote?
    Maybe we should ask the Greeks that question.

  23. Smokey Behr says:

    Most EBT cards have a SNAP account and a GR/AFDC/”cash” side. The SNAP side is restricted to food, but the other side can be used for anything.

  24. Momster says:

    @ Just the Facts: not racists–having eyesight for cripes sake. Are you f-ing BLIND?!?

  25. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Anti-racism involves willful blindness at least as much as pure racism. I’ll just let the stereotypes stand when they cover 80+% very well. There are always exceptions, but stereotypes don’t just come out of nowhere, after all. So, why should it be up to me to do the work and take the hits denying reality when most likely I was right all along? I refuse to feel bad making them do the work to prove otherwise.

  26. mega says:

    I was in fact at Autozone two days ago picking up some car wax. There were four people in front of me at the checkout line. All four of them paid for their purchases with EBT cards. All four had bills well in excess of $100. They were practically cleaning the place out – faux wood trim interior kits, sport steering wheels, etc.

  27. Momster says:

    I was in a 7-11 a while ago. I waited behind someone buying cigarettes, rolling papers (zig-zag), malt liquor, lottery tix and paying with EBT card.

    I wanted just some lottery tickets–but when I tried to pay with my ATM card it was denied. The clerk said it was because the bank would not allow the ATM card to be used for lottery tickets!!! I was B-S! He said I could go to the ATM machine, withdraw money, and buy the tickets with the cash.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  28. Momster says:

    Just the Facts: Do you ever get out of the house? I recommend that you go out where the regular people hang around and OPEN YOUR EYES!

  29. Grunt says:


    You know, it’s sad; you look at something like “spinners and leopardskin seat covers” and whine “That’s rayciss!” but you don’t find it reprehensible that folks are taking money from others to provide their cars with tacky accessories?

    I also have a newsflash for you, Junior: I’ve seen white kids who pretend to “be black” buying the same stuff…as well as Latinos, women, and so on. If it wasn’t in demand, Auto Zone wouldn’t stock it.

    Get over yourself and quit pissing and moaning that someone has an opinion (which he’s granted entitlement to). The folks using EBT/SNAP benefits should be using those bennies to get on their feet, not to stay on their arse (which they are NOT entitled to do).

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