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Dec 26 2017

Former Manager Describes Planned Parenthood as “Demonic”

A certain moral climate is likely to prevail at an operation that brings in massive amounts of money (one-third of it on a coercive basis from taxpayers) for killing babies in the womb (not to mention selling their body parts). Ramona Trevino, who managed a Planned Parenthood abortion referral facility for 3 years, found out first hand:

Trevino justified working at the Planned Parenthood because it was a non-abortion facility, realizing only after an extended period of time that she was still culpable for what goes on at other facilities. “They are being groomed as future abortion patients because Planned Parenthood promotes a promiscuous lifestyle,” she said. “We’re not discouraging them from having sex at a young age. We have monthly quotas to meet. They’re just numbers,” she said.

“I was forced and challenged to look at my own beliefs and actions. I couldn’t continue to be indifferent,” she said. She also explained that she was shocked with the amount of medication fraud that went on, as well as the number of 12, 13, and 14-year-olds who came into the clinic for contraception or abortion referrals.

She added that she was amazed at the number of young women who came to the clinic with multiple sex partners and STDs. “I started to connect the dots and realize that it all goes together,” she said.

All things degenerate do indeed go together. This is what keeps leftists on the same page with each other.

She characterized Planned Parenthood as “demonic,” saying there is “no other word you can use for what takes place.”

The Devil must love how some of our tax money is spent. By the way, Planned Parenthood itself is tax exempt.

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4 Responses to “Former Manager Describes Planned Parenthood as “Demonic””

  1. Maurice Miner says:

    I think it was a “she”, but of course sexist pronouns like “he” or “she” are not politically correct, especially in the environment of working for PP.

  2. Angel says:

    Congress continues to appropriate over $500 million each year of our tax money to PP, which then dispenses much of it strictly to Dem campaigns. It is essentially a government money laundering operation facilitated by the Republicans in power to support congressional Democrats with taxpayer funds.

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