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Jan 20 2013

Freedom Prevails at Small Town City Council Meeting

Fear the authoritarian bureauweenies who fear your guns. Fortunately there are still a few Americans serving in government, like Oak Harbor, Washington Mayor Scott Dudley. Normally city council meetings would put a speed freak to sleep, but this one is worth watching:

Hopefully this struggle will play out the same way at the national level, with the gun-grabbing tyrants skulking off to sulk and our precious liberties preserved.

On a tip from Kevin in Auburn WA.

41 Responses to “Freedom Prevails at Small Town City Council Meeting”

  1. M.Wilson says:

    “…the same council members who tried to dictate whether you were able to wear a hat in council chambers.”

    Truly there is nothing so miniscule that a leftist won’t try to regulate it. Props to the rest of the council and to the mayor for stopping that knee-jerk motion in its tracks.

  2. gemalo says:

    Blooming-ass-berg needs to take a civics lesson from that mayor. As for the council member who left, he needs to give up his position and move to N.Y.C. or D.C. or L.A. or Chicago.

  3. IslandLifer says:


  4. Hans says:

    So, Mr Mayor

    Why were the two Council members not disciplined and suspended from the Council for their actions?

  5. born in 76 says:

    Hats of to Mayor Dudley.

    May he stay safe.

  6. Jeanettesca says:

    I applaud the mayor and I laugh at the idiot who wet his pants because he was in the same room with a big bad gun.

    BUT – watching this video was painful to the extreme. These people are so focused on minutia and political correctness that it took them ten minutes to have a two minute discussion! I know that they are partly bound by the rules of parliamentary procedure, but good grief! This was a small-town meeting and look at all the time and resources they waste with all their hemming and hawing.

    This kind of thing is replayed thousands of times in every government organization across the United States. Our leaders are so worried about procedure that they can’t get anything DONE! It’s sickening.

    My dad always used to say that the people who go into government are never the best – the smartest people, the ones with good ideas and good leaderships skills and the balls to actually accomplish something don’t want to work for government. So we get mediocre paper pushers who hide behind their rules and their PC speak and waste our time and money in the process.

  7. Wilberforce says:

    Awesome. Looks like there’s still a little of the old Washington state left.

    Imagine that, someone was deemed safe due to their character!

  8. Jeanettesca says:

    Oh, and to the wounded warrior (I didn’t catch his name) – THANK YOU for your service, sir and may God bless you. I feel safer knowing there are people like you in the world.

  9. oldgeezer says:

    As a former evil politician, it really frosts me when people like Jeanettesca bitch about people who serve. First, the council does not have the power to sanction the two idiots – that is up to the voters. Second, when politicians try to stem the left wing tide, they cannot count on support from anyone. All I ever got was “Why can’t we just get along”. Third, if her father was so damn smart, why didn’t he run – or her for that matter. Because it is easier to sit on her a$$ and bitch – that’s why. We are never going to save what is left of our liberties unless people get out there in the arena and FIGHT – not bitch. ‘Nuff said.

  10. Henry says:

    “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

    Little pussy bitch.

    I particularly like how the Mayor was basically alerting the voters as to who NOT to vote for next election. 😀

  11. Highway Hospital Student says:

    So where is the ACLU on protecting citizen’s rights under the Second Amendment? -especially with respect to the current gun grab?

    Here’s where.

    Don’t click. The site is so snotty, I’ll spare you:

    The ACLU takes the craven and wrong-headed position that the Second Amendment protects a collective right rather than an individual right.

    That is the old “you are not a militia” argument.

    You’d have to have the IQ of a rock or a liberal to believe that. The whole f-you-you-are-not-a-militia argument was struck down by the SCOTUS in Heller v. DC BTW.

    The ACLU trumpets themselves as the sworn upholders of the Constitution when it comes to preening liberal causes, like separation of church & state, prosecuting soldiers for torture or affirmative discrimination.

    But when the Second comes into issue, the ACLU takes a cockroach position to fit their small-minded and wrong-headed agenda designed to disarm innocent citizens.

    Here’s all you need to know about gun control:

  12. Backbone 76 says:

    Sorry little liberal bald-headed turd.

  13. TonyD95B says:

    This illustrates several important ironies that we keep hearing repeated by the Loopy Loony Lemming-Like Lying Left over and over again:

    The hoplophobic Left constantly slanders responsible firearm owners as being, ‘fearful, paranoid racist haters’ – yet the opposite is true.

    Many of us that go armed (in uniform and as citizens)do so not out of some sort of HATE but out of LOVE. We love our country, our families, our communities and our very way of life, and are comitted to defending it, even if it requires risk and sacrifice on our part.

    We do not go armed out of some paralyzing FEAR, but out of a quiet REALISM. We know that there is evil in the world, and there are some that are confused, misguided and sometimes just plain evil people among us that are intent on doing bad things. Although we have a healthy understanding and concern because they can do us harm, we are forewarned (and forearmed) and stand in opposition to those who depend upon fear to forward their agenda… it Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, or some hoodlum hiding in the bushes waiting for the garage door to go up…..

    We are also not PARANOID – and in fact this is one of the clearest examples of Leftist “projection” there is. We don’t care that our neighbors and other citizens around us are armed – in fact we welcome and take comfort in it, and usually don’t give it a second thought. The Left, on the other hand, is paralyzed in paranoid fear at the thought of anyone (other than the “right” people as they see it) being armed. They’re the paranoid ones, not us.

    They also say that our “fear” is motivated by RACISM. This is absolutely insane and irrational. Those among us that responsibly go armed see self-defense as a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT given to us not by our ‘benevolent government’, but by our CREATOR. This applies to all of us, ESPECIALLY the truly oppressed. Many of the ‘gun laws’ passed in the last 150 years are in fact racist, and were designed to limit the rights of blacks and others to be armed. Think about it – if you were an honest hardworking American of African heritage living in a cesspool like Chicago, DC or Filthadelphia (and you couldn’t just leave), you’d want a weapon……and “our side” supports your right to self defense.

    Fearful Paranoid Racist Haters – that’s a pretty good description of a Liberal Pseudoprogressive Neofascist DEMOCRAT………yet they try to hide by projecting that onto US.

    F#CK ‘EM.

  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    How many times recently have we heard the left exclaim how “hysterical” gun rights advocates are ?

  15. Cooter Brown says:

    Dudley you do right! That Prissy hissy chrome dome can go suck onna egg with his yes-buddy

  16. James McEnanly says:

    What a bunch ofhoplophobes. I hope they remember which council members voted to remove an armed citizen during the next election

  17. Joek Loth says:

    If the Mayor was truely sorry he would bring the two who brought the motion up, up on charges of dereliction of duties, subversive activities and treason to name a few!!

  18. TexasDoc says:

    Go Mayor!

    Wish he could chair the city council in Austin. That town is literally overrun with leftist pantywaists trying so desperately to make their own little communist utopia in the middle of Texas.

  19. Logic_Mine says:

    Yeah, but that other bastard was cemented in his seat!

    Quite frankly, if he felt that he needed to leave then I would have told him…Ok, but if you do, I’ll take that as NEGLECTING YOUR DUTIES and will be forced to dismiss you from your position.

  20. Ummah Gummah says:


    Californians trying to take over another state.


  21. Sam says:

    The only problem is that the Mayor was playing by the pussy Gerald Ford/Bob Dole/John McCain/Mitt Romney Marquess of Queensbury rules.

    You don’t deal with bullies and tantrum-throwing children that way. The Mayor should have held a motion then and there to throw that thumbsucking pissant off the council.

  22. bee says:

    Dudley DID-RIGHT!

  23. Ron spins says:

    I watched it several times ..Lucas was obviously a good
    guy ..the bald , creepy councilman was not.

  24. Morris says:

    “Loopy Loony Lemming-Like Lying Left”

    I’m so stealing that…

  25. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    That is how a free civil society is supposed to conduct business.
    Imagine if those apes on the left had held the majority here.

  26. Dmgore101 says:

    Dave thanks so much for posting that. It totally made my day. I’ve been forwarding it to everyone I know.

  27. Louie says:

    It’s called “willful failure to perform official duties”. As board president, I tried to get a board member thrown off the board when I held public office (she never attended meetings, but always showed up when there were photos to be taken, squeezing her way to front-center), but the decision-maker for that process refused to pursue it. You see, the problem board member was black in a near-100% white community.

    Some people just have no balls (figuratively). Hell, I’d have done it in a heartbeat; it was blatantly obvious that she needed to go.

  28. GunnyG says:

    The cheesedick’s email is:

  29. Scotty G. says:

    While debating gun control with a co-worker, he told me we needed to limit the number of rounds in a magazine so someone would have the time to tackle the crazy shooter while he was reloading. I just linked him the video of the brave councilman fleeing the room and running away from a mild manered vet with a permit threating nobody. “Here’s your hero!” I wrote. Great video.

  30. wingmann says:

    Either we will have our hands on the throats of the Liberals, or it will be the other way around.

  31. Scotty G. says:

    If I was the Vet with the gun, I would attend every City Council meeting from now on. Smile and wink at the bald councilman, just to see if he would get up and leave again, or was just putting on a show. What fun that would be!

  32. Duke says:

    Ironically, back in the mid-sixties, I spent about 2 weeks as a guest in the Oak Harbor area. The Navy had a so-called “seaplane base” on Whidbey Island. It had actually been converted into a survival school and prisoner of war camp. After about a week of surviving in the woods, we were “captured” and imprisoned in the camp, which was run by Navy aviation types.

    I wonder if Mr. Baldy Councilweenie would prefer, now that our service in the armed forces is over, we are just sent back to his type of camp? Sure would make life easier for the libs…, well as long as they don’t spend too much time in their “gun free zones.”

  33. Tchhht!!! says:

    Dudley would not be welcome in Bloomberg’s gang of gun grabbing criminals:

  34. Keith in Seattle says:

    Well played Your Honor! Thank you for upholding the Constitution!

  35. What a fag says:

    Bald guy’s a fag. “OOOH! RUN AWAY FROM THE SCARY GUN!”

    Eat a bag of dicks.

  36. […] Freedom Prevails at Small Town City Council Meeting: Fear the authoritarian bureauweenies who fear your guns. Fortunately there are still a few […]

  37. Angela says:

    Scott Dudley….I Love You

  38. chester arthur says:

    Mayor Dudley may be the public servant of the year.He handled an obviously difficult leftist prig while proudly standing up for the rights of a citizen.We need many more mayors like this,and many more in politics like this man.Thanks to Mayor Dudley,we’re proud of you,even all the way on the east coast.

  39. MAKAYA says:


    Oak HArbor was indeed a seaplane base (I saw a Mars take off from there, JATO bottles fuming). At the time, it was Navy, fishing and the number one town on the island. Such a sniveling pantywaist on the city council would have been inconceivable; but, as someone else said, we here in Washington are being inundated by loony lefties who have left California because it isn’t decadent enough.

  40. BobJ says:

    This is all about the politically correct left who have a morally superior attitude over us mere mortals. I think they teach that at most universities and in the public school system …. it’s all about ‘social justice’. The Left have an unwavering modus operandi …. to direct and control the rest of us peons. Marx would be proud!

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