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Mar 23 2018

French Convicts to Monitor Social Media for Thought Crimes

Islamic welfare colonists and their alarmingly numerous offspring have so crowded the French penal system that authorities have decided to put them to work. Since these are the same nitwit authorities that allowed France to become colonized by a foreign criminal class to begin with, the work will not be constructive:

The French government is considering allowing convicted criminals to monitor social media for hate speech and cyberbullying as part of their community service.

Maybe they should also monitor for crybullying. The Islamists who dominate the French criminal population could turn themselves in.

But then, they will have plenty of opportunities to turn themselves in anyway:

Part of the government plan involves devoting more resources to the French Interior Ministry’s PHAROS programme which monitors illegal acts on the internet such as “paedophilia, incitement to racial hatred, terrorism, and scams using the internet”, according to the Interior Ministry website.

An estimated 60% of French inmates are Muslims. They won’t be very diligent about reporting antisemitism.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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