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May 23 2013

Fundamentally Transformed Military Features Homosexual Rape

If you didn’t see this coming as a result of the Obama Regime attempting to homosexualize the military, head to LensCrafters at once:

The Defense Department survey of sexual assault in the military during fiscal 2012 estimated 26,000 assaults took place in the armed forces. … [An estimated] 14,000 of the assaults in the Pentagon study happened to men. …

Women are identified as the attacker in just two percent of all assaults, meaning most men who suffer assault are targeted by other men.

Good thing the Armed Forces are no longer expected to win wars, as the Commander in Chief is “not interested in victory.” They have enough on their hands dealing with the fallout of our twisted moonbat rulers’ social engineering schemes.

leather fag
Obama’s idea of a drill instructor.

On a tip from Sean C.

21 Responses to “Fundamentally Transformed Military Features Homosexual Rape”

  1. modd kenwood says:

    I hear they show “Shaving Ryan’s privates” on a regular basis at the canteen on Saturday nights

  2. KHarn says:

    The whole communist movement was never about taking over America, it was always about our political, economic and social destruction. LATER they would impose their idiot ideology and claim to “improve” our lives by making things “less crappy” by comparison.

  3. Nathaniel M says:

    I’m tellin’ ya it was all over when the army switched to berets. 😉

  4. ThisObamaNation says:

    A new training module needs to be added to Basic Training.

    It should be called the DON’T DROP THE SOAP training module.

    This new training module can also help newly convicted to survive life in the Federal Pen.

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    Using our military as a place for the rainbow freaks to pratice their immoral lifestyle on streight men? OBAMA STINKS

  6. icecream says:

    …that’s why he draws flies….

  7. Unonymous says:

    It used to be that buggery was punishable by flogging in the military. In General Washington’s army he ordered a sodomite lieutenant to be drummed out (banished forever from the military), he was paraded from the right to the left of the army (the right side of the line of battle was the position of honor, where the most elite troops stood in battle) his coat was turned inside out and was kicked out of camp. Today the left runs the army like the post office with nukes. If you are in the military now I urge you to get out before they order you to turn your rifles on your fellow citizens.

  8. Softly Bob says:

    Even the Ancient Greeks, sodomy lovers if anyone was, had strict restrictions on homosexuals serving in the military. They didn’t forbid it altogether, but certain types were excluded. There was actually some sort of vetting process.
    It just goes to show how morally screwed the Obama admin is when they could learn a thing or two from the most ‘gay friendly’ civilization in history about monitoring the acceptance of homos into the armed forces.
    Obama has to be the biggest closet shirt-lifter in the World!

  9. dan says:

    gays in the Boy Scouts….Gays in the Whitehouse…
    Gays in the military…
    Holy soap on a rope, Batman….we’ve got a problem !

  10. Running wild says:

    Let’s see. You open the military to gays – who outwardly profess their sexual attraction to other men. You then put these gays in close living quarters with other men who get undressed in front of each other, use the same showers, etc. For a gay, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Did the military really believe gays were going to put aside their sexual appetites in these situations? If anything, it sends their lusts into overdrive. This is one of the main reasons there was a long-time ban on gays in the military. These sexual tensions are an unnecessary and dangerous distraction to a fighting force. It’s precisely why we don’t have male and female soldiers sharing barracks… or showers!
    By the way, it’s more than 14,000. I guarantee you there are plenty of male-male sexual assaults that go unreported.

  11. Big Al says:

    Gays should make great intermediaries with the muslims.

  12. True Blue says:

    Ever feel like a small island of sanity floating in a sea of diarrhea?
    Who couldn’t have predicted this?
    What does it say about our military preparedness that 14,000 soldiers minimum clearly *cannot* trust the man in the foxhole next to them?
    As for the gay Scouts: give them one, maybe two years before a major pedophile scandal and lawsuits kill off what little remains -guaranteed. For those who do not remember, it was just such a scandal that banned gays from the Scouts in the first place. A deaf, blind bubbleboy could see that coming -yet- here we are…

  13. Leonard Jones says:

    Look on the bright side, if these rectum rangers ever
    face a court martial (Doubtful in an Obama administration)
    they can always become Scout Masters!

    That makes 2 great American institutions destroyed this
    week alone.

  14. Clingtomyguns says:

    Obama’s idea of a drill instructor = Same as his idea of a scout master.

  15. Sacred Band of Thebes says:

    …written by a gay-panicked teenager, or a by a schmuck with the maturity thereof.

  16. Dennis Carr says:

    Boy, you should see the size of the bit on that drill instructor……

  17. the bestest winnar gov evarz says:

    The 69th battalion has been christened. Their logo is a lightning bolt striking an ass and the logo is death from behind.

  18. the bestest winnar gov evarz says:

    err…motto is death from behind

  19. whotothewhat says:

    With the lefts new queer shock troops fully out in the open in the military and with the soon to be queerjugend formally known as the BSA and our public schools fully in Socialist indoctrination mode. The lefts dream of destroying the last vestiges of American exceptionalism and our Christian values seem inevitable. We will see what rises from the rubble of this once great country.

  20. modd kenwood says:

    are PX’s selling Astroglide now?

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