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Apr 16 2018

Gender Dysphoria Made Worse by Transsexual Transformation

For reasons too depraved for a healthy mind to comprehend, the liberal establishment aggressively encourages people to undergo procedures that transmogrify them into parodies of the opposite sex. We are told that these grotesque transformations cure people of gender dysphoria. Jamie Shupe knows better:

Unlike many journalists who blindly speak or write about gender dysphoria and transgender military service, I am both an Army veteran and a patient who has received these experimental medical treatments.

Fortunately for Shupe, he opted not to undergo surgical mutilation, due to the high rate of complications. But he went far enough to regret it.

I needed extensive hair removal on my face and body, breast augmentation, and facial feminization surgery to even remotely begin to look like a stereotypical female. I also suffered numerous mental and physical health complications from taking the prescribed hormone treatments.

His gender dysphoria was made worse:

While I went into the transition process “feeling different” from my male peers and believing that I shared the feelings biological females experience, once I was formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria and indoctrinated to believe that I was actually a female, I then had the crushing pressure of having to actually look like one.

No wonder the suicide rate among transgenders is stratospheric.

The disease of gender dysphoria is in the mind; that is where it must be cured.

It certainly will not be cured by encouraging people to indulge in delusions. “First, do no harm” has gone out the window in favor of social engineering objectives that would deform society as horrifically as sex change procedures deform people’s bodies.

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