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Dec 19 2012

Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Ovens

Push corporations and they will be only too glad to move — provided you push them in the direction of moonbattery. Remember this?

[M]oonbats are petitioning Hasbro to change the “packaging and color options” on the Easy Bake Oven so as to encourage boys to play with them.

To no one’s surprise, the petition was successful:

Hasbro says it will soon reveal a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven after meeting with a New Jersey girl who started a campaign calling on the toy maker to make one that appeals to all kids.

McKenna Pope, 13, of Garfield, N.J., got more than 40,000 signatures on her online petition at and the support of celebrity chefs including Bobby Flay, who backed her call for Hasbro to make a gender-neutral oven and to include boys in the ads. …

McKenna said the company is doing everything she asked, including putting boys in the ads.

The point of deliberately prissifying boys by encouraging them to play with girl’s toys becomes obvious when you consider the creepy metrosexuality prevalent among the few white males who still vote for Democrats.

A future Democrat.

On tips from Nathaniel M and Muddypaw.

28 Responses to “Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Ovens”

  1. dan says:

    ….so WTF is wrong with purple you nattering Nancies

  2. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Well, I wasn’t interested in one as a child, but turned out quite the cook anyway (as did Bobby Flay et al). What’s the magic in the Easy Bake oven? Nothing. If the kid wants to play with one, let him. Why the need to appeal? Biggest problem is going to be finding 100W incandescent bulbs for them. Hey, maybe that could be a loophole; “I’ve got 24 Easy Bake ovens, and they need bulbs!”

  3. jorgen says:

    A future “girlie-man”?

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    If Hasbro thinks they can make money marketing camouflage EZ Bake ovens, more power to them.
    But those 40,000 moonbats will soon enough have more to worry over than the color of EZ bake ovens when this economy crashes and burns.

  5. They can get Hasbro to change. They can even get monbat parents to buy them to prove how gender-open they are. But they can’t make little boys be happy getting one for Christmas.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    In TIMES final Person of the Year – the winner is predictably – THE MOONBAT MESSIAH.

    At least NEWSWEAK Magazine is going out of print. Hopefully SLIME Magazine will do the same soon.

  7. forest says:

    “Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    December 19, 2012 at 6:48 am

    If Hasbro thinks they can make money marketing camouflage EZ Bake ovens, more power to them.”

    I agree. And since girls are being brainwashed that learing to cook is for loser idiot women, they might just sell more of the new kind of oven. But I still hate lefty thug tactics against private businesses.

  8. StanInTexas says:

    I think this is going to backfire big-time on the Left.

    Go ahead and make the EZ-Bake Oven in “boy colors” (even camo). What do you suppose the boys are going to ‘cook’ in this over? Most likely it will be small plastic figures and bugs and whatever pieces of their sister’s toys they can find. They will see how hot they can make a penny. It will be great fun!

    My son loves to cook. Do you know why? Because I taught him to cook while camping and his mother spent time with him in the kitchen teaching him how to prepare a meal. No EZ-Bake Ovens were used AT ALL!!!

  9. Mike43 says:

    I saw another article on this same subject that stated doesn’t matter, boys will be boys.

    My sons would have used it for a castle for their GI Joes to assault and defend.

  10. Bo-Jangles says:

    In the event you weren’t sure why Hitlary has “taken it on the lam”, here’s the real answer. No, it wasn’t her phony upset stomach. No, it wasn’t the equally phony fall and bump to her head. (no hospital and no doctor? Hmm…)

    Hitlary, who has pipe-dreams of sitting in the big chair at 1600 PA. Ave. doesn’t want to be sitting in front of the congressional fan when “everything hits it”. She’ll leave that to the long-chin traitor who will take her place. By the time all the truth about the Benghazi attack comes out, Hitlary will be long gone, off writting a book or something.

  11. Bo-Jangles says:

    The PC’ized cretins of the Left may have screwed-up on this one. Their aim is of course, to further feminize America’s males. What they didn’t realize is that, most of the worlds great Chefs are men, so giving a male an oven to play with is not a problem at all. Besides, i think every man should be as capable in the kitchen, (or any other part of the house) as any woman is “alleged” to be.

    If a man can’t take complete care of himself, he then must rely on someone else, like a wife. I’ve known guys who got married just because they didn’t know how to cook, sew, or do laundry! Only now do they realize the real price for being lazy.

  12. metalgarth says:

    And in turn it could inspire a boy to become a serious baker and or business man when he gets older. Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss ring any bells? To me this is not that big of deal. My view is this toy is not really going to turn a boy into a metrosexual wuss.

  13. Jester says:

    Personally, I’m all for this. The best professional chefs and bakers have always been men, and always should be! 🙂

  14. Momster says:

    I saw a misspelling in the article. “Prissifying” should actually be spelled “Pussifying.” There–fixed it for ya.

  15. Momster says:

    PS: I taught my sons to cook. The older one is fair to good and the younger is quite a creative cook. When he got his first job at 14 the first thing he bought with his pay was a fry-daddy. (When he got married I made him take it with him.)

  16. Doug says:

    Dan, what wrong with this picture of you?

  17. Jimbo says:

    Gender neutral = character neutral

    I played with toy guns as a boy and am an excellent cook today. WTF? Social engineers are scum.

  18. James McEnanly says:

    If an Easy-Bake ®oven could be adapted to either soften plastic for molding, or harden Play-Doh®, it might serve as the basis for a construction set. Such a set would also have an extruder, if it uses Play-Doh®, or molds and dies if it uses the thermoplastic.

  19. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It’ not as if the left does not have a long illustrious history of assaults on the EZ Bake oven
    A bunch of kids were burned after Hasbro was forced to replace the banned 100 watt light bulb with a heating element.

    And let’s not forget libs “war” on plastic

  20. HARD CORE TEA says:

    Next boys will be able to buy their pants with zippers in the back.

  21. whotothewhat says:

    To get boys to play with the easy bake ovens go with camouflage or make it look like a grill with the stainless steel finish. My sister had one of these when we were kids in 70’s basically just a plastic box with a light bulb in it. Never played with the oven my self, but I did get appreciation for a Women’s cooking. Even if it was crappy little cakes.

  22. Doug says:

    Next boys will be able to buy their pants with zippers in the back.

    You mean, there is another way?


  23. Hooray for Captain Spaulding says:

    Sorry guys but this is a big NOTHING.
    I’m a 56 year old male that loves to cook.
    Maybe this is a non-PC observation, but it LITERALLY charms the pants off women. Hats off to all little guys that learn to cook: youre gonna get laid.

  24. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Next up, Barbie with detachable penis.

  25. Kevin R. says:

    If I’d gotten something like that when I was a kid I probably would’ve taken it completely apart to see how it worked and then, not being able to put it back together again would’ve used the parts for other things. I was always doing that. Wanted to take everything apart.

  26. Tax Slave says:

    Childhood obesity is due to single mothers not having the time or skills to prepare nutritious meals for their bastard spawn, and intact families where both parents must work to pay their tax burden.

  27. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Better yet, the menu contains all the foods you like.

  28. building 5 says:

    what faggotry is this??

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