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May 17 2014

George Will Lays Waste to Common Core

It takes George Will well under 2 minutes to make it obvious why any patriot will want to oppose Common Core tooth and nail:

Common Core is to education what ObamaCare is to medicine. The long-term consequences could be even more devastating, as statists will inevitably use centralized control of education to impose mediocrity and left-wing, coercion-based ideology on every aspect of society.

On a tip from Ben S.

5 Responses to “George Will Lays Waste to Common Core”

  1. chillguy33 says:

    As in health care (VA, ACA) government manipulation of education has proven disastrous. It is verily a disaster of the highest possible destructive impact on our children. It’s obvious; it’s palpable; and it’s undeniable. Examine the results already produced, you need only open your eyes.

    Federal government has abrogated the US Constitution completely. The dark result progressives cannot acknowledge because they are still overbusy selling unconstitutional political abortions to each other.

  2. barfo says:

    I can hear Juan saying – But but Will that’s old school, This is new school.

  3. Daniel says:

    We are already living in a highly mind-controlled state. It’s not “complete” but it’s growing and has been for a very, very long time. Want proof? Look at our money. And I’m not actually talking about the federal reserve. I’m talking about the link between your social security number and your money. I’m talking about the common belief and understanding that credit is the replacement for savings and that being in debt is a good thing. Our post-depression grandparents would never hear of such a thing but most of them are already gone and have no voice and most of those who remain are tossed away in “retirement homes” because they are inconvenient to our material wants and goals.

    The internet is a threat because it is a source of information and ideas which are harder to control. How to fight that? Common core, of course. Get to the minds of the children before they get on the net. When you see the stuff they teach in common core, you will know what I’m talking about. A first grader doesn’t need to learn about Rosa Parks. Their hearts and minds are not ready to understand the complexity and can only understand the most simple bits of it. And the message? White people are bad.

  4. DJ says:

    The underlying objective of implementing Common Core is to close the achievement gap between African Americans, Latinos, and whites. Early indications are the achievement gap is expanding under Common Core — black and Latinos are doing much worse. It looks like CC is yet another major fail for the “esteemed” pointy headed egalitarians. I suggest they should read The Bell Curve before moving on to their next ill-conceived plan.

  5. KHarn says:

    For over fifty years we’ve given the “educators” everything they demanded and things have gotten worse. There are two (Maybe more) reasons and answers for this:
    ONE: Americans really ARE “the dumbest people on Earth” so we should STOP TRYING to “improve” the education system.
    TWO: All the social experiments foisted upon our schools are useless and they should be abandoned for the imparting of actual knowledge.

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