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Dec 31 2017

Germany Sets Up Safe Zones for Women Who Don’t Want to Be Sexually Molested by Refugees

Women who think Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer are bad can count themselves as lucky that they have not experienced the mass sexual misconduct Mutti Merkel imported. The effects of Germany’s Colognization are most graphically on display on New Year’s Eve.

After Merkel brought in 1.1 million “refugees” in 2015, the following New Year’s celebrations were particularly awful:

No worries; this year Berlin is setting up a safety zone for women who don’t feel like getting pawed, robbed, and potentially raped by Islamic welfare colonists:

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the New Year’s Eve party in Berlin on Sunday and security will be strict. …

Women who have been assaulted or feel harassed will be able to get support at a special “safety zone”, staffed by the German Red Cross, on Ebertstrasse.

They must have gotten this ingenious idea from Cologne:

Cologne officials set up a “security point”, staffed by social workers and psychologists, at the city’s 2016 carnival following the New Year’s Eve attacks.

At this point it seems inevitable that safe zones for German women and for Germans in general will get smaller and smaller until they no longer exist.

On a tip from J. Hat tip: Victory Girls.

13 Responses to “Germany Sets Up Safe Zones for Women Who Don’t Want to Be Sexually Molested by Refugees”

  1. Jack Bauer says:

    …..”Germany sets up safe zones for women who don’t want to be sexually molested by refugees”……

    I see…..
    So….. are we to assume that women who exercise their rights to walk in areas OTHER than these “safe zones” are women who are o.k. with being sexually assaulted? Because that’s kind of what their moonbat government is saying.

    Or…. is it a case that they’re still not o.k. with it, but walking outside these safe zones is a little too much freedom for them to expect, and hence by doing so, they are ASKING for it.

    How much more warped can the western euroweenies get? What the hell is in the water there?
    I single out western Europe because most of the countries in the east, are not putting up with this sh!t. God bless the Poles and Hungarians and others in the east for at least having a spine!!!


  2. hoagie111 says:

    T’s just what I was thinking, Jack Bauer. If they set up “safe zones” then everywhere else by default is “unsafe”. Happy New Year to you also, and the other patriots here at Moonbattery. Let’s keep MAGA in 2018.

  3. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I believe that the Swedes should export pussy hats for the German men.

    If they can find any.

  4. JackisBack says:

    German men must have all turned gay like British and French men. Why else would they not avenge their women with brutal, unforgiving force leaving mutilated corpses of muslim invaders in the streets to be eaten by rodents and dogs.

  5. Franklyfrank says:

    Great job Angela Merkel, your country should be in ruin in record time.
    Only in the mind of a Leftist does it make sense to limit the freedom of innocent people, while letting criminals take over with abandon.

  6. Spiny Norman says:

    The German Left have been trying to make sitzpinkling mandatory.

  7. littlefish says:

    it’s a good thing i’m a guy

  8. littlefish says:


  9. SWohio says:

    It sounds like they need to first be assaulted and/or harassed to qualify for entrance into the safe space.

    How kind of the government to help them by permitting the offending invaders to continue their offending of women who haven’t yet be harassed and/or assualted.

    The notion of arresting the criminals isn’t part of the program, apparently.

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