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Mar 21 2018

Get Ready for Meat Tax

In the 1950s, a pack of cigarettes cost 25¢. Now, the average cost in the USA is over $6. In the liberal utopia of New York City, a pack costs $13 — 52 times higher than the 1950s price. Virtually all of the cost consists of taxes. This represents such a big win for greedy nanny statists that it has become a template that will be applied repeatedly so long as it works.

Liberal social engineers want us to nibble on vegetables like rabbits rather than eat meat. Bizarrely, they have incorporated into their dogma the lunatic notion that eating meat makes it be too hot out. Therefore, this should come as no surprise:

Could taxation of meat products be a way to mitigate [meat’s imaginary] global challenges? The pathway to taxation typically starts when there is global consensus that an activity or product harms society. This leads to an assessment of their financial costs to the public, which in turn results in support for some form of additional taxation. Taxes on tobacco, carbon and sugar have followed this playbook.

For example, a 2015 report from the World Health Organization (WHO) classifying processed meat as carcinogenic echoes similar reports on the harmful effects of tobacco and sugar; while the work of the University of Oxford quantified the potential cost savings from reductions in meat consumption, echoing the UK’s Stern Review in 2006 – which first made the case to invest now to mitigate climate change or risk paying much more later.

Meat taxes are already on the agenda in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and although no proposals have advanced into actual legislation, long-term investors should take note of the compelling arguments being made, especially in Denmark and Sweden. It was in the Nordics that the first carbon tax was introduced in 1990.

Eating meat causes cancer, obesity, warm weather, oppressed cattle, et cetera, ad nauseam, so it must be taxed to the point where only our liberal elite overlords can afford it. Sugar will follow. Enjoy these staples before they become luxuries.

Note that social engineers also apply the tobacco template to CO2 emissions, which are produced by literally all human activity.

We call dictators like Stalin totalitarians, but true totalitarianism has never existed. It’s what progressives are progressing toward.

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