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Jan 31 2012

Government Schools: Nice Work if You Can Get It

There is exactly one good thing about union-dominated government schools — they provide the ultimate cushy jobs:

In a defiant raspberry to the city Department of Education — and taxpayers — disgraced teacher Alan Rosenfeld, 66, won’t retire.

Deemed a danger to kids, the typing teacher with a $10 million real estate portfolio hasn’t been allowed in a classroom for more than a decade, but still collects $100,049 a year in city salary — plus health benefits, a growing pension nest egg, vacation and sick pay.

Thanks to tenure, Rosenfeld cannot be fired, despite this:

Accused in 2001 of making lewd comments and ogling eighth-grade girls’ butts at IS 347 in Queens, Rosenfeld was slapped with a week off without pay after the DOE failed to produce enough witnesses at a hearing.

But instead of returning Rosenfeld to the classroom, the DOE kept him in one of its notorious “rubber rooms,” where teachers in misconduct cases sat idle or napped. As The Post reported, Rosenfeld kept busy managing his many investment properties and working on his law practice. He’s a licensed attorney and real-estate broker.

Rosenfeld could retire, but why should he?

Rosenfeld could have retired four years ago at 62, but his pension grows by $1,700 for each year he stays — even without teaching. If he quit today, his annual pension would total an estimated $85,400.

New York has a rule for everything else, but no retirement age for government school teachers.

That let rubber-room granddaddy Roland Pierre make a mockery of the system. He finally retired at age 76 last year — 14 years after he was yanked from PS 138 in Brooklyn and never taught again. Criminal charges in 1997 that he molested a sixth-grade girl were dropped. He got $97,101 a year.

Taxpayers are bled pale to pay for this lunacy.

Imagine an education system with no involvement by unions or government. For a small fraction of the cost, kids might actually learn again.

alan rosenfeld
The charming public servant Alan Rosenfeld.

On tips from Dave H, Wilberforce, and Mickey Shea.

8 Responses to “Government Schools: Nice Work if You Can Get It”

  1. kiplingsburdens says:

    The NY Dept of Education has thousands of people who, if you knew them personally, would never let them anywhere near your kids.

    I have personally known about a dozen teachers and future teachers. One, a fifth grade gym teacher is a drug dealer, drug addict, alcoholic who has come into school numerous times stoned out of his mind to “teach” 10-year-old children. The other teachers repeatedly cover for him, but once, just once he spent time in a “rubber room.” If the drug dealing isn’t enough, his multiple arrests, fits of rage and the fact that his own wife is terrified to leave their children alone with him should make any parent want to homeschool and never let their children be subjected to government mandated child abuse.

    If this one teacher were the only one I personally knew like that it’s be a anomaly, but I know others. Another degenerate teacher working for the DOE was a high school teacher in Brooklyn who used to tell his friends and anyone in earshot how he wanted to sleep with his 14-year-old students, describing their bodies in graphic detail that no one whose care these kids were entrusted to should ever make.

    And.. they get to indulge their addictions and perversions for sizable guaranteed salaries, pensions, health benefits, four months of vacations while constantly decrying their hardships.

  2. Henry says:


  3. wth says:

    Hopefully that growth on his head will do him in quick.

  4. Karin says:

    The comments are great over at the article.

    “Jim Warren · Top Commenter · Alexandria, Virginia
    Socialism really works!

    Especially when you don’t.”

  5. Dr. 9 says:

    This is NYC, where (all) politics, education, and the media, are controlled by ultra-leftist Jewish Democrats. 100%! Without the deep-seated, limitless, and uncontrolled corruption that exists here, the city would literally collaps.

  6. beforethestorm says:

    If I looked up pedophile in a dictionary and there was a picture, I’d expect to see something like him.

  7. Alan says:

    My Mom – a lifelong Republican – for years wanted me to be a schoolteacher, or get some other job with the state, because of the great benefits, insurance, and pensions. At my last two class reunions, most of the smart kids moved away from my hometown in Pennsylvania. Almost all those who stayed either worked for the government (teachers, city employees, state troopers) or are self-employed.

    In fairness to the good teachers, $100K is borderline poverty in New York City. My girlfriend’s brother is a retired postal worker, and his little house in Long Island is worth almost a million. Do the math. ANd no I don’t believe in manditory retirements – if people want to keep working, let them.

    THAT SAID … toss this pervert into the street. Preferably during rush hour.

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