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Feb 22 2012

Greatest Gun Salesman in America

He’s a lousy president, but as a gun salesman, Barack Hussein Obama is without peer. Click for full size:


Unfortunately, by the end of a second Obama term gun and ammo sales might occur strictly on a black market basis if the NRA is correct:

“Lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term. We see the president’s strategy crystal clear: Get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom, erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution … When the sun goes down on election day Barack Obama will have America’s gun owners to thank for his defeat.”
—Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, February 10th, 2012

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14 Responses to “Greatest Gun Salesman in America”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    Obama has a history of pushing gun control legislation, and has even admitted that he ios working on it “under the radar”. Will he go after the 2nd Amendment if he manages a second term? Maybe he will, or maybe he will just tell his justice department to ignore the 2nd Amendment and start rounding people up.

    Curious how Liberals think they can stop violence by taking all of our guns, yet say that we can do nothing about our immigration issues because “we can’t deport them all”!

  2. StanInTexas says:

    And so it begins. And in Illinois? Imagine my surprise!

    Gun-rights groups decry proposed surtax on Illinois ammo sales

  3. baldeagle390 says:

    I did my part. Ruger 9mm this past month along with obscene amount of ammo.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    From Stan’s article
    They think that because we like to target shoot and hunt, we’re bad people, and we should pay for all the ills of the city of Chicago.”
    We already are.

  5. Henry says:

    μολὼν λαβέ!

  6. StanInTexas says:

    Agreed, Henry!

  7. Matt says:

    I dare you to try and take mine. I’m not afraid of dying.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    For decades, the Left has done everything in it’s power to disarm America. It’s their last major hurtle before taking complete control of our everyday lives. And, only a total fool would think they have any intention of stopping.

    This is how i think it will play out. Upon his re-election, (and thanks to the weak Repubs i do think he’ll win) he will replace Ginsberg, the old rodent of the SCOTUS, with a young and far more radical Leftist, leaving Justice Kennedy as the only hope we have left for a normal life and country.

    I also predict the Repubs will not take the senate, meaning they will remain weak and irrelevant. Obummer, with the help of the Demoncrats and the MSM, will then become even more radical than he’s been, since there will be no one to stop him and he’ll have no worries about re-election. And, not caring in the least about congress, the SCOTUS, or the people, he will push this country further to the far-left than anyone has ever imagined. And yes, the 2nd Amendment will be at the top of his agenda, along with other parts of the Constitution that might prevent him from becoming America’s first dictator.

    And what of the people? Well, they’ll be busy watching “reaity” TV.

  9. RICH says:

    Gun sales are way up yet gun crime continues to decrease. How can that be? If more people have more guns, liberals tell us that we should have more gun violence. This is not the case.

  10. 762x51 says:

    Dr 9 is probably right. What people don’t get is that the criminal Obama is not the first black President, he is the first black Josef Stalin.

    Should Comrade Chairman win re-election, again Dr 9 calls it as the Democrat lite party, fka Republicans, America’s only hope is that Justice Kennedy is immortal or that we can get away with a weekend at Bernie’s routine should something bad happen to him.

    I however, will not be watching reality when the totalitarian Marxists come to take my arms, that is some trigger time I look forward to.

  11. Swampcat says:

    I tried to find one of your statements that is not true, Dr9; unfortunately, you are correct.

  12. LyleLovet6666 says:

    I just got my first firearm two weeks ago.Bought a Ruger P95 and about 600 rounds of 9mm.I’m now looking at rifles.

  13. Alan says:

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring … ” skip it.

    Slightly related, didn’t membership in the ACLU spike when Bush got elected and re-elected?

    So whatever direction the country *appears* to be headed, smart money moves the opposite. I need to remember that.

  14. whotothewhat says:

    I have been doing my part last year I stocked up on 12 gauge, 9mm, 223, and 30-30. Plus food stocks and have some gold a silver. Obumer’s peeps don’t like me now.

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