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Jan 28 2013

Gun-Stealing Devil

Even if confiscation, hyper-regulation, punitive taxation, and jackpot justice lawsuits don’t work, our gun-grabbing liberal overlords will still have tricks up their sleeves. Failing to revere collectivism could get you defined as a lunatic in the USSR; wanting to exercise your natural and constitutional right to defend yourself and your family could earn you the same status in the USSA:

On a tip from Conservative Patriot.

3 Responses to “Gun-Stealing Devil”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    They have already ended polticly motivated lawsuits against the gun makers But look out these Vultures and Sharks will try and curcomvent that knowing how much the Trial Lawyers and Demacrats are PARTNERS in CRIME

  2. Frightening parallels between the mental-health provisions in Cuomo’s law (and others), and the “punitive psychiatry” of the Soviet Union.

    It’s a bit long, and pretty dark/paranoid. Sorry if I spoil your mood.

  3. dan says:

    …been dancin’ the dance and walking that fine line
    but ,by the Grace of God have kept my big mouth shut
    on the occasions that I recognized the devil in the questions…harmless as doves and wary as the serpents.
    I’m hoping that that sort will soon be on the wrong end of a gun or dancing on the end of a rope just before they meet their maker.I won’t abide with bullies…
    but I’m sure that if I should make a mistake, God will sort it all out on Judgement Day.

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