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Oct 31 2012

Halloween in Obamaland

Under Hope & Change, even Halloween has been fundamentally transformed:


Compliments of David M.

3 Responses to “Halloween in Obamaland”

  1. Ummah Gummah says:


    Could be that Obama supporters are cheap, could also be somethign worse:

    If this is in California..


  2. Judith M. says:

    No candy today, but if you show up at the polls to vote for Obama, there will be complimentary doobies and beers.

  3. CGW409 says:

    I will admit that my wife and I stopped giving out candy on Halloween but not because we are cheap.
    Our suburban Chicago area was overrun with illegal alien flophouses (however the forclosure crisis does have some positive bennies in that regard) and we have a Section 8 apartment complex just the other side of the main drag.
    Several years ago we just got sick and tired of every Halloween handing out free candy to the uncontrolled illegal spawn that the other 364 days a year were vandalizing,tagging and otherwise trashing the neighborhood.

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