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Oct 31 2012

Halloween Obama-Style

Steven Crowder uses Halloween as opportunity to teach children about Obamanomics:

Children understand that liberalism is morally wrong. Once they lose this understanding, they have lost their innocence and have become corrupt.

On tips from Screwy Puppy and J.

4 Responses to “Halloween Obama-Style”

  1. Winston Smith says:

    {This Page Intensionally Left Comment Free]

  2. Judith M. says:

    Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! I wonder if any of them are from Democrat families?

  3. Henry says:

    lol Some of those kids fought harder to keep the candy they worked for than some elected, self-professed “conservatives” do.

  4. Rotohammer says:

    LOL. Conservatives are born in hospitals. Liberals are born in public schools.

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