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Jul 31 2011

Harry Reid, the Debt Ceiling, and Cowboy Poetry Festivals

Better we should bankrupt the nation than jeopardize the coercive funding of cowboy poetry festivals, without which tens of thousands of people would not exist. So by all means jack that debt limit high into the sky.


Compliments of Cons.Underground.

7 Responses to “Harry Reid, the Debt Ceiling, and Cowboy Poetry Festivals”

  1. thebardofmurdock says:

    To the Senate’s sole protector of the noble rhyming set,
    The patron of our poems, the bard’s own baronet:
    In hand I take my laptop, to pen a piffling plea
    For your assistance, Harry, in making my Art free.

    I know I have a talent. I know I have a gift.
    But how am I to versify amidst the graveyard shift?
    My foreman is a hater, who’s never heard a rhyme.
    He cares but for production, and works me double-time.

    My wife has found a lawyer, my income to divest;
    I’ll soon be old and single, alone and dispossessed.
    I haven’t slept a wink at night for nigh on thirteen years,
    My writing surely suffers; I’m shunned by all my peers.

    I know I can’t write cowpoke, or tell Nevada tales,
    My verses tend to run to sea, with boats and ships and whales.
    But, Harry, I am desperate, I need to get away;
    A Cowboy Poe’try Gath’rin would surely light the way.

    I heard you swore off earmarks – at least the public kind –
    That Washington is broken, and Congress is maligned.
    The GOP is fighting to tighten up the purse,
    And every week the jobs report is pointing bad to worse.

    But cinch not yet those purse strings, and rope not yet that cash.
    Let’s herd a little bill on through before the markets crash.
    We’ll call it Jobs for Poets, funneled through the NEA
    To get me to Nevada, or perhaps, at least, halfway.

    I’m counting on you, Harry. Keep up the fight that’s good!
    Stand tall like old Horatius. Be brave like Robin Hood.
    For hist’ry doesn’t give a hoot if deficits survive.
    It only cares of poetry and whether Art’s alive.

  2. KHarn says:

    Whatever happened to “suffering for your art”? let them get a job and get of welfare.

  3. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Nice poem…and I’ll bet it wasn’t government funded, either.

    These bastards are gonna do it…raise that debt some more, NO MATTER WHAT.

    They will never cut spending. (“Cut” in Washington-ese means a LESS BIG INCREASE.)

    They are so entrenched and drunk with power, they’ll be doing blood sacrifice before long (with, no doubt, OUR blood).

    It’s time.

    “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…”


    from afar upon the east coast,comes vile villians who like to boast,they can rob banks without a gun,and they do it strictly for fun,remove the scoundrels vote them out,so they will no llonger be traptsing about

  5. Spider says:

    It’s not at all surprising to hear the professional liars and crooks in DC say things like this. What is surprising, in fact, amazing, is that the mindless American people keep buying it.

  6. Mike says:

    A horrible bill- doesn’t really cut much at all. And the nonsense in DC continues…

  7. Nicky Kiyabu says:

    why I have quit voting – not one leader in either party – in fact most are completely crazy – no ideas and dumba$$ voters who keep sending the same losers to DC year after year.

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