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Apr 13 2018

Harvard Sued for Discrimination Against Asians

No one would object to discrimination against whites. Even to say “It’s okay to be white” sets people’s hair on fire. But Harvard’s discrimination against Asians could be a problem:

A group that is suing Harvard University is demanding that it publicly release admissions data on hundreds of thousands of applicants, saying the records show a pattern of discrimination against Asian-Americans going back decades.

The group was able to view the documents through its lawsuit, which was filed in 2014 and challenges Harvard’s admissions policies. The plaintiffs said in a letter to the court last week that the documents were so compelling that there was no need for a trial, and that they would ask the judge to rule summarily in their favor based on the documents alone.

The plaintiffs also say that the public — which provides more than half a billion dollars a year in federal funding to Harvard — has a right to see the evidence that the judge will consider in her decision.

Harvard is publicly funded (despite being a private university with a massive endowment of well over $35 billion, larger than half of the world’s economies), but it unsurprisingly refuses to disclose its outrageously unfair, moonbattery-motivated admissions policies.

Laughably, a Harvard spokesmoonbat barks the following self-contradictory lie:

“Harvard College does not discriminate against applicants from any group in its admissions processes. We will continue to vigorously defend the right of Harvard, and other universities, to seek the educational benefits that come from a class that is diverse on multiple dimensions.”

As the pointy-headed geniuses at Harvard surely must realize, creating a “diverse” class means discriminating in favor of groups that would be less likely to make it into Harvard on aptitude and accomplishment alone. By discriminating in favor of these groups, Harvard discriminates against groups that rely not on being “diverse,” but on being qualified. This includes not only whites but Asians.

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