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Jan 29 2013

Here Comes the Flood

You know the country is in deep trouble when the leftist radicals at CNN bask in bipartisanship:

An immigration proposal crafted for months in secret by a high-profile, bipartisan cadre of senators is both a rare moment of simpatico in politics and a matter of political practicality.

President Barack Obama, who won re-election with strong support from Latinos, the fastest-growing demographic, has called an overhaul of immigration a second-term priority. Meanwhile, Republicans who lost the Latino vote by large numbers, have signaled that mainstream members might be willing to compromise on thorny immigration issues.

That is, a cabal of hard left Democrats like Chuck U. Schumer and the child-molesting Bob Menendez have teamed up with backstabbing RINOs like Juan “Lettuce” McCain and Lindsey Gramnesty to sell out the USA to uncountable hordes of welfare colonists.

As for mendacious claims that the ensuing avalanche of Third Worlders won’t be a massive drain on social services, Michelle Malkin notes that

the Obama administration continues to defy federal immigration statutes barring benefits for immigrants and is aggressively pushing food stamps among the non-citizen population.

This gives you an idea of how heavily welfare colonists draw on the food stamp program even without amnesty:


When the red carpet is officially rolled out, these numbers will skyrocket — along with the numbers for every other welfare program as the steady flow of Third World colonists is cranked up to a deluge right out of The Camp of the Saints.

Then there is ObamaCare:

Comprehensive immigration reform could make millions of people suddenly eligible for assistance under President Obama’s healthcare law, assuming a final deal paves the way for undocumented immigrants to receive papers.

Who is going to pay for this, considering that the country is already so far in debt that total economic collapse is a very real short-term possibility? Your grandchildren, if America as we know it lasts that long.

Obviously, it isn’t intended to.

The attack is three-pronged. Economically, supporting millions of new welfare recipients will be devastating. Politically, it will move the country toward the tyranny of a one-party system as the number of Democrat constituents is dramatically increased. Demographically, it will advance the liberal goal of reducing Caucasians to minority status in the USA, with the eventual objective of displacing us completely through what you might call soft genocide.

If Democrats and their RINO collaborators succeed, within a generation America will be indistinguishable from any other Third World banana republic hellhole.

The traitors are all smiles as they plot the coup de grâce.

On tips from G. Fox and Henry B.

33 Responses to “Here Comes the Flood”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    This is what happens when you dare ask a question of NYC’s limp-wristed little tyrant, Fuhrer Bloomberg, the nations #1 anti-gun psycho.

  2. Bo-Jangles says:

    Here is an example of your tax dollars at work.

  3. JDavid says:

    When the first-generation immigrant RINO Rubio keeps company with the likes of Juan Amnesty McVain and the closet queen Lindsay Grahmnesty you know he is a criminal traitor as well. This is the Gay Old Party’s Great Brown Hope?!

  4. Spider says:

    It’s not surprising to see sen. Juan McLoser laughing, now that he’s finally getting the amnesty he wanted. NY’s Chuck (lens-lice) Schumer is very happy because, a) he’s on camera, and b) he’s making a complete fool of the republican losers who are now joining him in giving the country away.

    As for Rubio, someone i had high hopes for, maybe he just wants to get his friends, family, and all his old neighbors brought in from Cuba.

  5. A. Levy says:

    This is actually a very historic event, something i’m sure most of the American people are not even aware of, or, are too stupid to understand. What we are seeing is, America being given away. And it’s being given away for some votes, (which the repubs will never get anyway) so that the elected lying crooks can keep their jobs.

    Remember what you’re seeing my friends. You are watching history being made. In fact, if you turly love this country, you should be feeling the very same thing the French people felt the day the Nazi’s marched into Paris. You are watching the end of America.

  6. Dave says:

    Spot on Mr. Blount.

    Moreover, anyone with a long term perspective seen this coming right after the Hart-Celler Act (commonly known as The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965) was signed into law. That marked the beginning of the end for majority white America thus began the inevitable descent into third world AmeriKWA.

  7. StanInTexas says:

    Every immigration deal that Liberals throw out has one overarching theme to it… Reward Criminal Behavior.

    Any Republican that signs onto these deals deserves to be returned to private life IMMEDIATELY!

  8. JDavid says:

    Alas, we are most certainly overthrown.

  9. JDavid says:

    I already wrote my congressman yesterday that ANYONE supporting this excrement is a traitor worst than Benedict Arnold, who only betrayed a rebellion, and not an established country with set borders and a Constitution.

  10. RKae says:

    Hey, Mexicans! You ALREADY HAVE a country! It’s called “Mexico!”

    What did you do to it?

  11. Keith in Seattle says:

    Hope these IDIOTS plan on taking pay/benefits cuts cause I’m not paying higher premiums to put these welfare rats on medical…

  12. Wilberforce says:

    It’s not being done for votes. Something much deeper and sinister.

  13. facebkwallflower says:

    Some Reps still fighting the fight on eliminating birthright citizenship.

  14. justme says:

    Soft genocide? Sounds comfy like a soft sleepy pillow – Queen Bloomberg surely would use that term. It is similar to the one he used when gassing thousands of goslings that had offended him.

    It will come down to killings very shortly, the rhetoric has grown into something Stalin and Hitler used – “SMASH,” “PULVERIZE.” Not exactly a quantum leap to “KILL.” A time always comes when the real opposition party is murdered in their beds and replaced by a straw opposition, which the RINOs do resemble quite well, I think I saw some hay under Christie Kreme’s Big&Tall suit jacket when he was holding hands with the Messiah.

    They are fomenting their base, disarming their opposition and goading us. Hitler did this at Alsace Lorraine, then Austria- Ve have to defend “Our” People.. It is always the excuse.

  15. Rich says:

    another nail in the coffin of the USA..these illegals do not come here to be part of the USA but to claim this country for Mexico!! yes, 80% are from Mexico..
    Most know what the Dems are so keep watching these phony Republicans who continue their push to erase U.S. borders…
    CAPS 2007 Study suggests up to 38 million illegal aliens occupy the U.S. and Not the 12 million that Again, RINO Rubio used on Fox News last night – as did Oreilly and Van Sustern…..

  16. Jodie says:

    Don’t forget that Obama’s ultimate goal is to rule the world. These things make him very appealing to the peoples of the world.

  17. IslandLifer says:

    Republicans. Lol.

  18. whotothewhat says:

    Regardless of who the natives are at the bottom of the heap which is quickly becoming the new norm in the USSA. They will eventually start to rebel against the Government, especially when the food and the cash stop coming in. The leftist can buy all those third world votes with our money and our children’s money or China’s money but soon it will be gone. Then the fun will begin. Burn! Baby Burn!

  19. Skyfall says:

    Jodie is on the mark, here. I heard Rubio give a detailed explanation of this proposal. Not perfect, but IF (big if) it were enacted as laid out by him, it might actually help. It would take years (for the applicants), cost them a lot, be tied to border enforcement as a starting point and not let a zillion relatives in. Again, not perfect, but better than nothing…

    …which is why Mr. Obama is now going to introduce HIS proposal. His plan is to muck things up so bad, this more ‘moderate’ bill will get scuttled, achieving two goals. First, to once again show that Repubs can’t get anything done and (b) give him clear sailing to shove through REAL amnesty legislation.

    We are once again being played, and falling for it.

  20. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Drain on social services, heh, gonna be a drain on my ammunition stockpile, but it’s pretty deep.

  21. Bo-Jangles says:


    “In the long run, a capitalist – sovereign individualist – solution is the proper way to resolve America’s illegal immigration dilemma, because, unrestricted immigration requires specific conditions to render it “no harm, no foul” for sovereign individuals. The essential requirement is a properly-constitutional government whose sole purpose is sustaining each citizen’s inherent, individual liberty. Such a government butts the hell out, allowing sovereign individuals to, voluntarily, trade goods, services, and knowledge under mutually-beneficial terms. A properly-constitutional does not transfer wealth or coronate winners and losers through a punitive tax system.

    Under an individual liberty-intensive political system, any immigrant is welcome to come and market his skills, knowledge or energy, but, his success – or failure – is his own, personal, responsibility, not “society’s”. His needs, whatever they may be, are his problem; they do not entitle him to the unearned, at another’s expense. The only hurdle he must surmount before trying his luck in the American marketplace involves a pre-entry screening. Such a screening would focus on criminal background, contagious diseases, and affiliation with America’s sworn enemies (terrorists, and other America-hating asshats.)

    Unfortunately, America must sink further into its parasite-infested, Nanny State abyss, before rational adults can persuade a critical, American citizen, mass to install the properly-constitutional government required to nourish our inalienable, individual liberty. Until that glorious day arrives, our very survival requires strictly controlling our borders and evicting uninvited…visitors. Failure is not an option…” — PIG

  22. A. Levy says:


    Nanny State code for the red carpet that extends from the Mexican border to the nearest welfare office.

  23. Flu-Bird says:

    Look at all those traitors in our goverement they all need to get voted out of office and banished from america for the rest of their liives

  24. Activist says:

    Don’t just sit aruond and complain. Get active. Visit Numbers USA and use their free tools to voice your protest against the amnesty.

    Also support them financially if you can.

  25. Activist says:

    PS We need to go after kiddy fiddler Bob big time. Use the same tactics the left would do to distract him so he can’t work on screwing over our country.

    Bring up the kiddy fiddler’s record at all times.

  26. Bill T says:

    Business Pulse – Polls and Surveys
    Where do you stand on efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship?

  27. Skyfall says:

    +1 Activist.

  28. d soto says:

    Why dont we just anex mexico and get it over with since everyone their is a undocumented american anyway according to the left so i think mexico as the 58th state is a great idea!

  29. born in 76 says:

    Rubios banking on the latino support for 2016. He won’t gain it and in the process supported the sell out of the country.

    Just another politician.

  30. Dave says:

    born in 76 says:

    January 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Rubios banking on the latino support for 2016. He won’t gain it and in the process supported the sell out of the country.


    I think that’s right. Most Latinos in the US are Mestizos; Rubio is a “white-Hispanic” of European decent. Attach the ‘R’ to his last name and he _might_ pick up a few (three) more votes in the Cuban community, but that’s it.

  31. Nicki Thomas says:

    The tribe wants to holocaust proof all of the white countries. White people better wake up.

  32. Nicki Thomas says:

    I’ll echo the above post. Give to NUMBERS and FAIR. Call and write the Senate and Congress. Raise some hell! Don’t let them get away with this!

  33. Red Mann says:

    Jeez Dave, are paranoia, insanity and ignorance requirements to post here?

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