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Feb 15 2013

Heroism in the Age of Hope & Change

Every society produces heroes. A healthy society grants them the honors they deserve, and consequently produces more of them. As for societies that have allowed themselves to become diseased,

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Via The Patriot Nation, on a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

20 Responses to “Heroism in the Age of Hope & Change”

  1. Henry says:

    The Enemy is in The Whitehouse.

    ObrownMao makes me sick.

  2. Jeanettesca says:

    Obama feels so threatened by Chris Kyle and what he stands for that he doesn’t even dare mention his name. I hope Mr. Kyle’s family considers this an honor and knows there are many Americans who mourn the loss of a great hero. God bless you, Kyle family!

  3. Flu-Bird says:

    Americas biggist threats live at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE and the UNITED NATIONS

  4. Tax Slave says:

    These are the boobs in LA that will come for your guns…

    These bungling Keystone Kops shot 5 UNARMED innocent bystanders thinking they were Dorner. I thought cops weren’t supposed to shoot unless they think they see a gun. Not anymore.

    Law-abiding citizens now need guns to protect themselves from trigger-happy cops AS WELL AS psycho madmen like Dorner.

    Has LL Cool J been approached to play Dorner in the upcoming movie? If so, his body-guard better watch out for stupid LAPD officers.

  5. marcus tullius cicero says:

    Why is anyone surprised, Kyle is not a BLACK communist,
    addict, thug!

  6. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Think if I were Chris Kyle I’d rather not be mentioned by that enemy of my nation. Recoil, baby.

  7. Flu-Bird says:

    Remember when ARIZONA passed its law on ILLEGAL ALIENS? Well SAN FRANCISCO and LOS ANGLES annouced BOYCOTTS on the state and the FAILED MISERBLY Too ban SAN FRANFREAKHOLE and LOST ANGLE WORMS

  8. Bill T says:

    Updated: Video, Arlington, TX: Thousands Attend American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Memorial At Cowboys Stadium

  9. IslandLifer says:

    That picture is worth a thousand words..

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    Yes it does IslandLifer. It’s also a condemnation of our society in general, that so many would honor a low-life junkie and not a genuine hero and patriot. That is the result of having generations of our children indoctrinated by Leftist “educators”, and their parents anesthetized by the MSM..

  11. AZRon says:

    Red blooded American vs. high yellow whore.

    Which will be the first to have either a school or a holiday named after them?

    Let’s tip islands.

  12. Henry says:

    ObrownMao prefers to honor a crack head over a crack shot.

    Disgusting sub-human.

  13. Mortrey says:

    Not surprisingly, Fakebook has taken down the image.

    (Wouldn’t want it to get around, now, would they?)

  14. Xavier says:

    So where will the first statue of the lib’s newest hero, Dorner, go up? UC Berkeley?

  15. Zachriel says:

    Obama did not order flags to half-staff for Whitney Houston’s death. That was governor of New Jersey as Houston was a native of the state.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    It’s not surprising that Bath house Barry memorializes deviants. Just imagine what’ll happen when Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Bette Midler kick the can. Dear Leader will probably have us wailing in the streets like North Koreans.

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