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Mar 29 2013

HERstory Month at New York University

Attending New York University isn’t cheap. Tuition alone for undergrads is over $20 grand. But look at all the education you get for the money:

New York University (NYU) celebrated March as “Women’s HERstory Month” with a presentation by a burlesque dancer named Chicava HoneyChild and a workshop entitled “69 Ways to Use Saran Wrap.”

The events, which took place at NYU, were sponsored by the school’s LGBTQ Student Center and Camp Grrl, a club for “queer” women, and were paid for with school funds which come from tuition and student fees.

Monday’s event, “69 Ways to Use Saran Wrap,” promised to answer questions such as “What entails more risk: ‘scissoring’ or ’69?’” and “Are dental dams better for anal or vaginal sex?,” according to the college’s official event calendar.

The event was open to a variety of freakazoids — but evidently not any normal people who might by some terrible mistake find themselves attending NYU. Groups specifically invited include:

“Lesbians, fluid and bisexual women, queer women, female-bodied folks that do not identity (sic) as women, people that identify as women that are not female bodied, and their allies!”

If people want to spend their own or their parents’ money on pointless degeneracy passed off as education, that is their business. Unfortunately, college education has become so preposterously expensive that only government can afford it. Those who aren’t receiving direct financial aid tend to take out student loans; this industry was recently nationalized by Obama.

As always, the taxpayer takes it in the teeth — and dental dams won’t help.

Chicava HoneyChild, modern educator.

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.

23 Responses to “HERstory Month at New York University”

  1. modd kenwood says:

    my my but college kids have come a long way since wearing coonskin coats and staging panty raids haven’t they?

  2. educated derelicts says:

    Don’t need no edjumacashun in a glorious rainbow utopia.

  3. to each according to his needs says:

    Comrades education will have to be banned in the New Rhodesia hopey changey. We can’t have people being smarter than others because that is not equal. Since the representative republic is now gone and hive mind groupthink automatons only need to be able to read basic signs and follow orders we can now do away with education.

  4. Skyfall says:

    See what I mean? Withdraw from this. Don’t participate. Let them that want it do the paying and supporting.


  5. Vic Kelley says:

    What a bitter bunch of pervs with chips on their shoulders. “Herstory?” The “his” in “history” is not some attack on females. When this level of degeneracy reaches public high schools will people wake up then?

  6. IslandLifer says:

    I can think of only one way Saran Wrap would be useful for these moonbats. Generously wrap around the face and neck and have someone handcuff your hands behind your back and leave the room for 30 minutes.

  7. Jester says:

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  8. Xavier says:

    I can’t add anything to the outrage y’all have expressed. Remember though, history (not whorestory) teaches us that any excessive behavior has a backlash. I hope we live long enough to see it.

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    I’m to the point of thinking that a good Taliban-inspired flush of the whole U.S. college system by the radical Islamics would be a good thing to return them to some sense of decency and polite society. Bring in the Islamic Terrorist towelhead student organization and give them license to practice their tender Sharia law mercies on Chicava HoneyChild and her lib. professor supporters on these campuses. Imagine the free reign they would enjoy to institute Sharia law, since, unlike the way Christians are treated on campuses, libs are terrified of saying anything to offend the religion of the perpetually offended. They can make a reality TV show about it, and we could all sit back and watch the fireworks while eating popcorn.

  10. Wilberforce says:

    Pretty much the same thing is happening here in Des Moines at a local community college. Almost as if it’s coordinated.

  11. Take It Off says:

    Show your chocolate taco and fun bags Honey! Uncle Sam paid the cost for edumacashun now show the goods.

  12. Wilberforce says:

    And, by the way re: the picture…**hurl**

  13. Katya Kakhov says:

    Ahh yes , conjures up images from the past of Annie Sprinkle and her NEA paid specula act .

    That was ” a long time ago” , just remember that the reason a college education has become so expensive is BECAUSE of all those grants and loans .

  14. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Wilberforce says on March 29, 2013 at 3:27 pm:

    “…….Almost as if it’s coordinated.”

    You can be sure that it is.

  15. Mr Evilwrench says:

    You know, if I survive fighting martial law, and we can’t stand the diaperheads off, I shall certainly be putting some popcorn on for the show.

  16. ZZ's Fool For Your Stockings says:

    It’s not to late to catch up with Italy who elected pornostar Cicciolina to parliament.

  17. Dennis Carr says:

    Remember the story about Sodom and Gomorrah? Well, we are back at that door asking for trouble again..

  18. Dr.9 says:

    Keep your kids home. They’ll end up a lot smarter.

  19. figment says:

    Property taxes support State universities and colleges, allowing them to run rampant with perversions like this.

    unfortunately, not paying your taxes gets your property seized

  20. Marylou says:

    Honey, if you can’t get it hitched shut, buy a bigger girdle next time!

  21. Tchhht!!! says:

    Whoa…that hosebag is HOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT! /sarc

  22. Poop Loggy Logg says:

    She gotta fine ass homie, gnomesayin?

  23. Flu-Bird says:

    What ever became of GRACE JONES?

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