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Feb 27 2013

High Times in a Dying West

At least Western Civilization’s self-inflicted descent into anarcho-tyranny is providing high times for petty criminals. In Australia, owning a firearm to defend yourself from the lawless will get you in big trouble — but life is all laughs if you are the lawless:

A teenage couple who went on an eight-month crime spree of police chases, fraud and theft – committing more than 100 offences – have laughed at Queensland’s “joke” of a justice system.

Dylan McDonald, 18, and Hannah Feasey, 17, told Today Tonight they went on a rampage of stealing cars and computer games last year and got next to no penalty when they fronted court in January.

They described taunting police into chases, hitting speeds of 230km/h. “I stole like 15 cars and I’m not even in jail,” Dylan told the program said. “That’s pretty weird.”

If Dylan understands that, they should make him a judge. It could only be an improvement for Australia’s liberal-infested judicial system.

About the six police chases he has been involved in, Dylan said: “It’s thrilling. It’s not really scary. They (police) pull off pretty quick.”

Hannah also told of taunting police from stolen cars.

“They were going real fast next to us and we’re like, yeah, we’ll race them,” she said.

The teenager described using a secret pocket in her bag to sneak games out of JB Hi-fi – making up to $200 a day selling them…

Then the long arm of the law caught up with them.

The pair was sentenced in January, with Dylan given a six-month suspended prison term and a $2000 fine, and Hannah put on 18 months probation with 100 hours of community service.

“Court’s like pretty much a joke,” Dylan said. …

Hannah agreed. “He’s gotten away with so much, it’s not funny,” she said. “He should be in jail right now.”

The fools who let them loose should be in jail.

Hannah Feasey and Dylan McDonald: the future.

On a tip from Andrew M.

18 Responses to “High Times in a Dying West”

  1. Skyfall says:

    I have a couple of rounds I could spare…

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    Turn these little snots over to SHERIFF ARPIO im sure he would know what to do with them like putting both of them on CHAIN GANG and nothing but a tent and a orange and balonie sandwich and lets ee how cocky they are

  3. Katya Kakhov says:

    Is it just me , or does she look like a dark haired version of the girl scout cookie money stealing blonde narcissist ?

  4. Fiberal says:


  5. Sam says:

    When the laws aren’t enforce and justice is not served, it unfortunately only gives reason and purpose to vigilantism over the rule of law.

  6. Python says:

    The judicial system is pretty much f#@$#d here in Oz. The judges see these kids as victims of a poor upbringing. The do-gooders need to get their stuff stolen a few times, then I’d like to see what they think a about these kids.

    In another subject though I saw this about Islam and one of your schools: –

    I’m starting to think that we in the west are sowing what we’ve reaped. We’ve constantly fed our kids a diet of Hollywood and fashion. No longer teaching them accountability or responsibility but happily teaching them that they have rights first and foremost above and beyond anything else. When our society collapses they will wonder what hit them.
    The first western country to find out what its like to live under an iron fist will be Britain. When, and not IF, Islam takes control there it will be like Germany in the 30’s and those who try to emigrate will find it almost impossible to escape and all those who bang on about it being a religion of peace will say ‘Oh crap’.

    Our kids will be totally unable to deal with what’s coming and I blame US. All of us who created and allowed this for our kids. We let the PC crowd have their say. We let idiots take over our respective countrys. We let them make the rules, let them get away with it. We turned our backs on God and told Him to butt out of our lives and not tell us what to do and turned to human laws and wisdom instead thinking we knew better. It’s like letting the kids run the house. Mum and Dad dont know anything.

  7. DJ says:

    We can thank Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn for setting the example for these two, no?

  8. Canadian Hawk says:

    If they ran into me, they wouldn’t have those smirks on their faces anymore. The Peace Arch border crossing declares, Children of a Common Mother, England’s lost, Australia seems so too, we need to unite to turn back the tide in North America and soon.

  9. D.T. says:

    Real criminals get away with it but go over the speed limit by 5 to 10 kph and you get the book thrown at you.It’s all about money you see , if you leave criminals to do their handy work then the filthy lawyers and judges earn more money by crims going to court . As Python stated our system is f*#*ed .

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    Like in the movie DIRTY MARRY & CRAZY lARRY some punks decide instead of earning money the honest way they decide to commit robberies using a suped up getaway car think your so smart and cocky miles ahead of police cross railroad track meet with speeding freight train and its all over save for the morgue and a phoristic lab for charred bodies to be IDed by police mortician

  11. Spider says:

    Australia used to be a tough country with tough, freedom-loving people. What’s happened to them? Are they becoming another Britain?

  12. Stephan the Original says:

    Spider, everywhere is becoming another Britain… it’s just that some are further down the road than others.

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    SPIDER they took away CROCIDYLE DUNDEES Big Knife and have left the nation open to the liberatrads

  14. Steve G. says:

    People have often ridiculed the Bible for having a law that allows parents to have completely out of control children stoned to death publicly.
    Do you see the wisdom in that law yet?

    If not, maybe after a teenager kills a family member.
    Or maybe after Chicago has over 500 murders in one year, mainly because of undisciplined kids.

  15. oldguy says:

    We in the west have to do a better job with our abortions.

  16. Michael says:

    Don’t do anything to them. The country that allows their laws and judiciary system to get so liberally broken that this is alright DESERVES kids like this abusing their system. If they want stories like this to go away, they can fix their system. This is poetic justice for liberal idiots frankly.

  17. dan says:

    Flu-Bird…they SHOT Crocodile Dundee when they went to confiscate his guns (honest)

  18. Eric says:

    C’mon people it’s AUSTRALIA! You know, OZ; Down-under; Queen and country; Home of Tazmania; etc..
    Hell, England even used it as a giant open prison colony. What would you expect from that kind of experiment?

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