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Feb 17 2018

Hijabs More Stylish in London Than in Middle East

Hijabs represent the oppression of women as starkly as shackles represented the oppression of slaves in a bygone era. Thanks to moonbattery, hijabs appear to be more stylish in London than they are in the lands where they are traditionally imposed:

London Modest Fashion Week will “celebrate” Britain’s growing sharia-compliant fashion industry — less than two weeks after women living under Islamic fundamentalist regimes risked imprisonment when they burnt their hijabs on No Hijab Day.

Described as an “exciting addition to the London fashion calendar” and “a celebration of style and global cultures”, London Modest Fashion Week will showcase “modest style” lines on the catwalk this weekend.

The essence of high fashion is that it has no essence. It is hollow. Compare the vacuous liberal virtue signaling stylishness here…

…with something meaningful, like burning a hijab:

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva.

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