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Dec 16 2012

Holder Calling for Firearms Brainwashing

Here’s how our rulers plan to render us more defenseless against maniacs like Adam Lanza — and against themselves:

Both journalists and politicians have been heeding Eric Holder’s call. You would think murderers used no other weapons, and that firearms had no defensive application.

On a tip from AC.

16 Responses to “Holder Calling for Firearms Brainwashing”

  1. Marian says:

    Just remember all the ammunition those federal agencies have ordered. Take real Americans’ guns away and turn them on the people. Where are the good guys?

  2. Gunny G says:

    Fuck Holder and the rest of them. When THEY clean THEIR act up and police their own ranks, i.e., jail Waters, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, etc, MAYBE I’ll listen to them!

  3. gemalo says:

    Gunny, they will NEVER clean up their act! If your aforementioned criminals are not already in jail, they never will be. I have said this before; we need the Japanese pilot in his fully-fueled 747 to crash into the Capital during a Presidential speech to a joint session of Congress, ala ‘Debt of Honor’ by Tom Clancy, and take out the whole corrupt lot of them.

  4. Clingtomyguns says:

    Trayvon-izing Lanza – same old crap from MSM, show the picture of Lanza as an innocent 12 year old rather than the picture of the 20 year old bat sh#t crazy spook he devolved into. The better to argue the guns are the problem.

  5. Sam Adams says:

    Blaming a tool instead of the person who used the tool is, I believe, called “projection.”

    BTW, if guns are so dangerous, why did Holder et. al. facilitate the sale of literally thousands of guns to Mexican nationals, breaking international law in the process?

    And if Obama knew nothing about it, on what basis did he shield thousands of documents claiming “executive privilege?”

  6. Sam Adams says:

    Here’s the question that I would like Holder to answer:

    “How many crimes were prevented this year by armed citizens?”

    You know….like a guy demands your wallet, you tell him you are armed…he runs away….Who do you report that non-crime to?

  7. Spider says:

    You might call this a perfect storm. Using the tragedy in CT., having the WH, the MSM, and control of most of congress, the Left will not let this opportunity to disarm America get away. Taking our guns has been one of the Left’s top priorities for generations, and now you can expect to see them go all-out.

  8. Alphamail says:

    gemalo says @ 8:31 pm:

    Unless you’re being facetious or sarcastic, you need a f*n reality check.

    You are openly calling for the violent overthrow or assasination of a president and congress.

    You actively are threatening not only the veracity, goodwill, and patriotism of this site, its author, and its participant commentors, you are also threatening the peace and stability of the general American public.

    Your idiotic remarks threaten everyone who reads them.

    If you’re serious man, you need a visit from the Feds.

  9. justme says:


  10. justme says:

    I fully support gun control for out of control bureaucrats, government agencies, the private security forces of politicians and rogue police departments. Take away their assault weapons, their handguns and their rifles and we will absolutely be much safer.

  11. dan says:

    WTF : just when you’re ready to believe what you see….

    could this be ANOTHER false flag ?

  12. Snowsnake says:

    When some guy starts shooting people with any kind of gun and nobody else has a gun, the victims are different than a bunch of rabbits–how? To the shooter, victims and rabbits are just targets. The shooter knows he will probably die in the end but when he starts it isn’t something to think about any more than the end of a video game is what a player thinks about when the game starts.

    Either arm everybody or make the penalties for having or using a firearm so severe that no person would ever consider it. Decide as a nation to all be rabbits or wolves. But remember, a lot of critters eat rabbits. A nation of rabbits will probably end up as road kill on the shoulder of the road of history.

  13. QuietMan says:

    Anybody giving odds on another New Year’s Eve executive order, a la NDAA?

  14. I know no-one wants to politicize a mass shooting.

    I have a hard time imagining even the most evil criminal opening fire on elementary age kids, even someone who wants suicide-by-cop.

    That said, there have been many other mass shootings in the past few years.

    I say, in all seriousness, these shootings are Obama’s fault.


    Because people have no hope. People see no end to this suffering. Many people make less money now than they did 4 or 5 years ago. Many people are out of work. Inflation is attacking all of us from the bottom up. It takes 50 bucks to fill up even the most modest econo-box. (Prius and Volt aside)

    The deranged actions of this president, such as golfing pretty much all the time, wining and dining with the celebs at gold plated fund raisers, going on multi-million dollar vacations every quarter, all conflict with our innate common sense. This is because all the while many of the very people who enthusiastically voted for this quasi-royal are getting by with thrift store clothes and dollar store ramen noodles.

    Even those in Rio Linda know that this is not the America our parents grew up in. This is not the booming America that we remember from the 50s and 60s, the era that landed on the moon and brought us the 57 Chevy and 69 Camaro. After all, GM was just recently too big to fail along with the banks that might have once lent us money for a GM vehicle. How does this happen? This is unsettling, even if just subconsciously.

    The soon-to-be quadruply immaculated Obama makes very nice speeches and promises us the world, yet every day there is one more hardship, one more mass layoff, one more fundamental change to America. Even those constituents who live on a steady diet of MTV and E! must be sick of waiting for things to look up. Even the welfare queens in their Escalades have to dip into their beer stash to fill up with gas being over $3.50 a gallon.

    Whether consciously or subconsciously we are quietly going mad trudging along in the gloom looking for Morning in America. Everyone has been clinging desperately to this hip and trendy messiah who will bring us salvation, but it doesn’t come.

    The America that we all picture in our minds when we say United States of America is not the USA we live in now. People are scared. Many are on Anti-Depressants just to get by, marriages are falling apart because of money and depression about money. Yet, we still hear about the bankers and investment company CEOs – who crushed our economy by lending money to people who had no business borrowing it – having multi-million dollar bonuses and golden parachutes.

    Yes, I say these shootings are merely a symptom of Obama Induced Psychosis. The insanity coming from Washington DC is Trickle Down Insanity, and we are seeing the result.

    It’s too late to vote the insanity out of office, we had our chance. No, for this, I propose a $50 Billion stimulus plan for the pharmaceutical industry and the appointing of a Pill Czar. Each and every American will now be provided, from Obama’s Stash, a daily prescription of some yet to be developed Happy Pill that will completely mask the symptoms of Obama Induced Psychosis. That way, we won’t care that the country is going to hell and won’t shoot at each other while it does.

  15. Jodie says:

    Holder wants the schools to make the anti-gun/anti-violence message a part of EVERY DAY. If libs had their way, EVERY DAY, schools would scare kids with talk about gun violence, breast cancer, earthquake preparedness, stranger danger, fire and disaster drills; all the while corrupting them with talk about sex, masterbation, the pleasures of homosexuality, social justice, the Messiah Obama, etc.

    Not AIDS though! Not allowed to talk about where that comes from!

    Of course, none of that would be necessary if they would let God back into the schools and allow a daily prayer – like we used to have.

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