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Mar 27 2018

Holocaust Survivor Killed for Being Jewish in Paris

Looks like the Holocaust never really ended in France. It was just interrupted for a while. Now it is open for business under new management:

Last Friday, firemen were called to the apartment of an 85-year-old woman living in Paris. They managed to put out the fire and found Mireille Knoll had been stabbed 11 times before the fire was set. [Yesterday], French police confirmed they have two men in custody for the murder and believe Knoll was targeted because she was Jewish. In fact, as a child she had survived a round-up of Jews by the Nazis.

The suspected attackers are of North African origin.

Getting attacked and even killed for being Jewish is hardly unusual in France these days. Nazis arrived by force and were eventually expelled. But the new Jew-killers were welcomed in and are less likely to leave than the native French are.

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