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Nov 14 2012

Hope From France

What if moonbattery isn’t the straight line off the edge of a cliff that it looks like after Obama’s reelection? What if there is a pendulum effect, so that the harder liberals push us into sickness, the harder we will swing back toward health?

Between the World Wars, France was reduced by progressive ideology to a pathetic parody of its former self. Since then it has continued to decay, so that admirers of the France of Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and Napoleon can hardly bear to look at what it has become. With the election of the odious socialist François Hollande, the pendulum swung as far as it could go. Now is the time for it to swing back:

Hundreds of French nationalists have demonstrated in Paris against Islamist extremism, chanting the French anthem and saying the religion has no place in the country.

Protester Romain Cyiril says, “France was always a welcoming country, but for the first time we have to deal with a religion which can’t and doesn’t want to integrate itself.”

This isn’t the first sign of resistance.

Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims. … The French government has denounced anti-Islam extremists.

Resistance to Islamic colonization is crucial because liberals’ strategy for circumventing the cyclical nature of politics is to displace the native population with huge numbers of foreigners who will not assimilate but rather will remain dependent for generations on coercive wealth redistribution. You don’t have to live in Arizona for this to sound familiar.

As with Hollande, it would not be possible for the pendulum to swing any farther left than Obama’s second term. Payback is coming soon.

Vive la France.

On a tip from Wiggins.

14 Responses to “Hope From France”

  1. mojo says:

    “Listen! Our national anthem, the Mayonnaise!… The troops must be dressing.”
    — Groucho, Duck Soup

  2. IslandLifer says:

    “Allege” the new favorite word of the lying media.

    “The French government has denounced anti-Islam ”

    Give me a break! Go home ragheads!! Good to see some still show pride in their country, since the government won’t.

  3. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Will France’s businessmen go Galt ?
    And on Oct. 28, a group of 98 CEOs published an open letter to Hollande that said public-sector spending, which at 56 percent of gross domestic product is the highest in Europe, “is no longer supportable.” The letter was signed by the CEOs of virtually every major French company. (The few exceptions included utility Electricité de France, which is government controlled.)

  4. Sam Adams says:

    “Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies”

    How would one establish that there are far right activists in France? What would make them appropriately classified as “far right?”

  5. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Nope. France is not a comparator.

    The French are French. They are nationalistic about everything from their wine to their language. Their muslim infiltration is only due to their stupidity and greed in choosing leaders.
    (And in mutilating the Louvre.)

    And that by American standards, only a recent contretemp .

    But stupidity is where the similarities end.

    The enemy is us. There is no way that a morally-deprived greedhead voting for BO can become either a real American, moral, Christian or intelligent.

    The French can expel muslims by flushing them down the toilet like a temporary bout of diarrhea. And they might just do that after Hollande finishes off their economy.

    Americans cannot do the same with liberals. When liberals are drinking from them, Americans cannot and will not flush their toilets.

    Americans not only have each other to wrestle with (ever had a neighbor?), they have an intractable race problem. Not only do we have blacks and Hispanics who are irredeemably racist, we also have muslims on the rise who pack together under a cult/religion and act as a race.

    And none of these groups: liberal, blacks, Hispanics or muslims want to, or are interested in independence, capitalism or free enterprise. They share a common interest only in eliminating the white male.

    That is a fundamentally different dynamic than in France.

    Like the U.S., muslims in France are not yet dominant. And critically, France is controlling its immigration. The U.S. cannot and will not try.

    French moochers are a problem, but unlike U.S. moochers, they are still remain nationalistic and lack racial identification. Many can therefore be re-trained.

    This means that France can get back in business by being French. Americans cannot get back to being Americans.

    The best we can hope for is Balkanization or succession.

    Nope. As far as the U.S. goes, once again, France offers nothing useful to the U.S.

  6. beforethestorm says:

    I don’t get the feeling that this is a widespread movement yet, and the EU governments have been cracking down on movements like this lately. The leaders of the British National Party were recently thrown in jail without any charges.

  7. A. Levy says:

    It has always been said that the only way to destroy America would be from within. And i can think of no one who is trying harder to accomplish that than the American people.

  8. Mikhail Evansky says:

    # Highway Hospital Student

    You are so ignorant…

    1. Most of the French are socialist/communist, not nationalists.
    2. The French cannot expell the muslims because they are in the EU.
    3. They did not control their immigration. The last “control” they had was with Sarkozy when he expelled a few 1600 romanian gipsies.
    4. EU doesn’t allow immigration control like the one you suggest.

  9. Even Karl Lagerfeld says Hollande is ‘an imbecile who hates rich people’

  10. HappyImNotAmerican says:

    It is always reaffirming to see American “Conservatives” cheer on European Neo-Nazis, gives you a real feel for how less of a shit you people give about the well-being of other people. It is especially amusing since most European nationalists are so far left economically, you’d all be calling them Marxist and fling several racial slurs at them should they every fall down the rabbit hole and come to the wonderland of LSD overdose patients that is this website.

    Mikhail Evansky:
    “1. Most of the French are socialist/communist, not nationalists.” Get a dictionary.
    “2. The French cannot expell the muslims because they are in the EU.” France can deport Muslims if they are not EU citizens – most Muslims in France are French citizens.
    “3. They did not control their immigration.” They did and always have. Open up a real newspaper some time please.

  11. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Get the vodka out of your breakfast cereal and listen up.

    From Happy’s points, I will add that if you didn’t understand what nationalism means to the French, simply look at some of the moves the citizens are making to control muslims from leeching off of their country.

    Title French Nationalists Occupy Mosque, Demand End to Muslim Immigration.

    Other actions being the current French law against wearing veils.

    It is no secret that muslims were responsible for the election of Hollande, and that under his brief rule, corporations in France are being reduced further from an already egregious tax system.

    This is causing further grass-roots action to be taken by real French citizens against muslims decimating their country.

    I don’t know…I guess I bother with moronic comments from morons like you in the improbable event that someone even more vapid might mistake you for someone who knows what they’re talking about.

  12. whotothewhat says:

    Europe has always been the canary in the mine. We will see over the next few years a swing back to the right in places like France and Great Britain. Of course that has the potential to become very ugly. But to watch our own commie progs in this country wring there hands over it will be worth watching.

  13. […] able to seize control thanks to another liberal social engineering scheme that is now encountering resistance — the displacement of the native population with Muslim welfare […]

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