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May 15 2017

How Black Lives Matter Celebrated Mother’s Day

Here’s how a moonbat movement that associates blackness with criminality and advocates both in tandem celebrates Mother’s Day:

[A lawbreaker named Tanisha] Bynum was one of hundreds of black women bailed out of jail for Mama’s Bail Out Day, a Mother’s Day campaign orchestrated by more than a dozen groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter. So far, social justice groups like Color of Change and Southerners on New Ground … have raised more than $550,000 to bail out black women all over the country, with $345,000 going directly to bail money and the rest spent on local organizing efforts and services for the people who have been bailed out. The Mother’s Day effort is meant to call attention to how the money bail system (in which an arrested person is kept in jail awaiting trial unless they can pay a hefty bail) disproportionately affects black families and communities.

The solution of course is not to break fewer laws, but to do away with bail so that criminals can run loose until they are convicted.


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4 Responses to “How Black Lives Matter Celebrated Mother’s Day”

  1. StephaneDumas says:

    “…until they are convicted.”

    If they had’t received a bullet first.

  2. EugeneAustin says:

    Actually, no money bail is the preferred method. Bail is only meant to ensure that you will return to court and obey the laws as your case proceeds. So, all you have to do is have enough integrity that the court will trust you to come back and not hurt others. If you have a $500,000 bail, it’s because the court doesn’t trust you. I wonder why that would be the case?

  3. TED says:


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