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Feb 27 2017

How to Get Offended

Don’t waste your time developing intelligent arguments. It is much easy to become offended by anyone who doesn’t see things from your point of view. JP Sears shows how:

Supplemented with violence, this debate tactic has kept Islam going for 1,400 years.

On a tip from seaoh.

25 Responses to “How to Get Offended”

  1. Sufferfortribe says:

    I’m offended…..because I’m not offended by this video.

  2. Cecil Henry says:

    Very helpful tips: for the manipulative parasite in all of us!!!

  3. TED says:

    BEFORE you DO get offended, REMEMBER, in some states…

  4. TED says: OFFENDED?! We’ll help YOU PACK!!!!

  5. TED says:


  6. TED says: THEY are STUPID but NOT THAT STUPID!!! No matter how you look at it IF THEY weren’t LYING, THEY would be THERE!!!

  7. MAS says:

    Pretty much sums up the Oscars perfectly…

  8. MAS says:

    If only TED, if only…

  9. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    I love JP Sears’ videos. He never pulls his punches.

  10. Torcer says:

    This is perfect example of said behaviour – a Leftist who refers to the right with juvenile pejoratives while supposedly being tolerant.
    Amusing for his stunning lack of self-awareness
    [You can get the gist of this in the first 5 minutes or so of this 29 minute video]

    Prager – the Left, Right and Wrong
    Dennis Prager demonizes the left, showing how little he understands about science, politics or religion. No wonder he’s a …

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