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Mar 10 2018

Illegal Kills in Hit & Run, Denver Still Won’t Hold Him for ICE

Even after killing someone in a hit and run, an illegal alien is safe from immigration authorities in a city run by liberals. ICE agents want to take the killer into custody, in hopes of eventually sending him back to Mexico. However,

Denver stopped honoring detainer orders from ICE in 2014. If the undocumented immigrant, 26-year-old Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, posts his $25,000 bond, he’s free to go until his next court date.

The driver of a semi crashed into by the undocumented Democrat was killed, or to be more specific, Kate Steinle’ed.

At least if he manages to post the bond, he might deport himself, rather than face charges for vehicular homicide. But then he would probably return later, showing up in another sanctuary city under a different name. That’s one reason other countries defend their borders.

Rule of law is hard enough to maintain when all of the authorities are on the same side. With sanctuary cities siding with criminals who are in the country illegally, the result is this:

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