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Apr 27 2018

Islamopandering Maine Democrats Allow Female Genital Mutiliation

There are so many potentially aggrieved identity groups that can be played off against the white male Christians who created America that cultural Marxists have had to establish a pecking order. You would think women would be near the top, given that they are more numerous than men. But don’t let #MeToo mania deceive you. The ranking is based on how alien and hostile the identity group is to America’s core population. That’s why women cannot hope to compete with Muslims, as confirmed by the Maine Democrats who voted to approve of female genital mutilation:

By a final vote of 77-70, the House killed the FGM ban in a mostly party-line vote. Rep. Cathy Nadeau (D-Winslow) was the only Democrat who crossed the aisle to protect young daughters of immigrants in Maine from this brutal abuse.


House Democrats passed a toothless bill that wouldn’t actually ban FGM. …

If you’re having a difficult time comprehending how any legislators could be against banning Female Genital Mutilation, the opposition has made their reasoning very clear. They fear offending the immigrant community and being labeled “racist.”

“Racist” in this context means “Islamophobic.” It is used as a euphemism, because it would be Islamophobic to admit that FGM is prescribed by Islam.

The practice is barbaric:

Female Genital Mutilation is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. In some cultures, the vulva is sewn shut, only to be ripped open on the woman’s wedding night.

The practice is designed to curb sexual desire in women.

It requires skilled doublethink to square this with feminism, but somehow Democrats manage.

When an alien species invades from outer space intent on killing every last human, liberals will side with it against even Muslims. Until then, Muslims sit atop the P.C. pyramid.

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