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May 30 2012

It Is the Soldier

Media moonbats like Chris Hayes might want to give this a listen before opining on how “comfortable” they feel about calling heroes heroes:

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.

6 Responses to “It Is the Soldier”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    Dave I think you should look into this spam redirecting. It happens all the time.

  2. TonyD95B says:

    F#ckin’ A, Bubba! Hooah!

    Enough said…..

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    Do those of us who truly love this country and the brave and dedicated warriors who fight for it, really have to explain ourselves to this silver-spoon fed, radical leftist, queer? There is nothing we can say or do that will change the “mind” of the 6 Kool-Aid gulpers who watch his show, so why bother.

    And, if msnbc was not in total agreement with his/her/it’s remark, they would have already sent it packing. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

  4. chuck in st paul says:

    If you can read, thank a teacher.
    If you can read in English, thank a soldier.

  5. Steve says:

    The soldier DEFENDS freedom of speech, protest, voting etc. Soldiers don’t give us natural rights they protect them. They still work for the government. I’m honestly not bashing the military, I highly respect their bravery and loyality to this country.

  6. geeknerd says:


    True, our inalienable rights come from our Creator, and are protected by our Constitution and by our military, God bless them all.

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