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Mar 05 2018

Italian Woman Molested by Somali While in Labor in Hospital

In refugee-swamped Italy, diversity has seeped into every nook and cranny of life. Not even while having babies are Italians safe from multicultural enrichment. This story from January offers insight into why the “far right” did so well in the Italian elections yesterday:

A woman was sexually assaulted while in labour at a hospital in Rome, by a man who had stolen a nurses uniform to sneak onto the delivery ward.

The attacker, a 38-year-old Somali man reportedly walked into the delivery room, where he groped the woman’s thighs and genitals and began masturbating, Italian media reports.

African colonists have their own ways of making new friends.

He does not appear to have been challenged by staff as he made his way into the labour ward where he is said to have sexually assaulted his victim.

Of course not. Who would want to risk getting denounced as a racist?

The attacker has been living in Italy for five years on a residents permit, but reportedly has a criminal record.

Importing them by the overstuffed boatload is easy. Getting rid of them is virtually impossible.

On a tip from The Lieberal Media.

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