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Mar 06 2018

“It’s Okay to Be White” Signs Evoke Horror and Rage

It isn’t just Flemington, New Jersey, where a transgressor proclaimed March to be National Stop Blaming White People Month. Thoughtcrime is also out of control 50 miles away in Emmaus, Pennsylvania:


That’s how people around Emmaus are reacting after finding out that for about three weeks now somebody’s been putting up signs and stickers with these words on them: ‘It’s okay to be white.’

This transgresses against our national religion, political correctness, according to which it most definitely is not okay to be white. Enraged Emmaus Borough Manager Shane Pepe fumes that the stickers are “unacceptable, inappropriate, and distasteful at the very least.”

The heresy extends far beyond Pennsylvania and New Jersey, even beyond our borders. Dissidents rebelliously asserting that it is okay to be white made the front page of the Edmonton Metro. In Germany, signs have been spotted averring that it is okay to be German, which must have Fatima Merkel grinding her teeth.

4chan is reportedly behind this wave of thoughtcrime:

The original goal of the campaign was to trigger hysterical overreactions to emphasize how anti-white racism has been normalized in culture, an objective that has been achieved over and over again.

It does make you stop and think about how appalling it is that people react with literal horror to the assertion that it is not wrong to be Caucasian. That’s how deep the relentless brainwashing by the liberal media and education establishments have implanted poisonous self-hatred in our heads.

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