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Nov 09 2017

James Damore on What Happens When You Don’t Comply With Google’s Ideology

No one knows better what happens when Google disagrees with you than James Damore, who was fired from Google for expressing common sense centrist opinions where only hard left dogma is allowed:

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

12 Responses to “James Damore on What Happens When You Don’t Comply With Google’s Ideology”

  1. daPenguin says:

    Dear Google
    Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not an instruction manual.

  2. StephaneDumas says:

    Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury also wrote Brave New World and Fahrenheit-451 as a warning a well.

  3. Ron Noyfb says:

    Google is evil and nobody should use them.

  4. ICEvictim says:

    Google is merely a reflection of the idiocy and fascism overtaking our country.

  5. ICEvictim says:

    rats! I hadn’t seen your post so I duplicated the graphic above. Oh well.

  6. Nick Testa says:

    Google is a fascist cult.

  7. Hell Noway says:

    Go to

    Look up the following in Google Images:

    American Inventors
    White couple
    White woman with children
    European history people
    Happy American couple
    European people art
    White man and white woman

    Have a good day!

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