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Sep 29 2011

Janeane Garofalo Explains Herman Cain’s Surge

According to liberal dogma, anyone who opposes oligarchical collectivism is racist against blacks. This even applies to the Republican Party, which has often favored socialist policies, but wants to slow the pace of our degeneration into communism. So how do moonbats explain the surge of support for Herman Cain? Let’s ask Janeane Garofalo:

“Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party. Conservative movement and tea party movement, one in the same.

“People like Karl Rove liked to keep the racism very covert. And so Herman Cain provides this great opportunity so that you can say ‘Look, this is not a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-female, anti-gay movement. Look we have a black man.'”

That is, embracing a black candidate is part of nefarious conspiracy to hide the evil racism inherent in resistance to collectivist authoritarianism. That Cain’s support is a reflection of his own support for American values would not even be conceivable to the Left. From the liberal point of view, blacks are pawns. If they toe the left-wing line, they are patronized. If they don’t, they are denounced as Uncle Toms.

Note that Garofalo cannot distinguish between immigrants, females, homosexuals, and blacks, or even between Karl Rove and the Tea Party. Her vision must be like that of lower organisms that can only perceive vague shapes.

The definitive unhinged liberal skank.

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90 Responses to “Janeane Garofalo Explains Herman Cain’s Surge”

  1. lao's flat rotting colon says:

    I think she was using hyperbole, or maybe joking. I don’t know which because Rachel Maddow hasn’t told me yet. What do you expect from me, anyway. I don’t think for the guy, I just excrete his sh-t.

  2. RobM1981 says:

    Ah, but with the strawberries… THAT’S where I had them. Using scientific thought and linear logic I showed how their liking a black man hid their racism.

    Men marrying women? Hidden misogynism.

    Vegetarians? Latent carnivores.

    I’ve figured it all out. Thank you, Janeane, for helping me see the light.

    Pass the thorazine.

  3. GoY says:

    If the Republicans nominate a black man, it proves they’re racists. Do I have that right? Or is this projection? It was only because of their own desire to demonstrate how un-racist they are that the Democrats nominated an ultra-left, half-term senator with a history of terrorist connections and no job history to be president.

  4. M Winterhawk says:

    “vague shape” perfectly describes Ms. Garofalo , which fits well with her “vague thoughts”.

  5. chuck in st paul says:

    I get a headache just trying to follow the ‘logic’ of her thinking(??).

    [OMG! Where’s the Val-U-Rite vodka??!!?? The voices in my head need some tranquillity.]

  6. TexasDoc says:

    To use their own psychological mumbo-jumbo against them, Janeane must be a self-loathing white woman with repressed Herman Cain derangement syndrome.

  7. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    The trolls are back! The trolls are Back!

  8. Toa says:

    Nothing incites “Liberals” into head explosions, panicky navel-gazing, Tourette’s Syndrome and all the rest of the “Progressive” pastimes more than their precious stereotypes (“Blacks are underclass victims of whitey”, “Conservatives are KKK”, etc.) being trampled into the mud by the boots of reality.
    Pretty funny to watch when it happens, and it happens often!

  9. Joshua Warren says:

    So, Garofalo spouts allegations of “racist elements” in the GOP, Tea Party, and Conservative movement; then suggests that these same “Racists” gave overwhelming support to Herman Cain, a Black man whom they purportedly hate, in an effort to hide their racist attitude, which just might result in that same Black man becoming President one day?! Hmmm, makes perfect sense to me!

  10. Joshua Warren says:

    Now, let me say this: ANYONE who buys the drivel cascading from the mouth of this moron, especially those of you in the Black community, is announcing to the world, that YOU are as much an idiot as she is!

  11. Graycat says:

    Ms. Garlicaffalo does not have function brain cell. The program’s host, Keith Olddirtbag does not have a functioning brain cell. His boss at Current TV, Owl Bore, does not have a functioning brain cell. The people who watch this and take it seriously do not have functioning brain cells. People without functioing brain cells voted for Barack Obummer and Plugs Biden. Her Katie Cupcake “smart glasses” make her look like a dork.

  12. Austin says:

    Where is her stupid sign?

  13. Graycat says:

    …ooops! make that “Ms. Garlicaffalo “does not have a functioning brain cell.”

  14. Walt in DC says:

    Garofolo probably needs a personal assistant to swab out her throat so she doesn’t strangle on her own spit. Gotta love liberals’ logic: If you vote for a black candidate you are a racist; if you oppose the policies of a black president you are a racist. Heads i win, tails you lose.

  15. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    She’s sooooo hoooooot!

    I believe anything she says!

  16. Joshua Warren says:

    And another thing: I’m getting sick and darned tired of these liberal, progressive, Marxist lackeys of the Democrat Party trying to make the claim that members of the GOP, Tea Party, and Conservative movement, are the Racists in America! Give me a fricking break–the Democrat Party wrote the book on Racism in this country. THEY are the party of Jim Crow laws; THEY are the party of the KKK; THEY are the party that fought AGAINST virtually every major piece of civil rights legislation in our history; THEY are the party of segregation; THEY are the party of voter intimidation (many don’t realize that virtually every Black man became a Republican after the civil war when they gained the right to vote. It was the Democrat-led KKK that used threats, lynchings, beatings, and harassment to force Blacks to vote Democrat).

    The Democrat’s historical legacy in regard to Blacks in America is deplorable. They want to hide that history at all cost.

    One last thing–since I know some moron out there will try to put the “Uncle Tom” label on me, for daring to tell the truth, I have this to say: That label means nothing to me, because I’ve been liberated from the Plantation that you still find yourself shackled to: The Democrat Plantation (a plantation that forces all its residents into a monolithic thinking pattern. No thanks, I can think for myself.

  17. Chris in N.Va says:

    So, her undying embrace and vociferous proclamation and defense of the Lib/Dem worldview is ipso facto ironclad, totally undeniable proof of her own 100000% rejection and hatred of every single espoused Lib cause and her patently obvious, violent-death-wish hatred for each and every Lib/Dem leader and politician — riiiiiight?

  18. lao says:

    Well Joshua, care to think for yourself and explain the southern strategy to us?

  19. Mickey Shea says:

    Thank God for sending this white chick to save the black
    people from themselves, because apparently they can’t think for themselves. WTF ?

  20. EP says:

    You nailed it GoY!!!

  21. son of a preacher man says:

    Care to re-read his 1st paragraph posted @ September 29, 2011 at 10:01 am

  22. lao says:

    Care to quote the words “southern strategy” in that paragraph?

  23. rockman says:

    Her small round head holds small round thoughts.

  24. Graycat says:

    Garlicaffalo personified:

    She looks like Velma from Scooby Doo. But that’s insulting to Velma who is the brainy one of the group–which is more than can be said for Garlicaffalo

    Absolutely not separated at birth:

  25. Lazlo says:

    Hey, this game is fun. Use “pogo stick dinosaur injector” in a paragraph. When we are done with this game, please explain how nominating a Black candidate would make Republicans racist. We seem to have gone off topic.

  26. Brian_Boru says:

    Amen to that, Joshua.

  27. Jodie says:

    She reminds me of my extremely liberal sister. She will call you a racist if you criticize Obama’s policies; although, she’s never had a black friend in her life.

  28. BigJoe says:

    You forgot ugly, too.

  29. Jeff says:

    That woman is unhinged. She is so determined to see racism every where, that if you told her the sun rises in the east, some how she would find racism in that statement.
    And remember boys and girls, take a good look at her. She is an object lesson in why taking drugs is a bad thing.

  30. Fiberal says:

    ugh. Even my privately-run Chinese Prison on the Yangtze River has its standards.

  31. Joe says:

    Whenever I see a picture of that skank, I have to go and take two showers. Ick. ICK!

  32. Angie Mima says:

    Women like her are the reason so many men are gay.

  33. Penny says:

    Hee. In her worldview Herman Cain isn’t a “real” black man anyway because he doesn’t automatically regurgitate everything the lib/Dem elites tell black folks they’re supposed to think.

    Who’s the real racist here?

  34. John says:

    Remember, she is a comedienne. That means she makes her living by doing and saying ridiculous things that make people laugh at her.

  35. Marmo says:

    So using Ms. Barfolo’s logic, the reason she is such a rabid extreme lefty is because she is secretly a strict conservative?

    The left doesn’t even try to make sense anymore.

  36. son of a preacher man says:

    “Give me a fricking break–the Democrat Party wrote the book on Racism in this country…”

    Are you too stupid to understand the definition of strategy?

  37. lao always says:

    I think I’ll change the subject again and avoid any direct questions…..


  38. lao says:

    re the PK @11:02

    I just fell off my chair laughing.

    There’s this thing called the internet that has these other things called search engines. Pick one and look up “southern strategy”, then get back to me.

  39. Fiberal says:

    Okay. You stay right there and wait, Lao-Z.

  40. son of a preacher man says:

    I am sorry. I was refering to actual objective meaning of words not euphemisms.

  41. GoY says:

    The Southern Strategy: Because 40 year old campaign tactics are *so relevant* to the current state of the world.

    I guess that’s why modern Republicans are so intent on seeing this Vietnam War thing through to its conclusion, huh?

    Democrats must get confused by our modern world, since most of them never left the sixties.


    I,ll bet this delusional ding-bat still reads her zodiac signs before she leaves her pen

  43. Turbo says:

    Agghhhhhh my eeeyyyeesss!!!!

    Can you imagine how this skank must smell?? Eeewwwwwww!

    Those trendy Mr Peabody nerd glasses can only hide so much. But the radiant inner beauty and brilliant acumen shines through, regardless /s

  44. GoY says:

    Meanwhile, back in 21st Century America, Moonbats go nuts over anti-Obama signs in New Orleans. A fat, nasty city councilwomen shows up later to ponder legal action.

    And it isn’t relevant to the thread because the moonbats claim the signs are (Quelle Surprise!) “racist.”

  45. lao says:

    Yardsale, in 2010, Michael Steele admitted the Republicans employed the “southern strategy” for 40 years.

  46. GoY says:

    Appealing to authority – argumentative fallacy – FAIL.

  47. Jay B. says:

    A washed up entertainer spewing whatever offensive comments she can think of in a desperate bid to be relevant? Yawn.

  48. Sinister66 says:

    Joshua Warren

    So in other words the democrat party is also the party of the confederacy and all who fly the confederate flag are democrats.

  49. wingmann says:

    Her tats magnified 200% will show crosshairs!!


    Talk about leaving a bad carbon footprint…
    It takes years of self-loathing to became a garafolo skank…she has a PHD in it.

    If you mention garafolo in your posts, then please tie her name to something that puts her in context, like “Barnum and Bailey” or “Carney Freak Show Attraction”.


  50. TED says:

    Too bad Janeane dosen’t hide the ignorant elements of the DemocRAT party. From the WTF party.

    New Bumber Sticker…


    -Dinnis Miller

  51. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    And when exactly did the breakdown of the black family unit begin ?
    When did dependency on the welfare state rear it’s ugly head ?
    What is the poverty rate in the black community compared to white (liberals)
    What is the black unemployment rate today ?
    What are black incarceration rates ?
    Abortions, literacy, divorce, ect, ect, ect.
    Of all the choices black Americans have made to exacerbate their condition, the worst of all has been giving their vote to the Dems.
    Your party has let them down, Lao. Time and time again.
    Giraffealo, Herman Cain is black ?
    I didn’t even notice.

  52. TED says:


    lao is a FAKE! NO ONE can be that stupid!! 😎

  53. son of a preacher man says:

    Yeah everybody knows every Old Dixie waving southerner is just an imbred hillbilly wishing to bring back slavery.

    “To generalize is to an idiot. To particularize is the is the alone distinction of merit.” – William Blake

  54. TED says:

    Tell it to Akbar Janeane

    One of the original national tea party organizers, Akbar invites Morgan to experience an actual tea party rally.

    Dear Mr. Freeman,

    My name is Ali Akbar. I’m a 26 year-old African-American small business owner and a tea party activist. I’m not writing to rake you over the coals in the way that many conservatives have done in the last 48 hours. Heck, I wrote a passionate open-letter refuting many of your claims already, but this is not that. This is an honest and standing invitation. I do believe that you are wrong in what you said about the tea party, but I would rather prove it to you than castigate you for your comments.

    I also understand that your reflexive comments came from experience. You grew up in a different America than the one that I was blessed to be born into. We both grew up in the south, but I never saw ‘White Only’ signs. I’ve been called a name or two in my three decades, but racism has always been the exception in my life, not the rule, as it probably was in your youth. I understand your suspicion of conservative political movements. It is rooted in pain and fear and memory, and though I never saw the horrors of segregation that you did, we share that cultural heritage.

    I’ve been a fan of yours all my life. From “Driving Miss Daisy” to “Lean on Me” to “The Shawshank Redemption,” I idolized you as a boy. Growing up without a father, you were one of the strong black men in my life who gave me a model to follow. Each of the characters you played had dignity and confidence. I tried to emulate the strength you projected. While many of my friends headed down the all-too-familiar path of drugs, unwed pregnancies and crime, I’ve striven to live a life with dignity, be an example for my brothers and make my mother proud.

    My favorite of your movies was “The Power of One.” I must’ve watched it a hundred times, crying every time when your character Geel Piet was killed by the racist South African. Geel Piet was brave and heroic, even in the face of death, because he knew that the hate that killed him was a trifle in comparison to the love that PK’s anti-apartheid movement was spreading. It is with that spirit that I’m writing to you this morning.

    I’ve attended dozens of tea party events. I’ve helped organize them, and I’ve even spoken at a few. The tea party is not what is often depicted in the news. It is people of all colors who are terribly concerned about the direction that America is heading. We don’t trust big government to make decisions for us. And we fear that the present administration’s spending is going to lead our country down a path to insolvency, much like what Greece is currently facing.

    Your comments about the tea party have caused me physical pain. You’ve rekindled the old painful paradigm of Uncle Tom – that any black man who votes Republican is some kind of sellout. It’s not true. I work hard, pay my taxes, love Jesus, and I’m good to my family and community. In effect, your comments have stereotyped an entire group of people. And I know in my soul that you must regret that on some level.

    There’s already plenty of groupthink among American blacks. Over 90% of us vote Democrat with religious regularity, and we have been doing so for over fifty years. I realized a few years ago that the Democrats’ promises of equality bestowed by government wasn’t working and will never work. I came to believe that redistributionist policies with the goal of social justice was essentially creating a new plantation within the federal government. Scraps might be thrown our way, but dependence on the plantation would be the inevitable result.

    Over half a century since we started voting for Democrat policies, blacks in America are worse off than before. Black Americans are more likely to get involved with drugs, go to prison, and die younger than our white counterparts. Over 70% of our children are born out of wedlock. Our abortion rate has never been higher. There are two explanations for these results. 1) Blacks are an inferior race and can’t take care of themselves. 2) Despite the best of intentions, the government has created and implemented “social justice” policies that promote perpetual dependence. I choose to believe the latter. Therefore, I have become a Republican.

    Mr. Freeman, I’m not asking you to adopt my political views. You’re in your seventies, and a political shift is not in your future. I’m reaching out to you because I want you to think better of your fellow countrymen. Barack Obama is in the White House, and Herman Cain just won the Florida straw poll. America is the land of opportunity for black Americans like never before.

    I’m hoping that you’ll come to a tea party in Tennessee — the place of your birth. Really anywhere in the country that works for you; I’ll set it up with the one of the thousands of activists I know around our great country. I’d be delighted to introduce you to good people who will welcome you with open arms, disagree with you, and then feed you some of the best barbeque you’ve ever tasted.

    Racism is an ugly thing, but I assure you that it is part of our past, not our present.

    It takes bravery to admit that you may have made a mistake. But, for Geel Piet, bravery is like breathing. It’s just something you do.

    I hope you’ll take me up on my offer.


    Ali Akbar

  55. Uneducated Moonbat says:

    THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Joshua Warren says:

    lao says:
    September 29, 2011 at 10:09 am

    “Well Joshua, care to think for yourself and explain the southern strategy to us?”

    Well Iao, if I did that, I’d be thinking for you too, would I not? If you want to know what the southern strategy is, go look it up.

  57. Joshua Warren says:

    Thanks Ted for that post: TED says: September 29, 2011 at 1:14 pm Tell it to Akbar Janeane

    I also hope Mr Freeman takes him up on the offer.

  58. DrEvil says:

    Garafalo is as smart as a box of rocks with all the smart rocks removed. She consistently only proves her own ignorance and bigotry while adding nothing to the dialogue.

    Have an Evil day

  59. Joshua Warren says:


    I would appreciate it if you did not put words in my mouth. My point, which is historically factual, is that the Democrat Party has displayed a pattern of hatred and abuse of Blacks in this nation for most of its history, yet try to disassociate themselves from their racist past, while pointing fingers at the Republican Party as being racist. That position is untenable, yet a lot of people believe it.

    Whether you know this or not, almost every Black man, following the Civil War, was a Republican and voted the Republican ticket in national elections. The Democrat Party saw that they were in jeopardy of losing elections because of that fact (think about it–MILLIONS of newly-freed Blacks with the power of the vote–scary if you’re a former slavemaster). Enter the KKK…and the rest is history. A side note: Did you know that the Republican Party Platform from 1856 (two years after the party was formed) was largely an anti-slavery platform?

    Not everyone who flies the confederate flag is a Democrat, nor are they necessarily racist. The confederacy of the South was composed primarily of The Dixiecrat party (formed from the combining of the Southern Independence Party and the Democratic party); then there was The Patriot Party and The Southern Cross Party (Minority Party).

  60. Joshua Warren says:

    The American Presidency Project
    Republican Party Platform of 1856
    June 18, 1856:

    Read more at the American Presidency Project:

  61. Right Reason says:

    What is the difference between Garofalo and a flaming bag of dogshit?

    One is a disgusting, ugly, smelly, dangerous, noxious and crap-filled blight.

    The other can be used for fertilizer if the fire is extinguished.

  62. JoeS says:

    Wait…So if you hate Obama, you’re a racist…and…if you like Cain…you’re a racist?

    This has gotten sooo tiring…

  63. Manakl says:

    What was the alternative explanation for why any black guy in an argument at a tea party rally is worthy of blanket coverage in blogs? The blackness literally being the headline.

  64. joeh says:

    May she eat a diet of pinto beans and cabbage and be found about 7 days later,rooms full of deadly methane gas. Would be a good Darwin award.

  65. joeh says:

    I am so sorry for that remark I made above. I meant to say black beans.

  66. Judith M. says:

    Love the refutation of the Southern Strategy claim. Especially the part about how moving from being economically backwards to economically productive tends to turn a region Republican. Is it any wonder a successful business man like Herman Cain is a Republican? Not in my mind.

  67. Festivus says:

    It’s always terrific when a liberal talking point (Southern Strategy) is refuted by a liberal (The New York Times).

    It’s hard to keep them lies straight.

    There’s an old saying, “oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

  68. Angie Mima says:

    Let’s compare Herman Cain’s accomplishments with Obama’s.

    Herman Cain is not a career politician (in fact he has never held political office). He’s known as a pizza guy, but there’s a lot more to him. He’s also a computer guy, a banker guy, and a rocket scientist guy. Here’s his bio:

    Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
    Master’s degree in Computer Science.
    Mathematician for the Navy, where he worked on missile ballistics (making him a rocket scientist).
    Computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola.
    VP of Corporate Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury (this is the top of the ladder in the computer world, being in charge of information systems for a major corporation).

    All achieved before reaching the age of 35. Since he reached the top of the information systems world, he changed careers!

    Business Manager. Took charge of Pillsbury’s 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area, which were the company’s poorest performers in the country. Spent the first nine months learning the business from the ground up, cooking hamburger and yes, cleaning toilets. After three years he had turned them into the company’s best performers.
    Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Was asked by Pillsbury to take charge of their Godfather’s Pizza chain (which was on the verge of bankruptcy). He made it profitable in 14 months.
    In 1988 he led a buyout of the Godfather’s Pizza chain from Pillsbury. He was now the owner of a restaurant chain. Again he reached the top of the ladder of another industry.
    He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association during this time. This is a group that interacts with government on behalf of the restaurant industry, and it gave him political experience from the non-politician side.

    Having reached the top of a second industry, he changed careers again!

    Adviser to the Federal Reserve System. Herman Cain went to work for the Federal Reserve Banking System advising them on how monetary policy changes would affect American businesses.
    Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He worked his way up to the chairmanship of a regional Federal Reserve bank. This is only one step below the chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve System (the top banking position in the country). This position allowed him to see how monetary policy is made from the inside, and understand the political forces that impact the monetary system.

    After reaching the top of the banking industry, he changed careers for a fourth time!

    Writer and public speaker. He then started to write and speak on leadership. His books include Speak as a Leader, CEO of Self, Leadership is Common Sense, and They Think You’re Stupid.
    Radio Host. Around 2007—after a remarkable 40 year career—he started hosting a radio show on WSB in Atlanta (the largest talk radio station in the country).

    He did all this starting from rock bottom (his father was a chauffeur and his mother was a maid). When you add up his accomplishments in his life—including reaching the top of three unrelated industries: information systems, business management, and banking—Herman Cain may have the most impressive resume of anyone that has run for the presidency in the last half century.

    Obama is….not much. He was a community adjitator.

  69. lao says:

    Judith says: Love the refutation of the Southern Strategy claim.

    It’s too bad Republican honchos don’t subscribe to that theory.

    Although the phrase “Southern strategy” is often attributed to Nixon political strategist Kevin Phillips, he did not originate it, but merely popularized it.

    Kevin Phillips, in an interview included in a 1970 New York Times article, touched on (the southern strategy) essence: “From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that… but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats.”

    GOP Ignored Black Vote Chairman Says

    The head of the Republican National Committee issued a sweeping apology to the NAACP yesterday for a decades-old practice of writing off the black vote and using racial polarization to win elections. RNC chairman Ken Mehlman said civil rights legislation pushed by President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, in the 1960s solidified black support for that party for decades and ”we Republicans did not effectively reach out.” ”Some Republicans gave up on winning the African-American vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from racial polarization,” he added. ”I am here as Republican chairman to tell you we were wrong.”

    Atwater On The Southern Strategy

    Bob Herbert reported on the interview in the 6 October 2005 edition of the New York Times. Atwater talked about the GOP’s Southern Strategy and Ronald Reagan’s version of it:

    Atwater: As to the whole Southern strategy that Harry S. Dent, Sr. and others put together in 1968, opposition to the Voting Rights Act would have been a central part of keeping the South. Now [the new Southern Strategy of Ronald Reagan] doesn’t have to do that. All you have to do to keep the South is for Reagan to run in place on the issues he’s campaigned on since 1964 and that’s fiscal conservatism, balancing the budget, cut taxes, you know, the whole cluster.

    Questioner: But the fact is, isn’t it, that Reagan does get to the Wallace voter and to the racist side of the Wallace voter by doing away with legal services, by cutting down on food stamps?

    Atwater: You start out in 1954 by saying, “N_____, n_____, n_____.” By 1968 you can’t say “n_____” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “N_____, n______.”

  70. Festivus says:

    Did the southern strategy include Repbulicans voting in greater percentages for the Civil Rights Act?

    What are some specific examples of this southern strategy in action?

  71. J says:

    lao, you ought to know better than to cite the entirely worthless Wikipedia. We’ve been through this lesson before.

  72. LyleLovet6666 says:

    She makes me feel bad that I have tattoos,eyes,hair,lungs and any other stuff that puts me even remotely close to her on a dna level.

  73. AnonOnline says:

    So it’s totally cool to hate heterosexuals, men, natural-born citizens, and European-Americans?

    Tolerance is a cover for intolerance in the mind of the modern leftist. They tolerate each others right to free speech – as long as it follows the party doctrine or is opposed to majority morality. The second you or I say that “taxes need to be lower” we automatically become enemies because lowering taxes means less money to spread around to the “off” “underclass” voting blocs that the leftists have to have backing them…

    I can’t stand sanctimony from bigots like this Garyfellow lady, but I don’t think she has anything to back up calling the Right or T.E.A Party racist as a whole.

  74. Rock says:

    Janeane, where’s that LIBERAL TOLERANCE at that you and all the other two-faced whiners you associate with are always complaining about the Conservatives not being TOLERANT? Hmmmmm?????

  75. lao says:

    J. the last time you attempted some discussion with me you were offering the hope that someone would initiate domestic terrorism and declared that such an action could be considered “defense”.

    Please understand then, I observe your offerings with a considerable amount of scorn.

    Re Wikipedia as a source, you seem to be under the profound delusion that comments to this silly blog should be considered the equivalent of university-level term papers.

    Given that Blount himself cites Wikipedia from time to time, your conceit is profoundly stupid. Blount regularly cites Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin and Breitbart as “sources”. Do I really need to elaborate?

    Here’s some quotes from your links:

    That said, I totally heart Wikipedia. We all do. Sure, it’s reliably unreliable at times, but that’s part of its not-so-newsy charm — we’re in charge of separating the faux from the facts.

    Although Middlebury’s history department has banned Wikipedia in citations, it has not banned its use. Don Wyatt, the chairman of the department, said a total ban on Wikipedia would have been impractical, not to mention close-minded, because Wikipedia is simply too handy to expect students never to consult it.

    “Wikipedia is the ideal place to start your research and get a global picture of a topic, however, it is not an authoritative source. In fact, we recommend that students check the facts they find in Wikipedia against other sources.

    Given that I used Wikipedia to glean some actual quotations from Republican’s connected to the “southern strategy”, you should have no problem, given your obvious concern for authenticity, in tracking down those quotes and verifying they are accurate.

  76. StanInTexas says:

    Loa, since you are using those quotes to bolster YOUR lies about the Southern Strategy, then it is up to YOU to verify their accuracy.

  77. lao says:


    stanwee SAYS I am lying about the southern strategy but provides NO evidence for this claim. Then he says it is up to me to verify what I have already linked.

    If you have a link that provides contrary evidence, to back up your opinion, feel free to offer it.

  78. StanInTexas says:

    Dispute WHAT, LaoZee? You post a bunch of discredited lies and you expect us to either praise your brilliance or dispute them.

    Your BULLSHIT is worthy of derision, nothing more. You may now PISS OFF!

  79. lao says:

    Poor little stanwee…all upset…talks about “discredited lies” but can’t actually cite a source that discredits what I have quoted.

    Did the New York Times link @9:03 confirm the Atwater quote cited in Wikipedia? Oh by golly, so it did.

    I DO enjoy laughing at your hapless flailing.

  80. Noelegy says:

    I seriously doubt Janeane has ever even spoken to a conservative, let alone a Tea Partier. Yet somehow she’s an expert on how they all think and feel.

    You might almost call it…prejudice.

  81. Festivus says:

    Atwater was 30 years old in 1981 and he died in 1991. The comments fromt he 81 interview were not attributed to him until after his death.

    It wouldn’t seem that Atwater had any personal knowledge of the so-called “southern strategy.”

    As far as the Mehlman article is concerned, he was born in 1966. It’s a pretty vague comment he makes, “Some Republicans gave up on winning the African-American vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from racial polarization…”

    I’m sincerely curious to see some details on this conspiracy and specific examples of it in action.

  82. johnny says:

    It HAS to hurt her, walking with her head up her ass that way!

  83. Festivus says:

    I’m going to assume, loa, that you don’t know any more than what you posted which guess you pilfered from HuffPo somewhere. If you have something to add, give me a heads up in one of the current threads and I will come back to see what you have to say.

    I frankly hadn’t heard the term, “southern strategy” until you brought it up, so I am quite curious to learn more. In my brief research on the web, it seems to me that this is more a case of liberal progressive projection rather than fact, but I am certainly open to learning more. That is, if you got any more to offer.

    Until then, have a great weekend.

  84. Be Free says:

    I used to have a crush on Ms. Garofalo. I’m all better now though.

    But couldn’t you have found a better photo of her?

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