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Feb 17 2013

Jared Taylor on Christopher Dorner

Obama’s base has a martyr to rally around: the homicidal personification of politically correct racial insanity Christopher Dorner. Fortunately, Dorner is dead, and thus will not spend the rest of his life recording college commencement speeches from his jail cell like fellow cop-killing lowlife and liberal hero Mumia Abu-Jamal. Not so fortunately, the corrosive lunacy that produced him lives on, as Jared Taylor explains:

On a tip from DJ.

16 Responses to “Jared Taylor on Christopher Dorner”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    Chris Doiner just another glorified murderer for the liberal leftists to admire and for leftists director SPIKE LEE to make some crappy movie about

  2. Here is something alright. The occutards want his name cleared. Ok, I clear dorners name to be Sir Pyscho Crispy. Fuck dorner, he’s a piece of shit. Now why the hell hasn’t mumia been fried yet?

  3. Tax Slave says:

    What about the 5 unarmed innocent people the LAPD SHOT thinking they were Dorner? Are they going to investigate these shoot-first-ask-questions-later morons? These five innocent people shot by the police should share the reward for Dorner’s capture.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The trouble I have with this guy’s message is:
    What good is it to treat the fleas when the dog (liberalism) keeps crapping on your lawn ?
    He is surprised the LAPD is going to appease the PC gods ? Of course they will.
    These same whacked policies are what likely got a crazy man into the LAPD (regardless of the color of his skin) in the first place
    LA is a wholly run subsidiary of liberalism.
    Also, I believe those reports of what is described as aggressive police behavior was more a function of fear.
    Fear of disturbing the criminal gangs during their search for Dorner, gangs which really run LA.

  5. Gunny G says:

    The Left has their Horst Wessel. Now they just need the event.

  6. Skyfall says:

    I personally know people that are totally on this guy’s side. These were always lefty people, but I tried to overlook their views and be friendly.

    No more.

    They crossed the rubicon with this, and I will not tolerate their presence dirtying the air I breathe. It will take all the willpower I have not to get physically violent if I see one of them walking down the street.

    The lines are drawn. We (conservatives) did not draw them, but there is no room for fence-sitting now. THESE PEOPLE HATE YOU FOR THE GOODNESS THAT YOU STAND FOR. THEY MEAN YOU HARM. THEY WORSHIP ALL THINGS SATANIC (lust, murder, chaos, vice, dissipation, immorality, rebellion) AND WILL TEAR YOU DOWN AS SOON AS LOOK AT YOU.

    Never again will I ever assume we can coexist.

    We can not.

  7. CGW409 says:

    A feral moonbat got taken down and the ocutards and other only slightly less feral moonbats rush to provide all sorts of non reality based stories as to why he was killed.
    Color me totally surprised…not.

  8. IslandLifer says:

    Walked by a TV and CNN was doing a story how LAPD conspired to burn down the cabin. Who the F*CK cares!!!

  9. IslandLifer says:

    Skyfall, I’ve never liked their kind and its probably why I don’t get invited to many functions but I never hold in my opinion. I don’t have too many friends because of it but I’m happier with my 2 dobermans than anyone I can think of. My mouth has often led me to physical confrontations and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. I wish more people would stand up and be vocal, sure would be nice having a few more behind me when I’ve got 5 or 6 moonbats hissing at me. Just start knocking em outa da park. 🙂

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    There were lots of very disappointed law enforcement officers out there in Mexifornia when this cretin (and coward) killed himself. They were deprived of the pleasure of ending his miserable life.

  11. Robin Thomas says:

    I can’t get over how they made him out to be a superhero. Sick. LAPD fired him with good reason. His GF said he was nuts. His mother ate chips and drank wine in a cantina, watching a big screen TV with her son burning in the mountain cabin. She shed not a tear. That alone should tell you something.

  12. Flu-Bird says:

    Liberal jerks are already protesting his death in front of the LAPD knowing the leftists news media reptiles will pay attention to them marching around chanting their mindless crap and waving their stupid signs in the air ang being your avrage jerks

  13. Aoife says:

    Has anyone here seen any investigative journalism in to why Dorner was fired? What were his offenses, etc? What about his military service? The media has been really quiet on this setting up the scene that he was a victim. I’m not buying it. My guess is this guy was hired in the first place, despite some red flags from his military service, because he was a veteran AND black. When it became obvious he was no all there, the department had to move to fire him and it seems there was a process in place for him to fight for his job. Now…if his ‘issues’ had been bogus, he would have retained his job. They apparently weren’t. And he proved the LAPD right in their decision by his later actions. I want to know the whole story on this Dorner guy and some Conservative media outlet or blog needs to get the info out there to counteract this psycho from being treated as a hero.

  14. octa bright says:

    @Ghost of FA Hayek
    The LAPD does not deserve all of the blame. The local political leadership is terrified of riots and since the Blacks and Latinos are the majority in the city the politicians will cater to their wishes. The voters have been kept quiet with bread and circuses for decades and not the money is running out. The question of what happens when the EBT cards are not refreshed is something that gives the municiple leaders nightmares.
    I believe that it can be reasonably argued that there is NO feasable long term solution available at the local level. As a result the officials are behaving quite reasonably by pandering to their clients thus kicking the can down the road and hoping that it doesn’t hit the wall until they are retired far away from LA.
    It may not be this year but if CA goes broke LA will burn unless there is a massive infusion of federal money and I just do not see that getting through the House. Since CA subsidises fire insurance, if there a major riots it will be a huge additional drain on the state treasury.
    We are seeing a financially, morally, and socially bankrupt state trying constantly to push bak the final crash just a little longer. When it happens it wil not be pretty.

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    Chris Doiner like Trayvon Martin will be turned into a liberal martyr and media daring for the leftists news media and hollyweirdos to idolize like they do CHE produce a line of T-Shirts with Doiners image on them

  16. DJ says:

    The truth about Dorner is he exhausted all is appeals and at every level those that sat in judgement found he was concocting stories about those that were giving him bad reviews. The man was a racially paranoid nutcase, pure and simple.

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