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Nov 10 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr Runs From Loony Bin, Wins Easily

As Obama just proved, once you have the right demographics behind you, there is no chance of losing an election. Another example is the notoriously corrupt substance abuser Jesse Jackson Junior, who did not campaign because of his mental health issues and who ran for reelection from the Laughing Academy:

Jackson, 47, a 17-year veteran of Congress who has bipolar disorder [issued] a statement from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., thanking supporters.

“Once the doctors approve my return to work, I will continue to be the progressive fighter you have known for years. My family and I are grateful for your many heartfelt prayers and kind thoughts. I continue to feel better every day and look forward to serving you.”

He has not appeared in the House since June 8 and has been on medical leave. Jackson did not stage a campaign event or run any TV ads, but he did address voters in a recent automated phone call.

The congressman is now under federal investigation over alleged misuse of campaign dollars. His conduct in seeking a Senate appointment in 2008 is also under review by the House Ethics Committee.

His district? The same Southside Chicago that spawned Obama. Given current trends, he might eventually follow Obama into the White House.

The “outreach” (i.e., groveling) panicked Republicans have been preaching is not going to save them from extinction. The metastasizing Democrat base will vote for the Democrat candidate literally no matter what.
If Obama could be reelected, why not Jesse Jackson Jr.?

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16 Responses to “Jesse Jackson Jr Runs From Loony Bin, Wins Easily”

  1. Spider says:

    May they live forever, and may America someday be worthy of their sacrifice.


    237 years of military excellence and expertise, they have always been there for us, when America needed them.

  2. Trevor (@TJexcite) says:

    Congressman for life. And this is why he wanted the Senate seat from Rod Blagojevich. He would be Senator for life which is better than a Congressman for life. Being President is a 8 year job, Congressman is a 30+ year job and once President you can’t go back to be a simple congressman for life.

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    “Good luck America you just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools. Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America. What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity, booze, drugs, cellphones, birthcontrol, abortions, & lives…” —Ted Nugent

  4. Grunt says:

    Hey, I know there’s and open thread just below this one, but this might just be too good to bury in the (current) 75 replies over there. This might be some great news for us over here…

  5. Grunt says:

    Found that on Black And Right, by the way…Hat Tip to Bob Parks!

  6. Dr. 9 says:

    Say goodbye to America. History will show how a nation of formally-free people, because of their weakness and stupidity, gave away their own country.

  7. grayjohn says:

    SCUM!! It comes in all colors.

  8. Alphamail says:


    Hope this pans out and he wins a recount.

    This is way bigger than just a small district win.

    Alan West would have a national voice in the halls of Congress where he would be an incessant vocal critic of the urban EBT’rs – telling them to get off their lazy liberal leeching asses – in a way whites would never be able to, and he would be Oflunky’s major nemesis when it came to the Marxist’s military reductions.

    A light in the dark tunnel and a great Veteran’s Day gift.

  9. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    With all his troubles, at least Jackson doesn’t have to worry about dealing with O Care

    Being caught with his hand in the cookie jar is actually a plus with his constituents.
    Maybe they locked him up for suffering a temporary bout of remorse

  10. Jimbo says:

    And those silly delusional liberals believe they run our lives. Stupid bastards.

  11. Vic Kelley says:

    I’m surprised that the Eric “FUBU” Holder Dept. of JustUs hasn’t squashed the investigations into the colored representative’s finances and behavior. It’s racist, don’t you know, to hold coloreds to any kind of standards.

  12. Grunt says:

    It’ll be an awesome gift to this country…he’ll be able to do what the roll-over-RINOS weren’t able to do with Herman Cain: the’ll be the voice of Black Reason and they can’t call him a racist.

    We need Allen West. More than just the district, even the state of Florida. There’s been some major shifting here and I’m concerned for all of us, even the ingrates that can’t see past free stuff.

  13. WingMann says:

    This battle has nothing whatsoever to do with qualifications or worthiness. It is tribal, and the tribes who support Obama are united and powerful. The rest of us will either learn the same lesson that the enemies of Americal have, and become tribal ourselves, and powerful enough to defeat them, or they will surely destroy us and this country.

  14. bobdog says:

    CBS Chicago is reporting that Jackson can now resign from office, now that the election is over. He will resign for uh, “health reasons”, pleading guilty to stealing campaign funds, returning what he stole. CBS speculates that he will probably have to do some jail time, but I’m dubious. By the time it’s all over, my guess is he’ll walk.

    His position will be filled by a special election, making him the second Congressman in a row from that district to resign, following the imprisonment of his predecessor, Mel Reynolds. As a cost saving measure, another corrupt, lying, racist will be nominated and run unopposed. A 95% victory is forecast.

  15. DebZeppelin says:

    Probably our next POTUS.

  16. […] noted previously, the corrupt, substance-abusing, mentally ill ultra-leftist Jesse Jackson Junior easily won […]

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