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Jul 22 2013

Journalists Laugh Out Loud at Jay Carney’s Lies

Even the same establishment media that placed and keeps Obama in power cannot refrain from guffawing at the lunacy spewed by his spokesliar Jay Carney. Everyone with an IQ above plant life knows that when the DemoRINOs open the Third World floodgates the rest of the way by inflicting “immigration reform,” wages will collapse; this is why country club Republicans side with Demorats against their own country on the issue. Listen to the laughs when Carney tries the Big Lie strategy by claiming amnesty would actually raise wages:

But just because even sympathetic journalists can’t refrain from laughing out loud doesn’t mean there aren’t people gullible enough to believe anything Carney says, no matter how absurd. They voted for his boss, didn’t they?

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15 Responses to “Journalists Laugh Out Loud at Jay Carney’s Lies”

  1. Laurie says:


    Too bad that, despite laughing at those absurdities, the LSM will still rush out and parrot exactly what he said.


  2. IslandLifer says:

    If these liars want to destroy America by importing 3rd world parasites, let them be housed in THEIR neighborhoods or D.C. If it’s so damn wonderful let these politicians take them in and with their dirty $ give them hospitality. Lead by example you filthy lying traitors!

  3. oldguy says:

    In order for white masters to get blacks to do their bidding, they hade to make them slaves. When the roles are reversed, many whites will volunteer to be slaves.

  4. Flu-Bird says:

    Sir Dweeb will now impress us by swimming in the moat when its the moat monsters dinner time

  5. Nathaniel M says:

    Really I can’t stand the man. One of the most smarmy, arrogant, milquetoast, pillow-biter of a mouthpiece. Everything he says seems to be prefaced with a smirk. I liked R Gibbs much better and that aint saying much.

  6. Doug says:

    How any years ago did he hand over his soul to the prince of darkness?

  7. John Knoefler says:

    A drunk illegal alien who never ever had a driver’s license kills a man. The city sent a bill to the man’s mother demanding payment to clean the man’s blood off the street. And that’s not all.

  8. Spider says:

    They may laugh at Carney, but they’re worse than he is. He gets paid to be a professional lair. What’s their excuse.

  9. Garpin says:

    Had to look at the date on my computer and make sure it wasn’t April 1st..

  10. Gary Benson says:

    This man is a godamned lying piece of shit and I hope he gets cancer and rots in hell where he belongs.

  11. Gangbusters says:

    Yeah, Carney is a one man circus … about as significant as a pile of horse crap … but those stupid reporters who attend upon his words and are not sufficiently outraged to call him on his BS are just going along to get along …. they all make me sick.

  12. Flu-Bird says:


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