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Dec 19 2012

Joyce Carol Oates, Marg Helgenberger Screech for the Blood of NRA Members

Adam Lanza’s memory has been smeared. He didn’t commit the ghastly Sandy Hook murders; NRA members did, by advocating our right to defend ourselves from homicidal maniacs like Adam Lanza. Although this may be incomprehensible to us little people, it must be true because it has been revealed from on high by representatives of the exclusive intelligentsia. Naturally they call for the perpetrators of the massacre to be shot:

Author Joyce Carol Oates and actress Marg Helgenberger sit near the top of the liberal elite’s cultural Mount Olympus. The exchange above indicates that these harridans are sufficiently vicious and deranged to belong there.

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

31 Responses to “Joyce Carol Oates, Marg Helgenberger Screech for the Blood of NRA Members”

  1. Hooray for Captain Spaulding says:

    Hmmm … I think the idiots forget exactly WHY we’re NRA members: cause we have GUNS! Exactly how are they gonna shoot us without taking return fire?

  2. Elmer Fudd says:

    Shhh…don’t tell the lefty mongtards NRA members shoot back.

  3. Jimbo says:

    The vast majority of 2nd Amendment observers DO NOT belong to the NRA. I wonder if these twit-twats know that?

  4. Kevin R. says:

    So, they’re for mass murder as long as they get to pick the victims.

  5. Yamabushi says:

    The first ‘tell’ of a liberal is always hypocrisy.

  6. Tax Slave says:

    So, what about the folks who work these libtard actresses security details? If I was an armed guard guarding someone who spoke about the NRA like that, I’d quit.

  7. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    These libs will conscript an entity which actually has the experience building tall piles of human bodies……

  8. KHarn says:

    “Ghost of FA Hayek says:December 19, 2012 at 12:46 pm”

    I don’t have that player.

    But you’re right, to these regressives, it all depends on who does the killing (government or muslims).

  9. Bill T says:

    The official Chinese government news agency, Xinhua, has demanded the US immediately adopt stricter gun control measures to reduce the number of firearms the US populace is permitted to possess.

  10. Dupree says:

    NRA concealed carry members don’t become gun VICTIMS. They defend themselves. That’s the point!

  11. Son of Taz says:

    The people that tweeted this crap could be named Josephine Blow and Suzy Cupcake – I never heard of either of them.

    Then again, they never heard of me. But, maybe they’d like to meet my friends – Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson

  12. Stickman says:

    Darn it, ya pretty much all beat me to the punch of making the “gosh go figure i wonder why there aren’t allot of NRA’s who are gun violence victims” comment. Its too bad the answer isn’t just as obvious to these intellectual giants

  13. Chump says:

    That exchange is just so monumentally stupid and hypocritical. I don’t really think “progressives” are capable of any critical, logical thinking. They seem incapable of assessing and processing factual information (if they even bother to in the first place), and arriving at any sort of thoughtful, logical conclusion.

  14. Canis lupus says:

    I have a formula. Replace “NRA Members” with a group who are considered a protected class. Then see how funny her statement is. This formula can be used whenever a liberal says something like this.
    As far as Im concerned, she shouldnt be joking about anyone in that manner.

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    From Bill T’s link
    The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps.

    Any guesses as to what these 40 to 70 million people had in common ?

  16. Joe says:

    Dark hair?

  17. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Who are these scrotumnecks? Actors, politicians, what? Never heard of them. If I became a gun victim, whatever that means to these dimtwits, I’d more likely go buy another one. I wonder if one of these became a gun victim, what her opinion would be of that. Probably nothing that would make sense to anyone that could survive without society supporting her.

  18. Major Kong says:

    Bill T. China wants that passed right away so they don’t have any trouble when they attack the U.S. during the reign of Hussein the Immaculate.

  19. bobdog says:

    Lets see…I’m supposed to be killed because I was raised a Christian. I’m supposed to be killed because I’m a white guy. I’m supposed to be killed because I’m a Republican. Years ago, I was supposed to be killed because I was in the American military. Today, I’m supposed to be killed because I’m an NRA Lifer. I’m supposed to be killed because I believe that killing 2100 unborn babies every single day is wrong. I’m supposed to be killed because I’m probably going to be a burden on our nation’s healthcare system.

    You know, it’s probably a damned good thing I’ve got these guns, what with all them liberals out to kill me. I think I’ll hang onto them for a while until the death threats stop.

  20. James McEnanly says:

    Ms Helgenberger used to be on CSI, but isn’t any more. I think she was the last of the original prime cast, except for the old man in the lab.

  21. SR says:

    High Level Gun Control Argument From Piers Morgan

  22. Sam Adams says:

    Currently there are about 4 million NRA members. There are about 60 million US citizens that own about 250 million guns. (FWIW, the US military owns about 2.5 million guns).

    I’m kind of wondering who these geniuses are planning on sending to shoot some NRA members?

  23. TED says:

    Tax Slave says: December 19, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Oh I would not quit, she just better hope she never NEEDS the security. I’d hang a bullseye on their backs.

  24. TED says:

    A day can not be wasted for the left to demostrate their stupidity.

    Just like with DRUGS.

  25. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Fiancee hooked up with the NRA last gun show we went to (and got her first “own” pistol, I’m so proud) but I never have. I have, hellz, twenty something of various things, really don’t know, and building some more ARs, but never done the NRA thing. I think 2AF and GOA make better use of the money.

  26. czuch says:

    Ol Marg Hergeberger there played a HOOKER in a two season show. She was there to take advantage of American Soldiers and separate alot of their money from them, in other words, take advantage of American Soldiers. Round eye for hire, Joe.
    The other deplorable insect, never heard of.

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